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Suggestions / Re: Character rework.
 on: March 19, 2019, 10:08:49 AM 
Here's a video demonstration of infinite health while being swarmed:

He said he is using Allotropic Booster. Vixia says that using that same card, and paired with Dual Battery, gives cat mode 170 health with x5 aleph, which as shown in the video, is refilled just by transforming into cat mode.

I am saying the instant health refill while under fire seems like an oversight with her transformation mechanics, like how we had 100% damage immunity Kuzmann for a little while. Having stress doesn't matter when you can heal under fire and have arguably one of the greatest mobility speeds in the entire game.

Suggestions / Re: Character rework.
 on: March 18, 2019, 08:56:45 AM 
Ginebra's cat form is still absurdly OP. Transforming into it, no matter what your health is, will set it to the max that your cat form has. She can dodge and transform to escape any CQC situation due to how fast it is, a smart Ginebra is extremely difficult to kill.

If Ginebra has 1 HP left and changes into cat (which is instant), she recovers to 50, or with certain card builds, up to 170 health. I feel like this was an oversight that should be addressed. But it really sounds like you have never fought against an enemy raider Ginebra just running around for 200 seconds on survive with no way to stop her, and it shows.

It's not a set number though, from the start of the level system, antag affinity was always set to 10% of the total level up requirement. XP needed to level up will naturally need larger amounts as your level goes up too, but it does eventually cap out. 1 or 2 games should indeed be plenty, depending on win/loss, but back when i cared about changing to antag affinity in the fewest possible games, I always bought a 1.5 booster before antagging. It would guarantee I got the affinity I needed, win or lose, and that booster is priced enough that you can make that gold back in about as many games as it gives the boost for.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Faction points problem for the 50th time
 on: March 15, 2019, 08:45:46 AM 
I mean... Herraez is right. Players can give constructive criticism without acting like children about it. It's a problem most game communities seem to have, and this one is no exception.

But I do agree, the card and faction point system, in itself, is very flawed. We used to be able to play 1 game and make multiple card rolls from the points gained in that match. Now, it takes 3-5 games just to get enough faction for ONE roll, on ONE character, and chances are it won't give us what we are looking for.

But, I don't think the solution is just "more faction points" because there are more layers to the card problem. We keep getting more and more cards added in, saturating the shuffle pool, but we are still stuck with only 4 slots. We should be encouraged to play with and experiment with more cards and builds, but the current system MASSIVELY discourages us from doing that due to just how hard it is to get any specific card we want.

I would much rather have the option to buy a single card, at a higher price, than have the RNG chance to roll for it. Some players have spent 600-800k points looking for a single card on 1 character, because they are unlucky with the rolls. A system that allows that needs an overhaul.

That said, I feel like this affects long time players far more than it does new ones. New players can start rolling for a certain card as soon as they unlock it, while the rest of us already have everything open and a ton of cards to deal with. I don't think I will ever roll rare Explorers on Hive, since I have 3 other cards locked. A new player though would be able to roll for it much easier, since most of their cards would still be level locked. Newer players may not also see more than 4 cards they want to experiment with, they just always ask for suggestions and use what's most popular, or whatever they happen to roll first.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Wardogs usefulness in high MMR matches
 on: March 15, 2019, 08:28:58 AM 
Yeah high AI difficulty games definitely show Wardog flaws. Back when 60% was nearly impossible in the days of glitched R&R, I was playing Alicia up in those difficulties and 1 shot from an elite commander, with pinpoint accuracy, sniping me from the air, while Sassy, and accross the map,.... I realized their regen doesn't matter if they are wounded and/or dead from 1 shot!

I gave Motivation a try back then and it stopped me from being 1-shot, but all of those wardog cards that require you being within x meters of allies are generally useless due to the short ranges they have.

As someone who has played thousands of hours of both games, the pvp in this game is actually fun, Warframe's awful pvp cannot be compared. No one plays it, and it's a ghost town, because
1. it's totally detached from the rest of the game
2. it's totally balanced different from the rest of the game, requiring new builds and mods

We know Warframe has a way larger playerbase, and yet all of their pvp modes have almost no players, because they suck. Can't speak for Fortnight as i've never played it, but saying other games have "separate modes" is to ignore all nuance involved in what a 4v1 pvevp means, which is how this game was always marketed from the very beginning.

Lots of things need to change, but just gotta throw that out there. Without pvp, this game would be pointless and boring to play after getting everything, just like every other looter shooter out there. Because Spacelords is not supposed to be a looter shooter, this is a player misconception that rewards are the ultimate end game, instead of the actual gameplay. Not to say things can't improve on the looting side of things, because the totally need to, and some of your points are valid, but I see these comparisons a lot and they need to stop.

Suggestions / Re: The excessive price of the game
 on: March 05, 2019, 02:09:50 AM 
I'm not going to break it down, but your math is very much off.

With things like Bounty Hunter, and 1-time rewards, we gain gold faster now, more than ever before. Even without those things the gold grind is faster than ever, but factoring them in (as well as losses) is going to make "how many games it takes to get a character" a bit unpredictable.

What's worse now, is faction points, due to how many games it takes to make 1 roll to randomly get a bunch of cards you don't want.

I also played back when Ginebra was 360k and you could finish a mission and get NO reward so I say this with 100% confidence.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: flashy visual effects
 on: March 05, 2019, 12:22:34 AM 
Agreed.... we need more VFX settings. Zero Point Energy is absolutely the worst offender though, and Mind Over Matter can become overwhelming.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: sand punch soab pro
 on: March 05, 2019, 12:11:59 AM 
I killed a lot of old men on my quest for 100 MMR, but it's not as simple as everyone assumes. Antags get such garbage AI that if the mission gets far enough, it's a 4v1 fest with nothing to impede the raider's progress. The raider objective here is "walk to the end and wait" and if nothing stops them from walking to the end and waiting, they win. Pretty easy.

It's stupid easy to spawn camp 99% of characters on this mission and prevent them from killing the old man. There's about 3 or 4 OP setups that can nuke him in seconds, and only 1 of those (Harec) is viable against a team that is spawn-camping, and even that one isn't perfect.

"it got down voted by trolls because discord is cancer "
You mean it got downvoted because people there play as both raider and antag, and know the struggles of both. Knowing the meta is one thing, understand the reason behind WHY something is meta is another.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Valeria's new gun
 on: March 04, 2019, 11:27:05 PM 
It's super fun!

I can't stand playing as Valeria with any of her other weapons. Same went for Harec and all of his extreme precision rifles. I want to like the characters, but hate their style, until a gun comes along that makes me enjoy them. Easter Egg and Shakura are those guns.

I am dreading the nerf-hammer making this gun into Shy 2.0 though.... :(

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Buff Aneska's Default Wep
 on: February 25, 2019, 06:56:33 PM 
the changes sound exciting! I really wanted this to be a fun and GOOD weapon, will need to try it out after i get off work

(now just buff JK-5 and Hatchet to be fun and good pretty plz? ;) )

Suggestions / Re: NERF DOLDREN
 on: February 18, 2019, 08:20:28 PM 
lol this was a hot topic.... when he was released a year ago. But anyone asking for a nerf probably hasn't played him.

He's a pretty underwhelming character overall, his current role is noob-killer, and stalker of antags, since he can just pop up while they are busy with another raider. He had so much hype when we were waiting for him to come out, then when he got here, the community was collectively underwhelmed. But those that die to him still asked for nerfs lol. Nothing has changed in the 1 year since his release.

He's a worse, closer-ranged Harec. Everything doldren can do, Harec does better. They both can 1-shot headshot, but Harec has infinite range from any angle, Doldren is bound to the ground and has an effective range of like 15 meters, due to damage falloff. Doldren can 1-punch with a total character build? Harec can 1-punch with 1 card. Doldren has a mobility ability, Harec's stalk is so much better than Doldren's 1-way teleport that throws a squishy local into battle and can't get him out of it. AI almost always reacts perfectly to his CQC if he teleports near them, and experienced players get pretty used to his 1-trick pony routine.

Lots of characters can 1-punch, including every Wardog which are significantly more sturdy than Doldren's mighty 60hp. Even council can 1-punch using their Surge cards. Those cards are pretty bad, but you can effectively have a powerful shooting tank that smites anything that happens to close the gap.

Try playing the character before demanding nerfs.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Playing as antagonist.
 on: February 07, 2019, 01:52:22 AM 
I have not seem the legion of spawning enemies as some describe. I have been 60-70% though since the aneska update so maybe that's my problem. I keep fighting teams of 10-20% less MMR too.

Lost against a team made entirely of sub-lv 100 players on weapon from the past because they just dogpiled me thanks to a complete lack of ads. Spawn, kill 1 player, during my finisher animation, 2-3 raiders jump me with no possible way to escape.

Oh, White Noise miners also don't show up at all sometimes when I antag there. So that's also nice.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Life Support - Aneska's card
 on: February 07, 2019, 01:29:56 AM 
I dumped 80k points trying to get it and it never showed up, good to know i shouldn't keep bothering. I assumed the 5m distance would be calculated from the edge of the mech's model (?) since it's so huge, but calculating it from the epicenter of the mech is.....bad.

Much like Re-Entry Heat, a buff that lasts 5 seconds. Nevermind that you summon the mech, it takes time, it roars, it checks its e-mail, and then, only if something is close enough, does it use sword attacks. That 5 seconds ended long before anything will be hit by it.

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