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Gameplay Feedback / Antagging is currently dead
 on: January 10, 2019, 11:34:43 AM 
Ever since the guild update, antagging has been so horrible that I feel my time would be better served drilling a hole into my head. I do a lot of antag, and it's really noticeable when I go from winning most of my matches to losing 90% of them after this patch.

AI has shit-for-brains, and does no damage. Elites are free aleph that pose no danger and don't even present help if I am engaged in CQC right next to them. Several missions in the patch received -15% spawn rates and -15% survive timers when antag is present.....why? When I read these notes my first thought was "so 15% less than 0 is still 0" and that's pretty much how it feels.

I have had almost no "good games" since the update. When I streamed 5 hours of antag games I think I won 2 of them, maybe 3. If I play raider, I can get an endless consecutive win rate until I die of boredom because the missions treat raiders like children now.
HBaT, Low Blow, and In Shock have become impossible for antags to win, I no longer queue them up.

Raiders have gotten so cocky that I have received multiple hatemail messages since the patch. Before the guild patch, I have never gotten hatemail. It was always "GG" and friendly discussion.

This is basically how my rewards have been thanks to all the losses. All of my faction points are dried up now. Playing antag is not viable or a valid gaming experience at this time. I have over a year's worth of experience under my belt and this is the least fun I have had with the game yet, because the balance has been so massively tipped completely in the raider's favor.

Spacelords Universe / Uras-senpai tells me I need to git gud
 on: December 05, 2018, 09:04:58 PM 

Gameplay Feedback / Low Level vs. High Level rewards
 on: December 02, 2018, 11:34:04 PM 
Here is what a lower level's mission screen look like. There's 17 one-time rewards in total. I believe this player is in the 40's

And here's what mine looks like. I have 3.

Spacelords’ Advice / Warning: Infinite Schleuder hack in play
 on: November 04, 2018, 10:45:51 AM 
I am sending MSE a video and of course I cannot put it here, but a warning to all that a high level player level 217 is currently playing using an infinite Schleuder, so be on the lookout.

Gameplay Feedback / State of Difficulty: 11.2
 on: October 30, 2018, 05:29:03 PM

In the 11 months I've played, I don't think I've ever been spawn camped at the first lyre sphere altar before. Our team just fell apart from a disconnect and a barely-moving Alicia, but the spawn rate feels like it's been cranked up to 11.

Imagine my shock when I get to the results screen and see 34% difficulty

I have played most missions at 60+ all the way up to 70%. This 34% felt like one of those 70% games. Not only was the spawn rate crazy high, but enemies were extremely aggressive and fast to respond to every action.

Any time I antag this particular mission when I'm 50 MMR against a team in the 30's, they have only 3 enemies on the map, max. Plus 1 commander, maybe, at any given time.

I played some games the other day in the 40's with some of my regular teammates that have played 70+ difficulty, and we all agreed the game felt crazy hard, as if we were still playing in the 70's. HBaT taking us to Survive before even saving Lycus, barely surviving through Short Fused, etc.

Spacelords Universe / In Shock testing videos: Patch 11.0
 on: October 03, 2018, 05:33:51 AM 
So the true benchmark on if a mission is possible I would assume is Insane difficulty. AI has less health, but you have no teammates to help you out, nothing to distract the enemies, everything exists to murder YOU, and their damage is similar to high MMR.

Long time ago I did Very Hard mode, this was before the forge existed, back when Very Hard was truly difficult. I concluded Konstantin was the best tool for the job, being tanky and high damage. Here's that video:

you can see that flipping the levers is not too difficult buy keeping Shae between you and Kuzmann. This was the best way to flip switches even in a team, since multiple people going for them could get shot and everyone dies due to arcs.

Important note: Dying during levers means you have to rush to them upon respawn, and that basically guaranteed Kuzmann will be shooting you before you even get to the lever spot.

NOW, Those levers take time..... I ran with 3 characters, and these are my findings.

1. Konstantin. He was the best choice before, but now he is simply too slow. He takes an assload of damage when moving from switch to switch because the delay in flipping them. I conclude this would be an issue on all 5th council, and simply isn't going to be possible with any of them.

Mikah is a recommended character for the mission. She has high health, and most importantly, the decoy. The decoy is the ONLY reason she was able to win this, it was able to keep Kuzmann's attention long enough to start levers. However, not long enough to get all 3, but upon respawn you can still juke him and use the decoy to get his attention and get the final lever. I did not use Schneider, but I suspect he's the only other character that stands as chance because his drone serves the same purpose as decoy, but can be placed from farther away. And deals a lot more damage.
(oh and I use Granny in case you are someone who is curious about the weapon.)

3. Hans. I wanted to try another" recommended character" and Hans has high HP and high mobility, as well as being the cheapest character so everyone has him. Since speed was the deciding factor on Konstantin failing, maybe Hans has what it takes. Nope. You can get 2 levers, but Kuzmann will catch up, and fry Hans. Hans has no way to divert Kuzmann, and the timer is so short you don't have room for error or leading him around. Also it seemed like a lot more enemies spawned on me this time?? ALSO a sniper spawned off the map on part 1??? Speed was just not as good as diverting the walking electric chair's attention, and 140 health isn't enough to survive the shots for even 2 seconds.

CONCLUSION: ..... the timed levers are terrible. I couldn't imagine doing this with a random team that will likely shock each other as they try to grab the levers. I can't imagine any scenario where a team could do this with an antagonist present. Please MSE take this into consideration, as the mission went from the fastest and easiest, to nearly impossible, based on my observations with multiple characters and several others posting on this forum.

Gameplay Feedback / Tolchok is still broken
 on: October 01, 2018, 08:39:53 PM 
So a month after it was adjusted, I fought my first Tolchok again. As a reminder, these are the patch notes:

And I find them completely inadequate.
After finally getting to fight it again, it's still just as obnoxious as ever, it actually feels untouched when you're on the receiving end of it. You can still get stunlocked to death, and it will push constantly from an infinite range. The notes sounded like it wouldn't push beyond 20 meters, but that's not the case at all.

Anyways here was me getting 10 kills in a row before Tolchok killed me. I lost this match. They also had 12% less MMR than I did.
Tolchok killed me a LOT but I still got like 40 kills, despite the MMR difference.

Suggestions / Upside Down overall difficulty
 on: September 29, 2018, 01:22:07 AM 
So we all know that all Council missions feel particularly difficult compared to all the rest. Or maybe not even difficult, but very hard to beat in a timely manner? They are taking 20-30 minutes on average, every single time.

I have no doubt these missions will reach a better balance in an update soon, but I wanted to bring this to MSE's attention:
(not my video)
Upside Down, on Insane difficulty, with SCHNEIDER, of all characters, takes an HOUR. Schneider is possibly the single most useful and best character for this mission, too.

Anyways, just wanted to shine a light on that. Especially since, thanks to some other threads, there have been hints that Schneider might be nerfed soon.

Bug report & Technical Support / Antagonist can't spawn/control body
 on: September 26, 2018, 02:04:10 AM

Sometimes when trying to spawn, antag either cannot spawn at all, or their body will appear and the raiders can kill it, but we never get to control our body. Also, there is a very long delay between the raiders killing my lifeless body, and the respawn timer starting again.

This has been happening ever since the Spacelords update, it happens in almost every antag match I have played at least once. It happened more times in the same match in my video, but it was especially bad during the time shown, and caused me to miss the entire turret section of the mission.

I am currently turned off from playing at all, since antagonist is the mode I want to play. It takes me 30 minute to find a game, then I fight a team with 10-20% lower MMR handicap (this one was 42 vs. 55%), but I also can't even play half the time :(

Spacelords’ Advice / Anyways here's everyone weapon forge stat
 on: September 16, 2018, 04:34:13 AM 
A list of attributes for every weapon, as well as some additional forge information:

Gameplay Feedback / T1- Still no common blueprints (Spacelords Day 17)
 on: September 05, 2018, 03:59:28 AM 
I'm afraid since discord appears to be ignored on this, that I must start making a new thread every day a reset occurs where a common blueprint does not show up for those of us in Tier 1.

Almost every veteran I know has only seen 1 common blueprint since the spacelords update, and that was the very DAY of the update. I hear there have been 2, at the most, but most players probably missed that 2nd one.


Please adjust whatever formula is being used to generate rotational rewards, MSE. My recommendations are:

1. Set the values for rewards to be a minimum of 1 per rotation, for both common and rare blueprints. Something like:
Common [1-3]
Rare [1-2]
Gold Very High [2-4]
Faction Very High [1-3]
XP boosters [0-1]
These numbers are just suggestions of course, but veterans agree that the blueprint situation is currently ludicrous. Many of us log on, see there is no blueprint to be had, and log back off.

2. adjust values for how often rewards rotate. Make them much shorter, like 2 hours, so we can see more rotations, or just have everyone rotate 24 hours with a significant boost to mission rewards. 8 hour rotations cause some of us to only see 1 rotation per day, such as myself, due to the times the resets occur. 7PM-3AM CST is the only rotation I get to see on most days, literally happening when i get off work, and then again after i should already be sleeping.

3. Do NOT remove normal mission rewards on missions that are given one-time rewards. Currently, any mission that gets a 1-time reward then barely gives anything for subsequent completions, which HIGHLY discourages us from playing that map again until a rotation occurs.

4. Remove currently held blueprints (Duplicates) from the possible blueprint drop pool when finishing a mission that rewards blueprints. There are already several complaints of players getting a crazy amount of consecutive duplicate blueprints instead of the other blueprint within that drop table. Posts like getting Granny 7 times in a row, instead of Barrier. Alternatively, allow duplicate blueprints to give a large sum of gold if acquired. Currently, duplicates are just wasted rewards. If they at least did something, I'm sure players would be a lot less upset at getting the same weapon they have no need for 7 times in a row, but ultimately I believe removing those from the drop pool will be a better option.

Going to leave this here, for those who may be having this issue. I know it's common but this is the first time it's ever happened to me, been playing since last December.

Date and Time of Bug : 08/26/2018, 05:00PM [CST]
Version: [PS4]
Mission: [Post- Low Blow] Phase  [Menu]
Host ?: [No]

Description of issue:
[Match in progress. Reconnect? Loop]
After finishing the mission and collecting the rewards screen, I got stuck in the loop. I tried to reconnect multiple times, tried to cancel multiple times. I had deleted local files twice, and deleted the entire game and re-installed. 5 hours later, still stuck in reconnect loop.

Shortly after sending an email because I was losing hope, I tried once more to connect, and it fails and leave you on a loading screen saying "could not join the mission" with an "accept" button and I just left it on THAT screen for a few minutes. Is that what fixed it? Dunno, but I was finally out of the loop.

Spacelords Universe / 100% Blueprint drop chance
 on: August 27, 2018, 09:17:45 AM 

Deathcake was the only one that brought a Treasure Hunter gun, guaranteed Woody and I a blueprint drop with our 1-time reward.

I know the trouble right now is the rotational rewards even giving the chance for a blueprint, but if you can coordinate a friend or 2, you can at least not have to roll. I suppose if 3 people brought MAX treasure hunters (36x3) then you could guarantee a 100% drop even on a loss.

BONUS: So I stayed up to see the rotation, and this is the first time I've seen, and can now confirm, that 1-time rewards *can stack* onto a single mission.

Fan Corner / Fsjal Spacelords
 on: August 18, 2018, 02:16:09 AM 
Well this is what I've been doing in my spare time at work the past week. Probably gonna make more/everyone, but this is it for this week. Enjoy!

Will probably put them all in an imgur post once finished, but that's all for today!

Fan Corner / Report players
 on: August 17, 2018, 11:08:21 PM 
*sees Konstantin, Alicia*
Welp. Time.... to be an ass....

Anyways I realized towards the end of the mission that this prick had a familiar name. Was HAPPY to kill them last to score a win using stupid meta tactics, after realizing I played with them before:

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