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Bug report & Technical Support / Hanging by a Thread Connection Bug
 on: October 05, 2017, 06:18:37 PM 
While loading the second sub-mission multiple times I've had multiple people, including myself, get disconnected while loading the second submission. Leaving and reconnecting worked, but that was the only way.

Suggestions / Re: There NEEDS to be a Melee Tutorial
 on: September 26, 2017, 07:32:31 PM 
I know there's a text tutorial option. That's not my point. Most people will want to jump into playing the game as quickly as possible and not even consider the quick Text Tutorial. Most players won't read it, won't understand it, get crushed in melee combat, and maybe never touch the game again.

The game also shows the RPS system if you hit the Info button during a game, which I think is mapped to "1" by default. But the first day or two of release, most newbies had no idea what the mechanics were since they were never properly introduced to it.

Suggestions / Re: There NEEDS to be a Melee Tutorial
 on: September 23, 2017, 04:06:21 PM 
it really feels like nothing has changed since the beta.. or is this a open beta?? i cant tell anymore... but yea a tutorial is def  a must need for new players that  just got the game if they want this to succeed..

It's final release, hence all the newbies that don't know the melee system. They just get wrecked by any competent Antagonist because they don't know how to counter grappling.

No because loot boxes are one of the worst things and turns many many gamers away. It also doesn't fit with the game's mechanics whatsoever. The loot system, Raider cards, all of it. Loot boxes are a poison in the games industry and I for one am sick and tired of them.

Suggestions / There NEEDS to be a Melee Tutorial
 on: September 23, 2017, 07:22:03 AM 
It is absolutely necessary. Full disclosure, I played alot of Closed Beta so I understood how it worked. However my first game, none of my teammates knew the Rock Paper Scissors mechanics. The Antagonist just grappled all of them and not a single one melee'ed to Parry.

Steam reviews as well complain that Grapple is a OHKO with "No Counter". No one seems to know that a melee attack counters a grapple.

I feel for the game to succeed there really needs to be a change to the tutorial, or some necessary thing that explains how melee works, as the majority don't seem to understand it.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Match end on Antagonist Quit?
 on: September 23, 2017, 05:44:04 AM 
I'm fine with the Mission ending, but it should also count toward progress. It's not our fault if we're playing well enough that an Antagonist ragequits.
It does count towards progress, but it's still really lame when you wait half a year and it ends

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Mine did not count towards progress. I was trying to complete Hanging by a Thread so I could unlock and play as Antagonist and do Alien Myths. The Antagonist ragequit, we got our rewards, but I still could not do any of that. I had to beat the mission again without an Antag DC to move on.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Match end on Antagonist Quit?
 on: September 23, 2017, 02:54:10 AM 
I'm fine with the Mission ending, but it should also count toward progress. It's not our fault if we're playing well enough that an Antagonist ragequits.

Suggestions / Re: Make gestures interruptible
 on: August 22, 2017, 12:29:40 AM 
I agree that'd make sense. Like if you used dodge to escape the emote. Dark Souls does the same thing and it works fine.

And god no not invuln during emote that's silly


I still don't think he's THAT far ahead. He needs a nerf but is by no means overpowered. My feedback is still about the same. He is not a "Beta God" by any means as Antagonist. I know the "Champion" uses Kon and I've fought him before, but we never lost to them. As a Raider yes he is extremely strong. Fighting against him when I'm the Antagonist is the only time he can frustrate me.

 I've done better with Hans and Alicia. Your team covered each other and killed me plenty of times. I threw up the bubble often when I was wounded, but your Harec was sniping me constantly and your team knew to shoot the bubble away instantly. A good Harec just destroys Kon. My Aleph also constantly showed as I need to rev up my gun or get jumped on and killed. I could try to sneak but he's way too slow. You move 3 inches out of cover and your Aleph maxes out so the enemy almost always know where you are.

I didn't feel dirty at all. I got the drop on the team a few times and got some quick deaths, but that was at close range and that's supposed to happen. Same thing happens in TF2 with the Heavy if you let him get close. He was a pain to play as personally. Way too slow for me. Multiple times I could wound someone but they could just hide behind cover and recover as teammates pinned me down. I prefer Hans or Alicia and wounding someone, zipping in for the Aleph, and zipping out.

 I can still see he's a bit too strong since he can get someone from Wounded to Death very quick, but if that doesn't happen they're coming back. If the Raiders run out of Aleph and there aren't a ton of grunts running around, they're usually winning that wait period. They can outrun Kon every time and get back to doing the mission.

Overall I see him as an extremely strong Raider, but an average Antagonist. Only Kon I've fought in the past was The Champ and no problems were had.

Yeah basically you need a Kon on your team  or a good Harec just in case you fight a good Kon antagonist and your teammates aren't up to killing him.

Ok did a 180 after a few matches and am seeing the issue now, especially when fighting a good Kon and I'm Antagonist.

I think the main issue I notice now is low damage drop off at range. So full damage across the map is crazy strong. I compare it to the TF2's Heavy where the drop-off wasn't strong enough early on so Heavies were murdering players across the map.

I went to test a few things. The damage drop-off seems to be from across the map. A wide spread at distance is usually a weakness for a heavy mini-gun char, again ala The Heavy, but the spread gets smaller as you fire more and at the smallest spread I'm still landing 6-7 shots over 3 seconds across the map. That is against a stationary target though.  But it's still possible to take a good chunk of damage from far too far away and have to stop to recover.

Hi knux!
Our general approach is to let players discover the details of the game for themselves. The quick guide is an overview of the core mechanics, but the specifics of the characters and weapons (we think) need to be discovered by the players and mastering it in their own terms.
But here’s an interesting question: do you think we should be more specific about these features inside the game? We have created mechanics that can be used in multiples ways and we would like that the community to share and discuss their best strategies and builds instead of giving a single recipe.

I'd say be more specific about somethings, especially since the 4v1 PvP is a main aspect. Some things are fine to discover, but some mechanics really need to be up-front.

Regarding Alicia, knowing her Faction's always at max stress and constantly regenning HP I think is very important to know as for me it COMPLETELY changed my play-style.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: New content is a total crap
 on: August 14, 2017, 05:56:52 AM 
I have seen that mentioned in the discord before. More people have said that already, the last part of this mission is really in favour of the raiders if they can reach there.

I don't think that saying "He is OP, so take him too" is a good excuse. All characters should be balanced and equally countered IMO.
I don't think that he is really that OP, but he is one of the best characters to use individually, so maybe he may need some tweaking.

BTW, I am a little surprised that so many players said that this part of the mission is hard for antagonists when this mission IME is the hardest to win against an antagonist. IMO, there are other mission that should be harder than this one.

Yes, the last part is easier, but in general this mission is the hardest one because of the first part.

Well the last part of the mission IS GG if you're Antagonist. You have little to no chance of approaching the Raiders unless you're Harec and can Stalk

I think on their Character page it mentions it. But personally I didn't know at all until a dev mentioned it in the Discord.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Raiders Gameplay
 on: August 11, 2017, 07:34:22 AM 
Well I dunno then. I think it's a case of "To each their own".  It could also just be that I personally have been playing the Beta longer and have more experience with the overall gameplay.  That's my guess.

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