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Suggestions / Re: Top 5 Raiders that need TLC from MS
 on: July 30, 2019, 10:00:25 PM 
Iune can vanish too. She aim gun at opponent, boom she gone.
Kuzzman have Ingrid. Im not sure what more do you need vs players.

Yup lol Hive is good at "Vanishing" too lol, and you should give Kuzmann another go. You'll find he's good at one thing but is serously lacking. How often do you see anybody actually choose him outside of rank 6's.

You have a better chance of  of getting 10 BP a day than seeing a player choose Kuzmann (Outside of beginners.)

Gameplay Feedback / Re: So what happened with the update?
 on: July 30, 2019, 09:47:34 PM 
It got delayed, I noticed that happens a lot, A date is placed but it often never shows up on schedule.

Suggestions / Re: Top 5 Raiders that need TLC from MS
 on: July 30, 2019, 09:18:28 AM 
But seriously, Iune? she can melt people in nano seconds.

No I know her guns are amazing in raw damage but once you get too close she has little to help her survive outside of basic hide and sleuthing. If you get close to harec, he stalks away, doldren, vanishes, Shae Vanishes.

as for getting flak for a bottom tier least.....I don't give a shit lol This is my list but I am curious about how people feel about it.

Edit -  I think I just contradicted myself.

Suggestions / Top 5 Raiders that need TLC from MS
 on: July 30, 2019, 08:56:02 AM 

5# Aneska: Aneska is in the tail-end of this list because she needs the least amount of TLC compared to those below and will be a little difficult to find a good suggestion for her already impressive kit.

High health, crowd control potential and a Mech that serves as a good distraction and minor offensive support. Aneska has a lot going for her and is nearly perfect, accept for the fact that she has no good long range abilities, a lack of high burst damage, her Mech is rather weak offensively or has anyway to ward off Antagonist outside of base raider sneak attacks.

*Allow her Mech to move on your command
*Since the Mech might be sentient now with the Aleph in its system (Hence the roaring) allow it to auto spawn on her location (Provided it has energy) whenever her health is at critical to provide an aoe push + melee assault.
Add a Rare weapon -
A BFG. long range, Moderate damage with 3 rounds. Ammunition for this weapon could use energy capsules used for the Mech (Allow Mech to self generate energy until it reaches the minimum requirement to be summoned). If charged the gun would increase in damage at the cost of the remaining rounds as it punches through walls.

Its Alternative mode releases its coolant to restore a fix amount of health to her Mech (equal to 2 energy capsules) as well as causing minor tick damage to nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

4# Iune: Unlike the other raiders and there Synergies, Iune’s supportive nature makes her the most vulnerable of this list as her weak health isn’t supported well enough by her guns or abilities.

Although her Guns are nothing to scoff at when used appropriately, they can't reach the level of power both Shae and Harec can achieve (even Doldren with his base gun at max forge). Where she needs help in is the synergy between her abilities and her guns. All of the other local's abilities give you a sense of safety in comparison. You can argue that her Blink with moderate crit damage can get her out of a tight situation with its limited warp ability but Stalking ,Bewitching & Astral form are all way safer than a 5 yard warp.

Suggestion: A Gun that can body switch locations with an Ally Elite or Raider. Or the ability to appear out of her Current puppet killing it in the process while causing a knock-back effect (no damage). This Will have a cooldown and allow for a potential surprise attack forcing the enemy to kill off the puppet as soon as possible.

Edit: Maybe add a card where her puppets detonate on death at the cost of all her Aleph pressure?

3# Lycus Dion:
Like a discount version of H.I.V.E., Lycus is primarily a close quarters type Raider, but much weaker than the aforementioned superior. His shield is the only thing that makes him unique from a combat perspective. But it can often be bypassed by so many Guns and abilities where it just leaves him simply as a man with a gun. This is a man who literally made a pact with the Devil for immortality, and had warlock give him his Witch Shield. In sounds great on paper but in game it really lacks luster.

*Make his shield invisible to anyone but Lycus (maybe even his own allies). This is to have Antags, enemy Raiders and possibly AI if there programmed correctly to not be able to predict if his shields are up and facing them, that way should he be charging at a wounded enemy, the enemies ally wont know Lycus has his shield facing them while charging the enemy.
*Make his shields immune to pierce effects. Seeing as his shields are more mystical in nature than technological perhaps things like HIVEs bugs, Ginebra’s shot and even Alicia’s Smoking Daisy wont be able to get past it.

Rare Gun - Morningstar - A very old, seemingly decrepit Magnum with undiscernible inscriptions on it. When the Witch Shield takes damage the Gun begins to smolder as its meter rises. At max capacity, the next time Lycus is wounded and downed he will instead be restored with 25% health, sending out a push effect around him. For 10 seconds his Corrupted shields will encircle him and heal him as it takes damage.

2# Ginebra: Prior to the Sudden death mode Ginebra was brought down considerably from her initial powerful state. Now its very difficult to find a situation where she is useful as both raider and Antagonist. All you can do is hope to get one good shot on a Elite/Antagonist/Raider and hope you can run away to safety after wards. Very boring and useless against hordes of grunts and 4 Raiders

*Holding down the Dodge button while in cougar form, will cause Ginebra to move at an average running speeds but giving the advantage of losing her Aleph signature temporarily.
*Exclusively against Grunts, Ginebra’s cougar form can perform a lunge attack when pressing the Fire button. Doing so slows her movements for a brief moment.

*Rare Weapon: Chimera - A 3 round repeater crossbow with a strong push effect on the last shot of the clip.
Alternate mode - Lob a canister of hazardous material on the ground that remain there for 10 seconds, (area of effect provides tick damage over time) Shooting the Hazardous area with the basic firing mode ignites it to provide instant burst damage. (This removes the Hazardous area)

1# Harec: As the Weakest character in….Just kidding **** Harec.

1# Kuzmann - Arguably the most underused and niche Character in the game. Initially he was my second favorite Raider right behind Konstantin. Kuzmann seemed rather cool to me as I enjoyed the idea of playing as a 2 time Boss character. But in reality it was far from what I envisioned for him. His specialty is against mobs of Grunts and Elites only. Just like Any good raider he needs something in his kit that provides a sense of safety should an Antag show up completely out of nowhere or as an Antag be able to hold your own even though your moving at a slugs pace.

*During his abilities charge up, allow him to repel 2 strike attempts.
*Increase the Diameter of his Blitzfaust.
*Allow minimal movement while loading the Blitzfaust.

Weapon -
Rare: LuftenStriek (My crappy stab at germen)
Basic firing mode shoots singular long range bolts of electricity one enemy at a time and cannot arc. Hold down the trigger to reverses the polarity, sending the electrical current inward into his chassis overloading it causing multiple short range bolts of electricity to fire out from his body in all directions.
(Hold to consume remaining magazine, you are unable to move, strike or grapple during this time.)

Alt - (Can only be used when Blitzfaust is fully charged) Press down on the alt button to consume his power meter in exchange for temporary levitated movement, causing the ground he traverses to be electrified.

A suggestion, put images pertaining to the subject in your paragraph or just one mid walkthrough. I found that you can lose some people if you don't give any visual representation to keep them going.

Case in point, my ancient Mind over Matter mission walkthrough. My images got hit with a watermark later on so in a way i'm glad it got buried underneath all the threads.

Suggestions / Re: Don't put BP's in dailies.
 on: July 30, 2019, 03:14:13 AM 
Marcus there going to change the way guns are built in the Heavy Metal update which is right after the current Master of puppets update. Basically no more BP in general, or so they say.

jesus. why is this public, PM Sonofoz directly than get in contact of a Moderator. Theirs no reason for a broadcast.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: missions's advices - ennemy within
 on: July 29, 2019, 05:11:01 AM 
As far as Antagonist are concerned  that second have of the mission is bad no matter who they choose, there is no space for them to run. But yeah Loaht, Ayana and Lycus to name a few suck on the second half.

Suggestions / Re: Harec needs to be nerfed.
 on: July 29, 2019, 05:01:57 AM 
As far as the main topic is concerned I agree that Harec can use a little nerf like a Cooldown, its a simple enough method. Hell Rak Mayura is getting a nerf in the next patch, but he's just one in the many characters or guns that need to be looked at. 

Don't let the Discord trolls attack you.
That came out of nowhere. Is Sonofoz a member of Discord as well (honest question.)

Since I started posting, there have been people on here who have just attacked me constantly
You have a pretty heavy handed approach when discussing something.  You obviously know a lot or more than most about gaming but when it comes out on its like you know whats good for others or something, not to mention the fact that you made it clear that your dead set on abandoning your team when things seem like there going to go south.
I'm not hating on you, believe's just seeing you post day in and day out about one thing that frustrated you or another is exhausting to see all the time.

Edit - I want to note I respect your know-how on gaming, your often very informative.

"Problem with Harec is the difference between mouse and controller players."
Oh hell yeah, Harec for players fresh out of Call of Duty is like a wet dream for them lol. Give them a Mouse and Keyboard and even an Unranked Harec who doesn't know how to stalk yet will still mess you up.

You ARE toxic. Marcus was right.
We're all "toxic" at one point or another and some more than others.  You might as well own it, Im heavily in favor of MS when discussing things but often hold myself back from saying something too stupid lol.
I saw a guy on the Discord who made a logo for himself saying "Salt Lords". As far as this Forum is concerned we literally can comb through our past post and find a reason to call each other toxic.

Not even 3 months and changing again the Aleph system!
Thats a whole other topic my friend, and we havent even tested it out ourselves. Probably not as bad as it sounds.....probably.

Im probably not going to reply back to this thread cause the point was made and its going know where but again yeah, Harec does need a nerf in some capacity. 

Spacelords Universe / Re: Does MSE read EVERY post?
 on: July 27, 2019, 12:18:15 PM 
You know a good studio when you see one. And in my opinion this is one that is most definitely growing (like early Digital Extremes).  It always bothers me when people bash on something when they don't have the whole picture or when they have a valid point but suck at communicating saying"...the whole community feels"... or "This game is Dead" like relax a little bit.

But that's neither here nor there. Yall have my support. Keep looking over the community and we'll keep giving you feedback. :)

anyhoo off to work

Suggestions / Re: "Come with me"command
 on: July 27, 2019, 02:44:19 AM 
I don't know why it was removed, it works on so many levels. Well here's hoping it makes a return.

Wow that's a pretty important statement, Really glad to here it.
I like the innovation the team is bringing on with new  features (Guilds, In-Game store & Raider/Antagonist specific comms systems.) Which for better or worse (Cumulative Pot) is appreciated.

Having said that, Since BP are "Probably" going to be a thing of the past (which I honestly hope so)  id imagine the Daily/Monthly Pot is going to Adjust for this.

Oh also as a side note: the Spacelords Roadmap feels like its zooming by rather quickly. I'm low-key nervous? or anxious to see the updates The Great Clash (likely to be a Guild vs Guild scoring system) and the Aura Spectors (which Have no clue what that is all about).

That isn't whats making me anxious...its what comes after the entire Roadmap. The Roadmap is all well and good I appreciate all the Nuances it offers but I want that "Season 2"...I want to fight Shamash and his forces.

You once completely revamped a large portion of the first mission "Hanging by a Thread" which is the first time since the Fifth Council story arc you made any level wide changes. So with around 105 employees and all this time feeding little bits up updates like a new character every few months and the details pertaining to the Roadmap id imaging quit alot of time could be made to make whole campaigns.

So I ask, Where is Shamash.

Fan Corner / Re: Spacelords fan visual novel
 on: July 24, 2019, 10:07:47 AM 
Just took another look at the valeria, her cheek bones stick out a bit too much. but Im not going to bomb on your work, its great. Hows the progress so far.

Fan Corner / Re: Spacelords fan visual novel
 on: July 23, 2019, 10:50:45 PM 
she has an innocent baby face but you make her look like the psypopath she really is...

Sounds like a bug, not that it makes much of a difference but try reposting in the Bug Report section.

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