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Spacelords Universe / Re: WormHole
 on: August 02, 2019, 06:33:52 AM 
What do you get with the promo code?

--"We've introduced a small new feature into the shop. At the top right hand corner you'll find a button to introduce a promotional code if you have one. We expect to be able to much better support content creators with this feature. And we've created a promotional code for everyone! Redeem the "MasterOfPuppets" code once the Master of Puppets update is out to receive some goodies (this key will expire on August 12th):

- FEROX IMPETUS Blueprint for Harec

- PEPPER POT Blueprint for Lycus

- VINC "EAGER" 23-1 Blueprint for Alicia

- O.SHTORM BV Blueprint for Konstantin

- 20000 Gold"--

Gameplay Feedback / New player Tutorial & Future PvP Mode?
 on: August 02, 2019, 06:24:11 AM 
Thank you! Even if its too early to say it, this is a major help. I played through the Tutorial and loved exactly how well done and clear it was. I don't know if this is a mandatory mission but in the chance that it isn't could you consider making it so?

I can imagine since Alicia was the star of it, that now many new players will probably choose to main her now lol, oh lord, so many Air strikes. I once mentioned adding a tutorial like the one that is currently in-game, if you took that and any similar requests and went with it I again thank you guys. That's one more step in the right direction.                           

Ok now here is something regarding the tutorial that is getting me low-key excited for the future. When I beat the Tutorial I decided to snoop around with the time I had left to find any easter eggs or clues for the future and what I "Hope" I found seems awesome.

The Map itself -
At first glance I enjoyed the idea of a new map exclusively for the Tutorial, but the area itself seem to intricately made for the simple task of killing a few grunts. So using Alicia's ability to gain verticality I went from one side of the map to the other, High and Low and noticed that the area seems designed for teams of 2, one on each side. Its rather undeniable. The center is full of cover, the map is just wide enough for a skirmish.

So I guess I have to ask, Is this related to "The Great Clash" update regarding Guild vs Guild PvP? If so i'm interested. This recommendation might be way too early for said possibility but to incentivise players to do further PvP related combat, throw in exclusive well designed rewards of varying levels of effort. From Emotes, Weapon Skins, Melee Weapons to 1 Exclusive Skin (left a mystery).

Perhaps a Scoring System:
*Consecutive kills
*Most Damage Dealt
*Least Damage Received
*Player/Team Difficulty (adjusting overall Levels)
*Kills vs High level players
*Healing done to Allies
*Grunts Killed
*Time holding onto Aleph
*Gold accrued

Objectives. (Trying to think of something Unique, don’t mind the random images just trying to paint a picture.)

*Acquire & Deposit x-Amount of Aleph to awaken a strong ally NPC. The NPC can't be killed but only stunned. If the Ally NPC reaches the other Side or is Killed by the Enemy NPC, you lose. The Ally NPC gains a defensive buff if your team suffered too many losses in a short time

*A Neutral AI Hunts both sides trying to kill all Raiders. You win by killing it, but the only way your team can do so is by depositing Aleph on the Enemy terminal. When doing so his Health is opened to that team. If both sides are able to attack It, the team that Dealt the most damage to it before it dies wins.

*One player on either side is randomly spawned in either as an empowered Protector (or Shamash), A revived General Krausher, Wardog Subject #001 or The original Dr.Kuzmann in a new Mech.
The goal is to keep the lead player alive while guiding and opening paths that lead to the exit. points towards raider deaths will only count if the Lead player is the one doing so.

Anyway that's my bit for future PvP modes.


You have 3 orders available if it is possible.

The number of possible orders changes with different things:
    - Number of grunts available. (In phases there are two factions, it just selects the faction that end up winning this battle).
    - Number of grunts without an order assigned.  When you assign an order, this grunt obeys this order until he accomplishes or fails the mission.
    - You can cancel every order pressing 'B' on Orders Menu.

Awesome, thanks for the tip. :)

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Lycus is underpowered?
 on: August 02, 2019, 03:19:25 AM 
Yeah out of the starter 4 Raider oddly enough Lycus is the weakest link.  All there abilities trumps a simple shield that doesn't even work as intended when people can bypass it with Push and Pierce effects.

The idea is to improve player experience, so they most likely will shift things around to provide the best experience for new and veteran players alike.
If you have any other points you'd feel that will improve the game don't hesitate to mention it, even if you might think someone else could have already brought it up.

As for the topic at hand, I completely agree. An increase to the rewards given on the fifth game and on should be more forgiving.

I think I figured out some of the problems. I learned that when you spam a target with all 3 minions rapidly, all 3 minions become unavailable and the UI goes red.
What I haven't figured out is why is it that sometimes while waiting for them to load up....they don't.

On a positive note, I think a very general rule of thumb for this new comm system is to send out minions to not only that one raider that goes Lone Wolf but when that lone wolf is distracted on a completely different target ergo Squids, Aneska's Missile strike, Minelayers.....what ever. As usual before this patch being kicked by 3 + minions usually means death even without an elite so if you want a kill without showing up you kinda need to choose when to send them out.

This is a general conversation of our experiences on those topics.

The Protector.
From what I seen from an Antagonist perspective, That secondary shield he gets is a nice buff for him, it really reduced the damaged I gave him (Granted I wasnt trying to actually kill him).  It makes me wonder how well he could stand now against the strongest of weapons. My guess is he will no longer be  insta-killed with one magazine now at least.

New Aleph System.
Now that those things are popping up in random places in sets of two (sometimes just 1) I've  Noticed that players are getting high amounts of Aleph each Really fast. On waiting to see how the protectors Shields now hold up I was Surprised to see that without a few minutes into the match that every player had 4,5,2,5 Alephs and I thought, like damn ok. And the Protector was found real quick.

Antag Command System.
This is interesting, I only get three minions, not all of them and they seem to have a separate cooldown for each one when they die.  But aside you need to use them carefully cause they go down real quick. Strategies I've tried using so far.
*sending them out to a lone sniper. (fail. Only  distract said sniper for a few seconds)

*send them to a target, wait till they all group up and charge with them.

*When two raiders are paired up, distract one of them with all 3 and attack the other raider.

Questions regarding minions.
*I don't understand at what points do you get access to all 3 of them. It didn't occur to me that you don't get all 3 from the start when I did the mission White Noise. I only was able to command 1. then later when they progress a little I had access to the 2nd then later the 3rd.  Does this occur for mission progress or how long you stay spawned in game.

Spacelords Universe / Re: WormHole
 on: August 01, 2019, 11:48:51 AM 
This looks interesting but I'm too pissed off at the game to bother redownloading it. I'm not falling for the bait again and end up in a hundred antag matches before I rage quit all over again.

Oh that sucks, didnt know you left. And yeah I get where your coming from, but in case your wondering, you get:
*Free Weapon Skins & New Melee Weapon (awarded at the end of the Month, Via Monthly Pot)
*New Melee Weapon for Purchase - Crimson Sword (glowing red long sword)
*New Weapon Skins - Cosmic Alignment (Every Raider has there weapons give off a bright glowing orange effect)

*Every Mission & Cutscene is going to be tinted in a crimson light in the environment.

----The Above is only for this Month---

And everything else is whats described in the Patch-notes

For some reason I cant Upload any images from spacelords (Ps4) at the moment. Its kinda Weird.

Suggestions / Re: Faction points grind needs adjustment
 on: August 01, 2019, 11:34:02 AM 
All this time and we're still earning a pitiful amount of faction points. It's like suggestions always go on deaf ears.

Spent another 100k faction points I had saved up trying to get rare mercy card for iune and ofc didn't get it. This is going to take forever to regain that amount of talent points.

The card system is being totally reworked as we speak. If nothing goes wrong, it should be ready for the upcoming Heavy Metal update release.

As for now, the new system is not RNG-based and allows for more control when spending Talent Points on card unlocking, which should be good news for everyone. :)
That said, we'd rather not go into detail until we get closer to its release.

Another bit of info that (at least personally) eases some tension. Really looking forward to that update. Thx MSE_Jefe-Hernan

Spacelords Universe / Re: WormHole
 on: August 01, 2019, 11:16:08 AM 
Lol well damn that sucks. You play on ps4?
Edit - Wait actually I think I ran into as an Antagonist no?

Spacelords Universe / WormHole
 on: August 01, 2019, 11:04:58 AM 

Bruh, hell yeah. This is what i'm talking about. Community events that offer cool shit and alter the environment, even if slightly. ....I feel like I need to call off work. My leg suddenly hurts.

EDIT - dont forget to put in the Promo code in the store (Type right corner) to get more free shit.   -  Masterofpuppets   -

Spacelords Universe / Re: Where is it?
 on: August 01, 2019, 10:45:48 AM 
You know what I just thought about, on The Enemy Within boss mission, at the very end. Can we command the big one hit kill creatures (I forgot there in-game names).

That would be great lol.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Where is it?
 on: August 01, 2019, 10:24:28 AM 
As I type this the update is downloading for me.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: New "natural aleph deposit" system.
 on: July 31, 2019, 10:34:05 PM 
Each map was altered to compensate for the new changes to allow things to flow more smoothly. In the mean time just give it a week and just try it out.


These arguments are really bringing out the worst in people. The SL forums these days feels like a Jerry Springer show

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