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Gameplay Feedback / New player Tutorial & Future PvP Mode?
 on: August 02, 2019, 06:24:11 AM 
Thank you! Even if its too early to say it, this is a major help. I played through the Tutorial and loved exactly how well done and clear it was. I don't know if this is a mandatory mission but in the chance that it isn't could you consider making it so?

I can imagine since Alicia was the star of it, that now many new players will probably choose to main her now lol, oh lord, so many Air strikes. I once mentioned adding a tutorial like the one that is currently in-game, if you took that and any similar requests and went with it I again thank you guys. That's one more step in the right direction.                           

Ok now here is something regarding the tutorial that is getting me low-key excited for the future. When I beat the Tutorial I decided to snoop around with the time I had left to find any easter eggs or clues for the future and what I "Hope" I found seems awesome.

The Map itself -
At first glance I enjoyed the idea of a new map exclusively for the Tutorial, but the area itself seem to intricately made for the simple task of killing a few grunts. So using Alicia's ability to gain verticality I went from one side of the map to the other, High and Low and noticed that the area seems designed for teams of 2, one on each side. Its rather undeniable. The center is full of cover, the map is just wide enough for a skirmish.

So I guess I have to ask, Is this related to "The Great Clash" update regarding Guild vs Guild PvP? If so i'm interested. This recommendation might be way too early for said possibility but to incentivise players to do further PvP related combat, throw in exclusive well designed rewards of varying levels of effort. From Emotes, Weapon Skins, Melee Weapons to 1 Exclusive Skin (left a mystery).

Perhaps a Scoring System:
*Consecutive kills
*Most Damage Dealt
*Least Damage Received
*Player/Team Difficulty (adjusting overall Levels)
*Kills vs High level players
*Healing done to Allies
*Grunts Killed
*Time holding onto Aleph
*Gold accrued

Objectives. (Trying to think of something Unique, don’t mind the random images just trying to paint a picture.)

*Acquire & Deposit x-Amount of Aleph to awaken a strong ally NPC. The NPC can't be killed but only stunned. If the Ally NPC reaches the other Side or is Killed by the Enemy NPC, you lose. The Ally NPC gains a defensive buff if your team suffered too many losses in a short time

*A Neutral AI Hunts both sides trying to kill all Raiders. You win by killing it, but the only way your team can do so is by depositing Aleph on the Enemy terminal. When doing so his Health is opened to that team. If both sides are able to attack It, the team that Dealt the most damage to it before it dies wins.

*One player on either side is randomly spawned in either as an empowered Protector (or Shamash), A revived General Krausher, Wardog Subject #001 or The original Dr.Kuzmann in a new Mech.
The goal is to keep the lead player alive while guiding and opening paths that lead to the exit. points towards raider deaths will only count if the Lead player is the one doing so.

Anyway that's my bit for future PvP modes.

This is a general conversation of our experiences on those topics.

The Protector.
From what I seen from an Antagonist perspective, That secondary shield he gets is a nice buff for him, it really reduced the damaged I gave him (Granted I wasnt trying to actually kill him).  It makes me wonder how well he could stand now against the strongest of weapons. My guess is he will no longer be  insta-killed with one magazine now at least.

New Aleph System.
Now that those things are popping up in random places in sets of two (sometimes just 1) I've  Noticed that players are getting high amounts of Aleph each Really fast. On waiting to see how the protectors Shields now hold up I was Surprised to see that without a few minutes into the match that every player had 4,5,2,5 Alephs and I thought, like damn ok. And the Protector was found real quick.

Antag Command System.
This is interesting, I only get three minions, not all of them and they seem to have a separate cooldown for each one when they die.  But aside you need to use them carefully cause they go down real quick. Strategies I've tried using so far.
*sending them out to a lone sniper. (fail. Only  distract said sniper for a few seconds)

*send them to a target, wait till they all group up and charge with them.

*When two raiders are paired up, distract one of them with all 3 and attack the other raider.

Questions regarding minions.
*I don't understand at what points do you get access to all 3 of them. It didn't occur to me that you don't get all 3 from the start when I did the mission White Noise. I only was able to command 1. then later when they progress a little I had access to the 2nd then later the 3rd.  Does this occur for mission progress or how long you stay spawned in game.

Spacelords Universe / WormHole
 on: August 01, 2019, 11:04:58 AM 

Bruh, hell yeah. This is what i'm talking about. Community events that offer cool shit and alter the environment, even if slightly. ....I feel like I need to call off work. My leg suddenly hurts.

EDIT - dont forget to put in the Promo code in the store (Type right corner) to get more free shit.   -  Masterofpuppets   -

Suggestions / Top 5 Raiders that need TLC from MS
 on: July 30, 2019, 08:56:02 AM 

5# Aneska: Aneska is in the tail-end of this list because she needs the least amount of TLC compared to those below and will be a little difficult to find a good suggestion for her already impressive kit.

High health, crowd control potential and a Mech that serves as a good distraction and minor offensive support. Aneska has a lot going for her and is nearly perfect, accept for the fact that she has no good long range abilities, a lack of high burst damage, her Mech is rather weak offensively or has anyway to ward off Antagonist outside of base raider sneak attacks.

*Allow her Mech to move on your command
*Since the Mech might be sentient now with the Aleph in its system (Hence the roaring) allow it to auto spawn on her location (Provided it has energy) whenever her health is at critical to provide an aoe push + melee assault.
Add a Rare weapon -
A BFG. long range, Moderate damage with 3 rounds. Ammunition for this weapon could use energy capsules used for the Mech (Allow Mech to self generate energy until it reaches the minimum requirement to be summoned). If charged the gun would increase in damage at the cost of the remaining rounds as it punches through walls.

Its Alternative mode releases its coolant to restore a fix amount of health to her Mech (equal to 2 energy capsules) as well as causing minor tick damage to nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

4# Iune: Unlike the other raiders and there Synergies, Iune’s supportive nature makes her the most vulnerable of this list as her weak health isn’t supported well enough by her guns or abilities.

Although her Guns are nothing to scoff at when used appropriately, they can't reach the level of power both Shae and Harec can achieve (even Doldren with his base gun at max forge). Where she needs help in is the synergy between her abilities and her guns. All of the other local's abilities give you a sense of safety in comparison. You can argue that her Blink with moderate crit damage can get her out of a tight situation with its limited warp ability but Stalking ,Bewitching & Astral form are all way safer than a 5 yard warp.

Suggestion: A Gun that can body switch locations with an Ally Elite or Raider. Or the ability to appear out of her Current puppet killing it in the process while causing a knock-back effect (no damage). This Will have a cooldown and allow for a potential surprise attack forcing the enemy to kill off the puppet as soon as possible.

Edit: Maybe add a card where her puppets detonate on death at the cost of all her Aleph pressure?

3# Lycus Dion:
Like a discount version of H.I.V.E., Lycus is primarily a close quarters type Raider, but much weaker than the aforementioned superior. His shield is the only thing that makes him unique from a combat perspective. But it can often be bypassed by so many Guns and abilities where it just leaves him simply as a man with a gun. This is a man who literally made a pact with the Devil for immortality, and had warlock give him his Witch Shield. In sounds great on paper but in game it really lacks luster.

*Make his shield invisible to anyone but Lycus (maybe even his own allies). This is to have Antags, enemy Raiders and possibly AI if there programmed correctly to not be able to predict if his shields are up and facing them, that way should he be charging at a wounded enemy, the enemies ally wont know Lycus has his shield facing them while charging the enemy.
*Make his shields immune to pierce effects. Seeing as his shields are more mystical in nature than technological perhaps things like HIVEs bugs, Ginebra’s shot and even Alicia’s Smoking Daisy wont be able to get past it.

Rare Gun - Morningstar - A very old, seemingly decrepit Magnum with undiscernible inscriptions on it. When the Witch Shield takes damage the Gun begins to smolder as its meter rises. At max capacity, the next time Lycus is wounded and downed he will instead be restored with 25% health, sending out a push effect around him. For 10 seconds his Corrupted shields will encircle him and heal him as it takes damage.

2# Ginebra: Prior to the Sudden death mode Ginebra was brought down considerably from her initial powerful state. Now its very difficult to find a situation where she is useful as both raider and Antagonist. All you can do is hope to get one good shot on a Elite/Antagonist/Raider and hope you can run away to safety after wards. Very boring and useless against hordes of grunts and 4 Raiders

*Holding down the Dodge button while in cougar form, will cause Ginebra to move at an average running speeds but giving the advantage of losing her Aleph signature temporarily.
*Exclusively against Grunts, Ginebra’s cougar form can perform a lunge attack when pressing the Fire button. Doing so slows her movements for a brief moment.

*Rare Weapon: Chimera - A 3 round repeater crossbow with a strong push effect on the last shot of the clip.
Alternate mode - Lob a canister of hazardous material on the ground that remain there for 10 seconds, (area of effect provides tick damage over time) Shooting the Hazardous area with the basic firing mode ignites it to provide instant burst damage. (This removes the Hazardous area)

1# Harec: As the Weakest character in….Just kidding **** Harec.

1# Kuzmann - Arguably the most underused and niche Character in the game. Initially he was my second favorite Raider right behind Konstantin. Kuzmann seemed rather cool to me as I enjoyed the idea of playing as a 2 time Boss character. But in reality it was far from what I envisioned for him. His specialty is against mobs of Grunts and Elites only. Just like Any good raider he needs something in his kit that provides a sense of safety should an Antag show up completely out of nowhere or as an Antag be able to hold your own even though your moving at a slugs pace.

*During his abilities charge up, allow him to repel 2 strike attempts.
*Increase the Diameter of his Blitzfaust.
*Allow minimal movement while loading the Blitzfaust.

Weapon -
Rare: LuftenStriek (My crappy stab at germen)
Basic firing mode shoots singular long range bolts of electricity one enemy at a time and cannot arc. Hold down the trigger to reverses the polarity, sending the electrical current inward into his chassis overloading it causing multiple short range bolts of electricity to fire out from his body in all directions.
(Hold to consume remaining magazine, you are unable to move, strike or grapple during this time.)

Alt - (Can only be used when Blitzfaust is fully charged) Press down on the alt button to consume his power meter in exchange for temporary levitated movement, causing the ground he traverses to be electrified.

Spacelords Assemble / Playing today
 on: July 14, 2019, 09:51:34 PM 
If anyone plays on ps4 i'm going to be playing all day and probably all night too (mmmaybe),  message me if you guys want to Co-Op.  My MMR usually floats between 40% - 50%.

Fan Corner / Spacelords Gifs
 on: July 04, 2019, 10:51:14 AM 
I'm bored so I thought Id find gifs that describe or are related to some of the Raiders or just Spacelords as a whole.


Uras - Beherit:



Low level Antag vs High level Raiders be like...

Hans Emoting

Thats all I got

Spacelords Universe / New Aleph Drop
 on: June 25, 2019, 05:41:19 PM 
Congrats they heard you and have responded, Aleph drops have now returned and now drop directly onto you and not the floor, and now you have the option to either drop them for a friend or use them as mines which only hurt the enemy.

MMR, Antag Sytstem and Sudden Death seem to take longer to find a "Fix" but like other past problems things were adjusted for the better. Hopefully the aforementioned 3 get fixed sooner than later.

Spacelords Universe / Not much to do
 on: June 22, 2019, 03:51:12 AM 
I'm currently in the phase where I'm playing other games while waiting for something to draw me back into SL's. So in the mean time I've been playing Dead by Daylight and after playing that for a while me and a friend hopped on to SL's for a bit to mix up the games.

What I came to realize is how different one game (DBD) operates and makes you experience PVP as appose to others. There, You have to fight for survival right from the start and you have to use your wit and cunning to stay alive, all the while pushing for victory. Its quite intense even if from the aggressors perceptive we completely dominated it was still thrilling, having everything hang on the balance like that. But that was how that game operates.

After starting map after map where I've already memorized the safe-spots, Routines, what to look out for, etc. I found myself yearning for excitement. Then when I saw I had an Antagonist in my match I was like "Finally!" and my mindset went from here we go again to Lets kick this guys ass ...and we did, and they quite or stopped spawning and things  just returned to normal.

The first thing that came to mind here was that EVERYONE is extremely powerful in ONE (maybe two) aspects. I saw a HIVE with a plague who only learned to drop the Parasite field ...thing to instantly infect others and just melee till they drop, if that fails run till it cools off. Second match Shae with Sa Dhu just waited for one good moment to wreck one unsuspecting Raider instantly.

You cannot have fun when everyone is overpowered, its just too one-sided at times, theirs no stakes, and that goes for AI as well. which on that note, I suppose I get it, to answer how to stop a team of 4 potentially overpowered Raiders you would need an Overpowered solution, which comes in the form of a single Grunt who can two shot you (one if you a Local) combined with a fairly high MMR. 

When MSE_Karen mentioned on the New Daily Rewards video (Youtube) that the average player only plays 2-3 missions a day I thought to myself "Damn..., that's the average?" Which was unfortunate to hear really. I think this game has allot of style and some powers are fun to use but perhaps the focus should be shifted a bit towards a more grounded on reality perspective.
* Re-evaluate the Stress Mechanic
* Lengthen Wounded time a bit but Allow allies to pick each other up after a period of medical attention (uninterrupted).
* Grapples cannot outright kill you unless you are wounded, it will instead bring you from a healthly state to a wounded state.
* apply accurate hit boxes which can allow difference in shot damage depending on where you were shot (Arm,Leg, Head, Torso. etc)
* Fall damage
* Charged jumps (Fifth Council)
* Running long jumps (Everyone else)
* Grunts cannot passively zone in on your location automatically when there is no reason for them to know where you are.
* Grunts can only take so much damage during there Kamikaze-Suicide sprint before they are staggered in there tracks.
*add an exhaustion mechanic
*Reconsider the rock-paper-scissor mechanic
* Add Dedicated Servers

I don’t know,….This game is making strides towards a great final product especially when you consider how things were in the beginning. As it stands the current focus is creating incentives (Prizes, Rewards and Goals), New ways to Configure the perfect weapon and finding and testing new ways to make playing and losing against an Antagonist more balanced and fun. 

I hope way way later down the line perhaps on the second Road-Map the games core mechanics can be revamped, Keep all the style and flash but tone down the damage, and more maneuverability or something, more power isn’t always more fun.

As always, ill be around and pop in when something is added in the mean time keep it up guys!

Spacelords Universe / Spacelords 1st Livestream question
 on: June 07, 2019, 01:18:22 AM 
First I just want to say that I think its awesome that Live Streams are coming, the first being tomorrow (June 7th) but unfortunately for me ill be working during that time. So My question is will you be posting your Livestreaming for others to watch should they not be able to see it? And also will there be a monthly livestream?

Gameplay Feedback / Sudden Death Makes no sense
 on: June 04, 2019, 10:08:34 PM 
so your telling me when the amount of lives are up, and there are 4 Raiders alive and just ONE of them dies the match ends regardless of who else is still alive..... ok......ok

Gameplay Feedback / The BEST kind of matches
 on: June 04, 2019, 08:15:06 PM 
I love matches where the PING is 999, You never know what your going to get, will Hans be flying in a time loop for eternity will you get to see your allies walk on thin AIR or will enemy Raiders/Antagonist blip in front of you with a grapple or chain never know.

Suggestions / Bare with me, Battle-Pass???
 on: June 04, 2019, 01:51:54 AM 
I know I know, Battle-Pass are unliked in some games ...but... since this is a free to play game it would make having a Battle-Pass more palatable.

In Addition the Battle-Pass could be Cosmetic only so it wont be a Pay-to-Win which is a win win. I was watching a Dead by Daylight live event and they brought one up where you have the free track and the paid track and though not ANY time soon but the idea would be interesting down the line.


Spacelords Universe / Universe Lore is missing?
 on: June 01, 2019, 09:25:32 PM 
What happened to it, its suddenly gone. Granted you can still access Raider specific lore but anything else like the history of Uras-Beherit  or how all the Factions came to the Broken Planet are now gone.

So is this a glitch or is something going to replace it in the Future?

I only did a few missions with the new communication system and I have to say, I love it but it took a little getting used to, what with accidentally saying can someone get the switch and they say yes when you mean to say ill get it cause I’m right in front of it. That being said I found myself when in a leadership role seeing whats available and which command should I be inputting right now and much to my surprise, when sending it out correctly my teams in various missions (With random players) began listening and giving there own initiatives which often lead to a very smooth mission.

Also on a little side note was the "Group up" command removed?
Well that aside I noticed other important Commands and initiatives were missing such as:
*When carrying a Canister on short Fused or noticing someone carrying it you can say (Command) Defend the Canister or Defend me while I transport the Canister.

When going out to collect Aleph for the Monolith: "Guard the Monolith from the Looters" or I'm going to Guard the monolith"

*And when taking down the final barrier on a Low Blow you can say "I'll attack the Grunts" or Someone Take Care of the Grunts!" so the rest of the team can focus on shooting the barrier.

*When you have 5x Aleph and are heading to an extractor to blow it up you see a Shae shooting at it and you want to say “STOP” or “Don’t Shoot the Extractor”

Also, When an Antagonist is in your mission the Communications tab get a little tighter. Seeing that I thought maybe that’s why there isn’t too many commands but then I thought about other games and there solutions to this problem.

In a now retired game, Paragon had a communication system where it opened up categories on a wheel that lead to more in depth forms of communications. One for enemies and there activities, allies and giving them warnings, forms of compliments and so on.

Apex legends has an Amazing ping system where you hover over an object, enemy in the distance or what ever and and a wheel opens up that gives out “Vocal” commentary on what it is you want to say which is heard by all allies.

It would be great to hear our Raiders actually talk outside of those intercoms. You can input your going after the Elites with Ginebra and have her say something like “I’m not used to chasing after men but a jobs a job.”

Spacelords Universe / Uras-Beherit Questions
 on: May 21, 2019, 04:13:40 AM 

I was reminded of this and it makes me wonder if the ever-supportive Cortez and his "Clones" are actually what we think they are and if Dr. Kuzmann is actually reformed.....hmmm?

Lol but a much more serous question in this game, If Iune tapped into the Aleph Flow and entered Uras- beherit's domain as he very much literally blocked her connection/view of the Aleph with its body (which shows they are separate entities) , Why do Antagonist in-game drop Aleph and have an Aleph nervous-system when they die and respawn, they aren't constructed or powered by Aleph so why would Uras-Beherit decide to make his acolytes using The Aleph?

If ever came the Day MS  would make a DLC (free or purchasable) could you do a single player only story using Imperfect Symmetry as a flashback story that shines more light (or darkness) on the player in regards to Uras- Beherit? This can be a Locals only mission where they follow the ghost of Me'Er on his final moments and as you move along you have to fight clones, Run from an over-sized Uras-E'us Ta (One-Shot beast) and find-out (possibly fight) who is Uras-Is' Ku who the Cathedral the DLC takes place in and mentioned in the lore, is dedicated to.

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