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Suggestions / Re: Path drawing and talent crafting
 on: November 05, 2019, 03:41:35 PM 
Man, I just made a comment about needing a way to mark crafting routes. Then I saw this post!
It’d be neat if saw you could set a goal Talent at the bottom of the list. And choose the cheap, fast, or average route to get there. It’d start with the first talent you need, and when that one is finished and you claim it. It would suggest the next talent you need to build on that route.

I don’t mind the Talent building system. However, a way to mark a goal Talent and the route of talants required to get there would be extremely helpful.
Or when your done building a Talent on the way to your goal, it will automatically suggest the next one on the route
For you to build next.

Yesterday I played two game. One with Sööma, and one with Alicia. Both games on the character select screen there was a bug with the talent names when looking at the loadout.


Gameplay Feedback / Re: A bug with the skilltrees?
 on: October 23, 2019, 11:48:19 AM 
You can only equip one faction talent and one character talent at a time.

Hey there! I’ve notices since the last update, that objective markers tend to disappear when in playingnas Antagonist. Can be kind of frustrating when those pesky raiders sneak by with the encoder when I could have stopped them. I don’t have a particular instance saved, but I can list off a few places I’ve seen it happen.

Encoder and Schneider on Medias res.
Canister Bomb on Short Fused
Location Points on Enemy Within

I have noticed with the objective you carry, that they their markers would sometimes disappear after they were dropped once.

Hope this helps, thanks.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Please take a hard look at match scoring
 on: October 13, 2019, 06:19:37 PM 
Healing category would be great. Maybe just call it “support” and include Sööma’s shields. Or even mikah barriers

Gameplay Feedback / Please take a hard look at match scoring
 on: October 12, 2019, 07:17:40 PM 
The road to the end of the monthly score milestones can be difficult and tidious. I get that that it’s for the best of the best and only the most committed players. But in the end, it really just comes down to luck. Luck that you’ll actually get matched with a high mmr antag for your raider matches and luck that you’ll get a high mmr raider group as antag. Both are far and few between with the current state of the community throwing matches to lower their mmr.
A match with an antagonist with high enough difficulty is really the only feasible way to get really high score as a raider. Because you need the antagonist kills and their difficulty score.
Because when you’re playing without an antagonist, regardless of difficulty. The personal factor for kills and the team score for time are counter intuitive. You’ll either get a lot of kills in a long match or do the match fast and not get a lot of kills. It’s hard to fill both of these parameters.
Which brings us to the next issue, there needs to be more personal parameters other than kills. Boss damage, objectives completed, aleph deposited. These are a must. If you pick a character essential to the mission, say Schneider for DoW, or Rak for short fused to run the bombs and aleph. You’re literally sacrificing your score for the team. Running the mission objectives while your team gets all the kills and then the high score.
Personally, I feel the score should be worked in such a way that it’s possible to achieve a 10 on mission score. And anything above that comes from personal score.
Currently, when you get towards the end of the milestones. You end up queueing for specific maps, over and over, hoping for the stars to align and improve on a perfect run to get .3 higher. At this point it’s not really fun, it’s tidious and frustrating.
Thanks for reading, and best wishes.

Ship's Log / Re: Useful info for WEAPON CRAFTING
 on: September 20, 2019, 03:07:08 PM 
I spy new weapons 👀
thanks for the info! Now we won’t be so lost on release day!

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Last Wish is Overpowered
 on: September 15, 2019, 04:31:36 PM 
Personally, I feel like it’s only a little overpowered with the Mercy card that lets it fire at a high fire rate for the whole magazine. Combined with that instant kill headshots you can literally just spray towards the head and get an instant kill everytime.

I think if anything nerf related should happen to last wish, it shouldn’t necessarily be damage or fire rate. But possibly a nerf to the Mercy card. Or remove the ability to instant kill on headshot and save that for her slower firing guns such as Wisdom.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Ongoing Natural aleph deposit feedback
 on: September 13, 2019, 04:06:32 AM 
Spent some time with the game today. Have a couple more maps I’d like to leave feedback on.

Beast’s Lair: Now I’ve only experienced this from the antag side, but it happened twice today so I feel it’s worth mentioning. In the first phase, It feels like the Aleph on the second island(antag spawn) comes back too fast. Raiders were able to gather enough aleph to start the generator over the course of two of my lives as an antagonist (you could argue I was a bad antagonist today but still). The Raiders could all huddle up on the second island, collect aleph, and start the generator all together very quickly making the phase go by very quick.
I think that slowing the spawn rat of aleph just a tad bit, and placing some on the third island (exit island) could help with the pacing on this map.

A low blow:

This one isn’t as much related to the aleph deposits but More just general map feedback.
In the first phase of low blow, if you’re ever unfortunate enough to have the engineers shut off the overload on the reactor and can be very tough to get the reactor bar filling again due to 2 reason. The aleph deposits feel slightly scarce when faced with the platforming combined with enemy intensity. And the engineers never stop spawning even when the reactor is shut down. So as soon as you put more aleph in, 3 engineers anywhere on the map can immediately shut it down again. This makes this mission very difficult to play without a cordianated team. My suggestions for this would be to make sure the engineers cannot spawn while the reactor has no aleph in it. This way, you’d atleast be able to get your bar filling again before it shuts off.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope this feedback helps.

Suggestions / Re: Can you increase hans' vertical momentum?
 on: September 06, 2019, 02:19:40 AM 
Sounds cool to me. He should be able to reach anything that Alicia and ginebra can

Suggestions / Re: Rewards for MMR
 on: August 29, 2019, 04:04:26 PM 
I back this.

Suggestions / Just a thought on what to do with MMR
 on: August 28, 2019, 04:36:33 PM 
Hey there! We all know MMR is probably the most complained about topic. Biggest issue being it is too easily manipulated. Here’s an idea I had. which maybe even if you don’t use it, may open up internal conversations to lead to something better.

You could removed MMR% from the player’s account, and instead attach to the daily mission rewards. Higher the reward = higher the difficulty %. The game would still take the average % of all players to make mission difficulty. And you could also set the % to be higher for higher tier players and lower for lower tier players on their rewards. Once players finish their daily rewards and get to the 6th match with low rewards, leave the difficulty at a casual playing level like 30% or so.
Pot could fluctuate based on how much is in there.

I feel like these changes could add some stability and predictability to the play experience of spacelords. And manipulations from players would have smaller ramifications on others.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope this will inspire something with you guys at MSE.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Ongoing Natural aleph deposit feedback
 on: August 13, 2019, 07:32:33 PM 
Thanks for reading and a quick reply!

Another area I meant to give feedback on is Hanging by a thread’s final phase.

There appears to only be two aleph deposits at the two highest points of the room.
I’ve noticed this to be problematic for fifth council players who take a long time to move the aleph. Perhaps an extra spawn on the middle platform would help.

and for newer players, who can’t always find it. This area used to serve as an introduction to aleph for the new players via the one single elite. Maybe a similar concept could still be used here with a single aleph drop outside the spawn room instead.

Gameplay Feedback / Ongoing Natural aleph deposit feedback
 on: August 13, 2019, 06:46:56 PM 
Hello! My intentions with this thread are for players to provide their feedback and findings regarding the new aleph drop system on a map by map basis so we can help the devs find what areas of the game may need tweaks or fine tuning to provide a better play experience.

I’d like to start with Fistful of Sand:
I think you should look into tweaking the aleph drops on the first phase of Fistful Of Sand.
That part of the mission used to take a long time, yes. But I think spawning snipers with 5 Aleph a piece makes it too easy and too fast.

As an antagonist, that area of the map has always been your best bet for killing the raiders. The second phase is generally a sure win for raiders, especially now with reactive shields in place.

I’d suggest moving to the Natural aleph deposits drops with a high spawn rate. Or possibly even 5 on the map at one time. That way you’re still speeding up this portion of the map that used to be a crawl, but it’s not lightning fast as it is now.

Weapon From the Past:
As an unexpected consequence to the aleph deposits being in place on this mission, players are not actively hunting the elite soldiers as they used to. Resulting in a large number of elites on the field at one time and near constant kill orders making the mission a little difficult for some players.

Perhaps a change in player strategy is all that’s required here, but maybe look into adjusting spawn rates for elites or lowering the maximum allowed at once.

White Noise:
This mission used to be my favorite mission to play because you could play any character you wanted and do fine. But with the current aleph drops, agile and speedy characters are a must.

I understand all the aleph is meant to be naccessible to for the elites, but it can be very hard to preform the platforming and climbing necessary at higher difficulty or when an antagonist is present.

The aleph frequency also feels too scarce, mainly in the second phase.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope this feedback helps.
I encourage other forum users to post their findings on aleph deposits as well.

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