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So I just did my daily accumulated pot mission and got curb stomped by an Antag that was at least double if not triple the level of my team and I walked out the mission with only 1543 gold and 1447 faction coins of the 15,000+ gold  12,000+ faction coins I could have gotten.

(deep breath) !@#$#%^&*(*)!@@#$$%^%#^%^@#
ok now that I got that out let’s talk.

WHO thought it was a good idea to ROB players of the resources they NEED to advance to this degree? It wasn't even a challenge for the Aneska Antag they put a hate ball on the objective, and it was over anyone that tried to power through died before they could even get out and heal. Every time anyone even got close to her, she beat us in to the ground with her un-parryable sword.

Can someone form the dev team please explain how it is fair to put someone that has forge level 10 weapons against players that have at most level 4-5 I know Aneska doesn't have the strongest guns but when she one shots a Konstantin it does not seem balanced

Gameplay Feedback / The trolls need to be stopped
 on: July 11, 2019, 05:44:14 AM 
Over the past few days I have been coming across an increasing number of “players” that seem to find it more fun to be on the Raiders team as an Antag than just queuing up as one.
Not 5 min before writing this post I had to “players” one on PC and one on Xbox (I play on Xbox) load in “The Beast’s Lair” (presently the hardest mission I have in my opinion {I’m level 37}). The Xbox player quits about a min. later comes back stands in spawn and repeatedly votes to surrender. The PC “player” just stands there dancing so me and the 4th player 2 man the whole first part. Then we get to the boss fight the two “players” in question proceed to repeatedly just spawn and RUN OFF THE SIDE OF THE MAP!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I did mean to yell there. But I have been encountering more people doing things like this and more like taking the sphere in “A weapon from the past” and chasing teammates around to kill them, using the bombs in “Short-Fused” to team kill, walking off the map on “”In Medias Res” with both the encoder and Schnider, and lets not forget team killing with the crystal drop system.
Most to all of this happens to me daily to the point that I cannot even complain about getting matched up with Antags that are so Overpowered in comparison to me that I vote to quit or leave and play a different game entirely. I mean is it at all fair to have a player that is over 50-100 levels above you attacking you. No no it is not. I had one of my friends invade on me (he’s level 150 at the time I was 25) and he was killing all of us in 3-5 bullets with Konstanin he just let us win after the ship left and we got more revives because and I quote “ It just isn’t any fun if they can’t even get a chance to shoot back”
So, to get to the point(s). vote to kick? That might not be a good idea instead how about a reporting option for finding and punishing “players” trolling, or making the player lives personal or putting s system in place that detects aberrant “players” and replaces them with a bot of the person they were using? I’ve seen things like that in other games.
And the badly mismatched Antags could be fixed if you nerf them or buff us to match them. There are some missions where if the Antag is playing “Valeria” for example you cannot win. Cough Cough “The Beast’s Lair” bridge part Cough Cough. So, I hope someone(s) sees this and considers some of the suggestions I or if other people add on to this theirs too.

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