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victory or defeat makes no difference for me

after one or two weeks feeling the same, win or loose antag or not...i dont care anymore.

i have my fun with:
-the artstyle (main reason for new players like me)
-characters, the disign and voiceover (more or less)
-im interested on how the skills and weapons works (big thing to keep it on for longer)
-little things that make me smile like the farthing sound on a boss  ;D

there is a question i would ask: why are people joining alpha and beta tests  if the game makes such huge changes on the technical side messy af, excuse me ???
hotfix/bugfix the shit out of the game or what is the point...
i know mse is reading posts sooner or later but where are the fixes we need. big silence in my downloads only shopupdates and skins, "lame" is the word i was looking with my bad english.

i´m sure thats not the way on how it works now days.
the updates are makeing such big changes it feels tested by 4 people at 3:00 in the morning. for an old player this hits right in the face and for a new one like me... its confused me more than it was before PriceGalore comes in, made for casual one's that are already back in overwatch or what kind of crap they playing  (im a bit sad  :'( sry)

Don't let it die like that, its a masterpiece of artstyle with less then 3
listen to your community and give the game the things that are really matter and test it with logic and some love, c'mon!


Gameplay Feedback / Re: Lower MMR Difficulty
 on: August 07, 2019, 07:49:21 PM 
as an antag with max lvl and/or high mmr the ki gets worse, i´m right?
the antag needs to get "tryhard" or more if he wants a win because of that easy mission difficulty... so i need to worry if i see the low antag.
shooting a boss with konstantin for example takes now 3-4k bulletts or what should i expect, waiting for the enemy player to win over time, he slowly feeds on our lifes and grunts are doing the rest, well i will find it out (i know it already psst)  ;D

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Lower MMR Difficulty
 on: August 07, 2019, 07:06:41 PM 
so I'm not crazy about missions feeling harder than before

i played the last weeks and im around lvl 65 with 40%(+/-5%), the ki-spawn gets crazy in some last phases, it ends up in killing massive waves of them (Q and E is on cooldown xD but i keep punshing and shooting 360* with an  >:( face), after 10 minutes the lifes are gone. the low lvl antag suicides in with h.i.v.e or what else doesn`t really matter what he takes if he can score some cqc kills to reduce the lifepool but i`m sure he has  the  :D face on when he look at us how hard we are fighting to keep the mission on. best so far, 3 max Player and one low (me) no antag are loosing against ki because the are no room to do the mission without 3 elites punshing you in the nuts, 2 sniper are aiming at your brain  and 10 grunts shooting all around in every possible direction. its my experience so far and it happens often... i keep the >:( on, if you can understand lol

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting. Hell I made a new account just to post my thoughts here.

same for me  ::)
Listen to this man, he is absolutely right!
A little more tuning would be great to climb up the ladder.
We want to play your game for more than 5 missions...
Please remove all the  "sadness" over our rewards
losing on daylis is hard enough  :-\

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