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Already sent E-mail to support.  Just making this topic as well so I have 2 avenues open.

Xbox ID: Righteous Flame
Platform: Xbox One
Issue: Bought MercurySteam points on 9/25 (picture sent with E-mail) and they still have not shown up in my account.
Request: Refund money or add the 1200 points to my account.

Spacelords Universe / So didn't see that coming (Spoilers)
 on: September 09, 2018, 01:16:00 AM 
So, while I kinda figured that the Hulk-looking guy with the shield was bad news, I didn't quite see that as the legacy.  Figured that the legacy would be knowledge or something along those lines.  (I guess, with two medallions  in Shammash's hands, it still could be.)

Anyway, for those of you who got the ending, are we able to see the original "pre-ending" cutscenes still for earlier campaign or is it a case that, once you unlock the full ending, those endings go the way of Harec's original tutorial mission?

Match goes to a loading screen which just gets stuck on "match ready" with a spinning counter.  Tried twice.  Waited for 5-8 minutes both times.  Finally just logged out each time.

Bug report & Technical Support / Season pass not recognized.
 on: August 23, 2018, 04:30:44 AM 
I know this has happened with every new campaign release but, just so there is a topic on it, the new Spacelords game does not recognize me as someone who bought the season pass.  (XBOX One)  As such, the majority of Council Apocalypse is stuck behind the level barrier and I don't have the elite skins.

Please resolve this issue.

Thank you.

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