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While I doubt that anyone still checks this forum anymore, I will do what I did last time and place the content of the new E-mail here as well.

Xbox ID: Righteous Flame
Platform: Xbox One
Issue: Bought MercurySteam points on 11/29 (picture sent with E-mail) and they still have not shown up in my account.
Request: Refund money or add the 1750 points to my account.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: "Periodically can't play"
 on: November 09, 2021, 05:44:57 PM 
Followup:  Just as a last ditch attempt, I uninstalled and reinstalled this morning so I could give it a few more trys.  It connected the second time so it's still up.

Still would be nice to have an offline version though.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: "Periodically can't play"
 on: November 08, 2021, 08:20:45 PM 
Think it might be dead on Vanilla Xbox One.    I haven't been able to log in since shortly after I had the points issue resolved.  Just now, I decided that I would give it ten trys, 5 before I did my daily gamepass quests and 5 after.  All ten ended in being unable to connect to servers.

It's a pity.  Despite having a love-hate relationship with the game since they made it online only, I kept finding reasons to come back.  But, at this point, I think it's dead for good.  It would have been nice to have an offline version so I could occasionally revisit the Broken Planet but it is what it is.

Still, no hard feelings.  It was bound to end eventually and, technical difficulties with the Xbox aside, it was fun while it lasted.  So, congratulations on Metroid Dread and I guess I'll see you around.

The main point of this topic was not to ask for 24/7 support but to both open another avenue for resolution as well as to serve as an illustration for anyone else with an Xbox on how the process works.

With that, the final entry:

It was explained to me that the first picture did not show the purchase as complete.  However, the second picture from did show the purchase as complete.  As such, it is advised for anyone experiencing this to include a picture from rather than directly from their Xbox.

They also asked whether I had experienced this before which was a nice proactive touch.  (I do not believe that I had or, if I did, it was too far back to remember.)

Overall final total: 2 days from first E-mail and 3 E-mails.  This could have been shaved down to 1 day and 2 E-mails if I had used an snip instead of a picture from my Xbox so that's on me.

Thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to this matter.

Response was:


Hi Mark,

Do you have the Bank receipt? We need this to confirm the purchase.


This is a peculiar thing as I sent a picture from my Xbox's purchase history.  As such, I have sent another reply with a copy of the completed purchase from along with the message.



I literally sent you a picture of the purchase from my Xbox Live purchase history in the previous email.  Here is another picture from my Xbox order history.  As you can see, the purchase was completed.


All that should be needed is that I have purchased it through the Xbox marketplace and that the purchase was completed.  It is an unreasonable thing to ask for my credit card information.

Already sent E-mail to support.  Just making this topic as well so I have 2 avenues open.

Xbox ID: Righteous Flame
Platform: Xbox One
Issue: Bought MercurySteam points on 9/25 (picture sent with E-mail) and they still have not shown up in my account.
Request: Refund money or add the 1200 points to my account.

Suggestions / Re: ideas to improve spacelords
 on: May 05, 2020, 07:58:43 PM 
Just think about it 2 min . Mercury steam havent anwsered to anyone in the last 3 weeks , they are just not on the forum anymore. Be patient and wait for them to  comeback that all . Spamming and translating your post in different language will not change anything . It is a complicate  time because of the COVID-19 be comprehensive with them.

or possibly, given that the Xbox servers are largely non-functional, they've finally thrown in the towel.

I know I have.

Well, after playing antag for the first time since the Epic Forge update, it has gotten worse.  Before the update, you could, at least, do some damage as antags.  Now, with the effective removal of grapple, you can't even do that.

The only thing playing antag is good for now is lowering your MMR.

They probably should balance it out with objective scoring as well but that would be complicated to balance (how many points should you get for throwing a switch?) and it really makes little difference on who gets top player.

As for getting sent the message, that wouldn't bother me as I play this on Xbox so I'd just report the message.  As reporting the message institutes an auto-ignore, you wouldn't have to play with that person more than once.  I understand Steam has a similar system but I have not used that much so I can't say how it works.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Let's have a chat about Antagonist.
 on: December 22, 2019, 06:13:00 PM 
Honestly, I kinda don't mind the current setup. 

I kinda have mixed feelings about it when I win as Antagonist.  With the way it is currently, I go into it expecting to lose.  Sure, I try to win but it's not going to happen except against the most disorganized groups.  (In some ways, the broken scoring system works to my advantage as the people who go out of their way to rack up grunt kills are usually the most vulnerable.) This way, I can have fun without worrying that I'm going to ruin someone else's game.

There is one more advantage.  Playing antagonist is a guaranteed way to lower your MMR.  Given how off-balance it currently is, you're going to lose often while playing antagonist.  As such, playing Antagonist keeps my MMR low which keeps my raider games at a comfortable level of difficulty.  This is kinda important as the raider games are where I get the majority of my monthly score.  My MMR pretty much fluctuates between 26 and 31% with the wins coming from Raider and the losses coming from Antag.  (Sometimes I win on antag but those rare wins are balanced out by the rare losses on raider.)

Overall, yes, it'd be nice to have a chance at more antag wins but the way it is now has enough advantages that I don't really mind.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Where are the experienced players?
 on: July 17, 2019, 03:01:19 AM 
Dragon Age Inquisition also.

I know this is off-topic but Inquisition did not flop.  In fact, according to third-party sources (IE, not EA), after including digital sales, Inquisition is supposed to be the best-selling title that Bioware has ever produced.

I know everybody hates EA but credit where credit is due.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Where are the experienced players?
 on: July 16, 2019, 04:12:10 PM 

I pop in every so often.  I'll probably do a match this week.

However, if I wasn't motivated to grind before (Been here since the start and I'm only level 73),  why would I be motivated to grind now?

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: Could not join mission
 on: July 11, 2019, 06:16:45 AM 
I can't get in at all so I presume the game is doing the usual "Major patch breaks game" dance.

Edit:  Okay, Xbox services were at fault.  I'll let it slide....this time.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Sudden Death Mode
 on: June 01, 2019, 03:16:07 PM 
So, I wanted to give it a whirl before I comment.  Having done that, I'm going to say that my first impression was correct on the limited spawns.

Disclaimer before I continue:  I play both Raider and Antag with a leaning towards Raider.  When it comes to choosing a character, I roll a dice.  I play roughly 4-6 matches per month normally and I've been here since the beginning.

My initial impression was that this would unfairly tilt the game towards the antag to the point that it will make my antag games a squash.  Yes, the situation of eternal stalemate has happened to me......exactly once.  I was antag and, for a little over two hours, neither side could actually move forward.  I eventually quit.   While it sucked, it is a rare enough occurrence that I do not feel it is an issue that actually needs addressing especially with a change as unbalanced as this one.

I realize that, much like offline mode (For the record, since I've seen false information on this, offline mode still doesn't work.  Disabled my internet on the XBone and it still doesn't log in.), this change is here to stay but I would request that the team reconsider this change.  All it does is unfairly penalize the raiders in favor of the antags.  I don't want my raider matches to become an exercise in futility and I don't want my antag matches to become squashes.

Thank you.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Antagging is currently dead
 on: February 04, 2019, 02:07:39 PM 
I like where you're going. But, no bp's in pve? The biggest problem with antags is that juggernauts come in and ruin win streaks for rares.

If all you're playing is PVE, you really don't need BPs to win.  Further, as Karen and other MSEs have said, they really want people to do the 4 vs 1.  As such, BPs would be one of the ways to get people to play PVP.

The Juggernaut thing is one of the reasons why I propose dumping the win streak in favor of score.  Even without that, I can imagine how irritating it is to only queue for one scenario and just sit and wait for a new match instead of queuing for all of them. 

I myself queue for the gold for the first minute and then for all of them afterwards and I only wait a couple minutes.  (Basically.  My queue behavior is a little more complicated but those are the basics.)  I imagine, if I were queuing for a single scenario, I'd have the half-hour wait times that others complain about.

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