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Suggestions / Re: Suggestion to reduce underperforming beginners
 on: January 31, 2019, 11:16:17 AM 
i think, rather than this, they just add a proper tutorial to game, would be easy enough to add any map and explain this in detail. a Questionaire would just lead to more of them quitting the game, as some people who failed it multiple times would just nah this games crap and stop playing.

Best way really i see, is the easy difficulty of solo play, is unlocked from the start and this is the only thing you can do. Complete the map 3 times and you've unlocked it for multiplayer. Very little changes needed to be made for this to happen in game, no extra content being added.

Ship's Log / Re: Patch Notes 13.0
 on: January 31, 2019, 11:06:31 AM 
Coming from the discord general chat.
Issues raised but not noted.

Rain of Fire took a significant ninja nerf, why is that not listed?
Shy has been nerfed 6 times in a row now, but Tolchok still remains broken?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: So you decreased the difficulty?
 on: January 30, 2019, 07:24:14 PM 
I'm actually cool with more but weaker ads. But you're saying they're stronger?

havent actually noticed any decrease in the damage they take, what i've noticed is they deal way more damage than they used to.

For example, before on that map with all the energy barriers and turrets (forgot name sorry). you used to be able to use alicia and jump/fly over barriers, fight a few guys, get to lever and after a short cover heal pull leaver.

Now, you jump/fly over barrier, your knocked down in like 3 seconds just over other side of barrier, 1 second later before you even get to cover your dead. Thats a severe increase.

Gameplay Feedback / So you decreased the difficulty?
 on: January 30, 2019, 06:45:51 PM 
from reading the patch notes, you said you have basically increased the spawn rate but decreased the difficulty.

at 50% MMR i can see more adds, so thats working, but now im dying in 2 bullets and when i am down i dont even get chance to punch someone before im dead, this is way higher damage than it was previously. can you take a look into it please?

like this is unreal, 2 mins into playing the patch i went from being almost never dead before the patch, to im dying as much as level 1 would at the same mmr, surely this is not working as intended?

is anyone else on here finding same results?

Suggestions / Re: Faction points grind needs adjustment
 on: January 29, 2019, 12:20:23 PM 
I'm with litch on this one(except the "fluff" term). They've gotta make space for preventative maintenance if they expect to make it to this destination in one piece.

I'll use thier roadmap metaphor. Say you're on on a road trip and you have to hit a few different cities. You're heading from say, Chicago to Cincinnati to Detroit, ect. If you get a flat between Chicago and Cincinnati you dont say, 'we can't stop to change the tire, we have places to be'. By the time you get to Chicago you might have a bent rim or worse. You're going to have to put in considerably more effort to get to your destination than if you had just stopped and changed the tire in the first place. Or, you might just get stranded somewhere in between.

I could be wrong maybe they have made room for maintenance and it's just not the kind of work I notice or want. But it's most certainly not a healthy expectation to want to finish something new before addressnging existing problems. Especially when it's going to cost you most of the players who are going to flood in when the new chars drop and they are met with an prohibitively imbalaced system.

hit the nail on the head right there dude.

from reading around other posts, someone said that they have so many people for design and so many people for technical ect, so they cant just swap people over to sort it.

But how is this true? if anyone has ever worked in anything, you would know, if the company needs people to do something else, even if it requires a small amount of training, then the company does that. why cant it be done here?

I mean all most people have to do, is learn how to replicate what is posted on the forums, considering thats pretty easy to do since alot of the forum posts are detailed and relay it to that team.

i think this is the flaw here, when you got a small team originally, then the technical team is even smaller, but they both have to learn how to replicate, fix and program it into the code, that very small section is now even smaller. if just the entire team was working on fixes, it wouldnt take more than a couple of weeks to fix all the problems on these forums, thus the player base would start to increase again.

i mean playerbase wise, its getting worse and worse, i'd say litterally 80% of my games this week, have had a level 1 or under level 10 quit and never return to the game. something needs to be done about this sooner rather than later. the longer you leave it, the worse its going to get.

I mean just look at the steam reviews, Mostly Negative. How do you expect to attract players, when the recent reviews are mostly negative.

if i hadnt been playing this game and i saw that, i'd avoid it.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: Permanent Account Ban
 on: January 28, 2019, 04:57:36 PM 
Hello Guys,

My little brother got my permission to play Spacelords and, as an impatient youngster, made the mistake of giving in to the temptation of the dark-side and using a cheating software.
He also played the game for a good amount of time and spent his birthday money on it. I realize that does not excuse his behavior. But, he realizes how wrong he was, now.
Is it possible that the permanent ban on his account, which n reality is mine, be lifted?
I would truly appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Nice try, havent heard that one before.

Bug report & Technical Support / Upside down
 on: January 26, 2019, 09:53:20 PM 
i know the bug has been reported but i think i know whats causing it if you dont, its when his head gets picked up an dropped. that causes the infinite loop, it has been suggested that host can restart their game to fix it for the mean time.

Im going to name and shame here and this antag as he knew how to bug it and kept doing it over and over. played against him 3 times now on this map and all 3 times its bugged atleast once. but yea he just picked up the head and dropped it immidately. can you look into this player please? its not fun when someone is clearly exloiting a bug for wins.

screenshot, was guna record him doing it, but game crashed on a host reset trying to unbug it.

Suggestions / Re: Can we have an Opt-Out of Mentor games?
 on: January 22, 2019, 04:26:21 PM 
i think it would be asking a lot to get anything like what this thread is suggesting placed into the game

in fact, nothing anyone has suggested has ever for any reason made it into the game, it blows my mind that you all think the developers and producers of the game would totally switch up their time schedule to prioritize a new feature that a couple guys came up with on the forums

it just doesn't work like that, sorry dudes, no lead for any department is going to take the suggestions from a handful of fans and then risk their career on it

now take these crappy weapon reworks, useless radar and broken guild system and spend more money
hi you must be new here

Nah, just a secondary account to respond to a rage post on another post, as the other guy made another account, you would think people would just use their main accounts if they want to heard.

Suggestions / Re: Can we have an Opt-Out of Mentor games?
 on: January 22, 2019, 06:29:12 AM 
For the longest time I was against the opt out antag/mentor movement, but after having a lot more experience I say give us the choice. It is so infuriating to get dealt an unvinnable match when you have a rare on the line. When you have to go for a 3round streak and you haven't seen a rare on your board for days and now you have to carry a lv 20 and 2 cortezes. Unacceptable.

Exactly my point, im not against having antags in games, only problem with antags for me, is some maps favour raiders heavily, other maps favour antags, cant do this if pvp is involved. it has to be fair in my eyes

Suggestions / Re: Can we have an Opt-Out of Mentor games?
 on: January 21, 2019, 03:35:36 PM 
This is a frustrating this to have to deal with I know. Lately all I've been getting are players of a very very low levels, and in your situation (for now) just try to raise your MMR to a higher threshold where the more experienced players lye. That's just one recommendation.

If you feel like you shouldn't have to ,then continue making your voice heard, its not falling on deaf ears. In the mean time keep using the team commands as needed even if you get no immediate response  from them (or none at all).
You can't help everyone but by helping one Raider in need when they cross your path will help set an unspoken example. 

I'm not asking you to spread your self too thin or stress yourself out looking over your shoulder to babysit, there going to die. But no one ever got good at something by never failing.

Just be patient and you'll get the in-game rewards your looking for and at the same time you'll make new friends.

im level 54, 55% MMR. the higher my MMR goes, the worse the mentor matches get. New players are having fun with the game for the most part, they dont care for what team mates are pinging heck they dont even understand the ping system. So far i havent made a single friend. you know why? coz i cant talk to anyone, hard to make friends when everyones a mute. tried spaceguilds but nope not even successful there. i joined the community discord, posted several times over several days and not one single person has wanted to group up, i kept an eye on it, seems to be same people over and over grouping with the same people. what even is the point.

Another point, how do you not get stressed? 3 mins into most games either they've left or its you on your onesome wiht a 120 sec survival, only to surpass that into a 6-7 mins mark of another 120 sec survival, the problem with these games is although they can be beat, it takes the upmost patience for absolutely no rewards, 20% for a team that have 0 idea how to play, is no where near good enough, i just want the option to get out of it. its bad enough that when the rewards changed to 12 hour resets i lost half of the rewards there was before that, now its an actual chore to grind gold and thats without the mentor games. with them, i get 1-2 mentor games in and i'm done for the day, at this rate maybe the week.

its getting to me too much these days, i've started playing less and less already, the desertions are just becoming too much.

Suggestions / Can we have an Opt-Out of Mentor games?
 on: January 19, 2019, 02:40:57 PM 
Litterally as the title says, no player should be forced to carry people.
all of these games are horrible to play in most of the time, i just cant stand it. oh you got a rare bp on this map? heres 3 lower than level 10s, good luck getting 3 wins now...

so can we have an opt out option within the settings, i'll honestly wait an extra 30 mins for agame to not have to carry people.

I am curious as tho wether the player population is relatively low or not. There's no real dataon that. It certainly feels low when the q times are long, but I dunno.

I aggree, I'd rather have quick relative low reward matches than long punishing matches which will still yield low rewards. I do see a lot of low lv's dissert early on due to difficulty or imbalanced matches. I often wonder if the lv 1 harec that disconnects within the 1st few minutes will ever pick up the game again. I see it so often it's hard not to assume the game is bleeding players.

As to your alternative it's hard to tell if it would work without seeing it in action but I'd forsee it still having trouble in a low population environment. I dunno though.

Check steam charts dude, yes this is only PC. But by theory alone, if one playerbase on one platform is low, then the other platforms must be similar? the issues raised on these forums within the game are not one platform problems, they are all platform problems. Thus i think the theory of low player base is correct.

To the other thing you mentioned, it might still have its issues, dont get me wrong i aint saying it wont, what im saying is, this way will retain newer players, as the current system, as you say its bleeding new players. i've suggested the game to many of my frends, to be exact i'd say atleast 20 of them have tried it with me, you wanna know how many of them still play it? 2 (one of them is me)

Suggestions / Re: Faction points grind needs adjustment
 on: January 17, 2019, 10:46:29 PM 
Hi again guys,

The plan to improve the shuffle system remains in place but, as you know, we are focused on the Spacelords' roadmap and the new characters, like Aneska and Sööma. There are a lot of stuff we want to implement eventually but remember we are a small studio and, as you commented before, big changes take time to apply since we need to test them.

I did think it was a small studio, makes sense in the amount of time between updates. i have one thought though. If a game has many broken elements that is leading to old players quitting due to tedious mechanics and new players quitting due to similar reasons. Then surely based upon a free to play game design, you would want to increase the playerbase first and foremost over adding new content to the game.

Thus making more money for the company, with then said resources to put out better new content.

i mean the way your going about it, betime the 3rd character comes out, you might be the only people playing it. Ideally in my eyes fixing the problem before it gets worse is far better than adding fluff to a broken game?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Aequilibrium
 on: January 17, 2019, 10:32:28 PM 

This not an incentive though with the current antagonist system, You have dedicate time to many many losses to increase it to the value where it would be useable, only then to log in the next day and have to repeat the process. This is tedious by any standard, for example, i have completely dismissed the usefulness of said stat, using the spaceguild only to find players to play with on my current platform.

It wouldnt be the worst thing in the world if it is only time based on moving towards raiders, but you would need to increase the amount of people allowed within a guild, considering only a fraction of the guild it self is willing to comit time to losing, out of a guild of 20, only 2-3 players would do this. You would need a guild roster for 100 players to even make this remotely reasonable

So currently your MMR system is a solid system no doubt, after reading how it works i can say that its not the system it self that is the problem, the problem with such a solid system is that it requires a decent playerbase to be able to match players correctly, the game does not have that currently.

My idea is to remove the MMR system entire for the moment, until the playerbase reaches an average per day that can sustain such a heavy system,

Now let me explain what you could replace it with for the time being,
Ideally imo a difficulty selector at the side of the adventure screen would be a better choice, you could level lock the difficulties. so for example
10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 100%.

then only new players will able to pick the difficulties that would suit their level, also to add to this, make it so if you select a high enough difficulty but it cannot find players of said difficulty, the game would ask you if you mind lowering your difficulty. i mean overall, i'd rather faster games than unfair games.

the thing with this style of suggestion is no-one would ever play at a difficulty above their player level, New players would be still able to play at a completely acceptable level to their skill level. If i high level player was with them, yes it would be a breeze for said player, but thats far far superior to having 2 players quit right off the start, then the other just dying every 10 seconds, while you try to solo a mission intended for 4 players,

the worst part of these matches though, is the MMR usually drops like 10% from the high level players MMR, yet its still too difficult for the lower levels, thus usually ending up in a loss, This is big kick in the balls fora high MMR player, why? because the difficulty is much lower than their current MMR, when you lose, you lose like 5-7% MMR.

This takes about 5-10 games to re-increase to the same level and is too punishing for the person that tried their upmost hardest to complete the mission.

The only major downside i see to system, is that if your the hardcore mentality sort of player, where any challenge is an acceptable challenge, you are now level locked to what you can do. Though that said this sort of player, like myself would find ways to speed up said missions, find ways to make them go flawlessly, this is enough to keep that sort of player interested till they hit the next difficulty tier so to speak.

Anyways its just a suggestion, i hope it brings new ideas to the table for your development team. Thanks for reading :)

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