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Gameplay Feedback / Re: White Noise Needs Work
 on: January 17, 2019, 08:08:26 AM 
Thanks for the explanation of the aoe. i honestly thought it was map wide, i have only ever seen a blue floor thing once, right before it goes off. now that i know its a cone i'll be more careful

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Low Level vs. High Level rewards
 on: January 15, 2019, 11:55:30 AM 
To the posts above stating buying gold.

This isnt how free to play games work, successful ones atleast, usually people buy skins, that right there is the biggest premium currency money maker for the company.

The second on that list is usually boosts, though they are usually timed boosts not per game boosts, something you might want to look at MSE. 12 hours + 1 days boost would go along way over the current system. just make them buy only or a super rare reward. its always been pay to go faster with free to play games.

Currently as i see it, buying gold with premium currency is completely unworthwhile, for £20 you get roughly 175k coins, that isnt enough to buy a character for the most part, so your looking at maybe £25 for a single character? i've bought characters legendary skins for less in other games and those are not considered cheap by any standard, heck some of the rarest skins in those games, have cost less than a single character in this game premium currency wise.

i get you guys want to make some money, but the way your going about it, isnt that great. Considering this is the 3rd "relaunch" of the game, might want to make it a little less expensive for the consumer?

playerbase is averaging 100 per day atm, the way i see it, without massive changes to the system its going to die at some point. i can see the amount of polish put into this game, it far out does many many other free to play games, though they are doing much much better, both playerbase and economy wise.

That said, im having some of the most fun in this game in a long time, especially the boss fights and would hate to see this die, i just feel with a little more thought into the games premium currency you could see it rise much further than its current standing.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: If "Grapple" dont mean: instant death!
 on: January 15, 2019, 11:37:02 AM 
Hey there, i know you currently have no plans to change it, But maybe if you did, i have a suggestion for you, instead of the grapple oneshotting without anything to be done about it, maybe the grapple could be a 3 hit thing, so you lock onto someone now you deal 3 attacks that would kill the target. But on the first attack you could punch out of it, the second attack you can not, but a team member could punch you out of it, the 3rd you get the iframes and kill someone. This way it would be as far as punching someone on time to kill, thus the rock paper scissors melee style would be completely fair, like rock paper scissors should be.

Gameplay Feedback / White Noise Needs Work
 on: January 15, 2019, 11:23:07 AM 
After playing this map multiple times its probably the most frustrating map i have ever played on,

Im Currently level 40 ish, so this isnt a brand new player post that needs to learn to play.

My first and biggest problem with this map is the knockback/float thing in phase 2, it takes you off the platform 100% of the time, no matter how far away from the edge you are, The only way i have found to dodge this mechanic so far is by engaging a successful grapple at the exact time it goes off, for the iframes.
I have tried out ranging it, does not work.
i have tried hiding in cover this also does not work,
i have tried both together, does not work.
The thing with it is it doesnt always hit you too, even if your super close, its a frustrating mechanic to deal with, i would say this mechanic right here has lost me 70% of games on this map.

To my second problem with the balance of this map,
The mines that the little bugs drop, there is no timer on them before they explode?
this is silly, they litterally drop them on top of you at times, if you was about to engage an elite, now are you dead with absolutely no way of dealing with it, i've seen players rage quit many times because of this, which although you added a bot to help out, just means you've probably lost due to the bot dying over and over making you run out of lives, only then to float off the platform to a mission fail.

My 3rd and final problem with this map, is the mines scale with MMR, so with some characters (alicia for example) your litterally unloading half your ammo to kill one mine, when the map is flooded with them.

Suggestions to change some of this for the better.

The float mechanic needs fixing or if you want it to remain as is, if you get picked up close to middle then you shouldnt be taking right off the edge, could drop you close to the edge or something like that.

To the mine layers, just give them a 1 second delay before they explode right after being planted, the ones already down can insta explode, so it cant be exploited just by triggering them and rolling out of the damage, this would be fair in my eyes. Atleast this way if you have fast reactions and situational awareness, you wont get BS oneshot into a grapple that you cannot do a thing about.

My final suggestion to fixing the mines that scale with MMR. would be to change them so they only take a number of hits to kill, maybe 3 hits? thats fair considering lots of characters have low ammo number due to explosive type weapons. This at any MMR then would be useful, I mean the amount of mines that gets layed if you cant kill them, its pretty much a loss.

Anyways thanks for reading if you got this far, please address some of these issues.

Litterally me and all my friends agree this is the worst map in the game, we avoid like the plague, even if it has rare blueprints on

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