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How do stats effect ginebras push guns? Is it just impact or does it extend to bounce dmg?

It affects damage dealt when pushing to a wall aswell.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Doldren build
 on: June 21, 2019, 04:00:17 PM 
If you don't shoot for 4 seconds, your next punch will do extra damage, so punching will reset the counter and you'll need to wait 4 seconds again.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Doldren build
 on: June 17, 2019, 09:45:51 AM 
sorry i'm gonna use the thread about doldren to ask my own question too --

i don't understand all the subtility of dolren power.
more precisely, i don't understand when i can, or not, reincarnate.

and it really bugs me, 'cause sometime i turn around a target mashing the button and flaming cause i'm losting the good moment and reincarnate absolutly not where i wanted (or someone find my body while i was trying to réincarnate...) --'
and sometimes, there is no problem... and i don't understand why.

is it as random as so much other things in the game or is it some kind of rules ?  :-\


To reincarnate, the power meter must be full, and it fills when your spirit is close to enemies (the closer the faster it will fill up).

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Game mechanic question
 on: June 07, 2019, 01:47:54 PM 
Hello and welcome to Spacelords!

That bar is the stress meter. When the bar is full, you can be seen through the walls by enemy AI or the antagonist (the same way you see them). The bar completely fills up if it reaches the human figure. Bear in mind that characters of different factions have a different sensibility to stress (Locals are the less stressed and Umbra Wardogs are always stressed).

The human figure also hides a mechanic. If it is white but has a yellow outline, it means you are too close to the last place where you could be seen through walls, so enemy AI or antagonist will probably go there.

Hello Alex2199!

I have seen the English text of that card is totally misleading. I have reported it.

This card gives you a chance of getting out of wounded state (when you are downed) with a melee kill, so it only works killing with the special wounded punch animation.

Thank you

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Loaht's forever beast form has to go
 on: May 28, 2019, 10:45:36 AM 
Hi guys!

Just a brief comment about the state of Loath's beast form bug.

I think we've found the fix for it, but it requires a lot of testing as it has a close interaction with network stuff. For this reason, it's not coming out with next update (Team up or die), but it will released as soon as possible.

Just wanted you to know we haven't forgotten this issue and we appreciate your patience.

Thank you!

Hello again!

About Aneska's mech airstrike, there is a fix coming in the next patch.

About Kuzmann's ability being invisible, we have found a fix related to entering a cinematic while the ability is deployed, but it won't reach next patch in time. It will be released as soon as possible.

Thank you for the report

Hello again!

Indeed, there is a hard max speed limit which caps the max damage multiplier applied to USU projectiles. This limit can be overpassed using the cards you mention. In some local tests, I could overpass it using TurboJet with 5 charges, and Linear Movement with and without 5 charges.

Design team has approved increasing this limit so it won't be reached with normal cards usage, but this won't happen in next patch (Team up or die).

Just for your info, after this change, Linear Movement will be more efficient than TurboJet in regarding USU damage.

Thank you for the report!

I'll try to take a look into this when I have some time.

Edit: for further testing my hypothesis, I would need a Rak with frenzied tracker, hoping that it works on flight as well.

About this, Rak speed buff won't take affect on flight.

Hello guys!

Kuzmann's ability becomes invisible (only for him) if he uses his ability twice. The ability still does dammage but cannot be seen by kuzmann himself. Despite the fact that oher players seems to be able to see it. I am on ps4 and this bug happens everytime i use his ability twice. This bug can happen on any map, in a group or alone in practice. This bug arrived with the spaceshop update.

Here's my youtube video to prove it:

Thank you. Will take a look into this

This also happened to me but with Aneseka's Solocista (Rare Weapon)

Did it happen using the Mech airstrike?

Xbox One S
"El enemigo interior"
Antag Lv6
Escuadrón de Raiders completo
Host de la partida

El arma no aumenta la reserva de balas críticas con cada impacto, al principio solo lo hacía al matar enemigos (Solo infantería, no drones, no antag: una muerte, una bala crítica), pero en la segunda fase (contra Uras Beherit), ni los impactos (ganglios del Beherit, bestias, antag) ni las muertes aumentaban las reservas de balas críticas.

Creí que la mecánica del arma cambió pero en la descripción del juego sigue igual, no sé qué sucede.

Supongo que te refieres a la Ignis Fugit, la que almacena críticos haciendo disparos, que luego puedes gastar cuando quieras. Si es así, con la actualización de Spacelords Identity se hizo el siguiente cambio:
  - Ignis Fugit now only gets critical bullets with headshots.

Es decir, que ahora sólo se acumulan con tiros en la cabeza.

Also possibly related since both involve constant health loss, but sometimes HIVE's overheal gets bugged and will stop degenerating for a while. It doesn't take too long to take damage back to normal, but it does make it harder for her first 2 weapons to do any damage during that time.

About HIVE's overhealing (or overhealing, in general terms), it's usually confusing to many players (maybe we should clarify it somehow). Thing is, max health is what decreases over time, so you will only see your current health decrease if you are full. However, if you are hit, actual health is below your max health, which keeps decreasing, but it's not at your sight anymore. When max health reaches your current health, you will see it decrease again.

Hi guys!

Indeed, there is a bug with kills dealt by ability "companions" such as quantum projectiles, Aneska's mech, Schneider's Drone, ...

I have found a solution and will be deployed with a new patch.

Thank you for the report

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: HIVE's Adaptative Evolution card
 on: February 11, 2019, 01:47:26 PM 
The card(normal version) means that for every 100 damage you receive without dying you gain an extra 15% to your overmaxed health when you activate HIVE's ability.

Not that it heals you after receiving 100 damage. It just buffs her ability to overmax health so she gets more when she uses it.

Correct me if I'm wrong. I never used the card since I usually am waiting for my overmaxed health to go away so I can do more damage. More overmaxed health would really cut into your DPS but would make you very tanky.

Just use Explorers, it is the best one.

It should work as you have described.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: HIVE's Adaptative Evolution card
 on: February 08, 2019, 09:51:34 AM 
Just to be sure, the card benefit activates when you manually activate your ability to heal yourself. Maybe the text is not clear about this?

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