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thanks for the respons and sry for the late reply ^^

I just recently saw the current Roadmap and that the last Milestone is an Addition to th Antagonist Mode, at least as I understood. I guess I just wait for that and see :)

But, in the last few days I had a lot of games with antagonist and all of them endet, because he/she had no chance at keep us from fullfilling the objectiv. We killed the elites fast and as a Sniper I always got him while he had no chance to get to me. Thats why my impression s, that the maps are not really balanced, if the Raiders get a good lineup, it doesn t matter wich hero the antagonist got. Maybe there are some high skilled Players wich can really do something with the right raider, but in the end it seems that luck is the best friend of the antagonist.
The games I lost against antagonist was mostly, because we had at least one bot and our Lineup was just bad luck.

And one more thing:

After my last recent Games I noticed that maybe the most frustration comes from the balancing algorithm. I had 3 rounds in a row, where my team was 1 Bot and 2 new players, and still the Enemys where that high scaled, that not even a whole mag from my weapon could kill one of the grunts and/or  we were overun by high scaled Elite Units. in every game I was the feature player, even I had not much of a chance, cause I tried to win the round more or less alone. Would be cool if u would take stronger in account what the Raiders Team lineup is.

I don't know if all of that fits here, sry if not I can split this up in multiple topics if needed.
In the End I really love the Flow this game can have as a coop objectivbased Game, and as most of the player I just want the Game to get better, and in my opinion many mechanics already became better.


Had a nice round as Antagonist right now and guess what: The Raiders were no complete idiots, so I had no chance.
Actually I m pretty sure they were a premade team, I mean, u nearly never see a whole team playing over Steam.

The Whole Idea of the Antagonist ist a joke if u play agains a team of 4 wich knows how to play. But I m forced to play this unbalanced antagonist whatever, I mean its no fun at all if u can t do anything because its not on you to have any chance. But I can t get anymore score for the mounthly Reward, so I have to at least loose myself trough a few round (except the ones where antagonist has a huge advantage or I have luck that ppl don t know how to play)

So tell me plz whats the Idea behind that ?

Antagonist shouldn t be a Raider, but some kind of overlord or so, indirectly controlling things. Because just sending 1 raider against 4, because NPCs are no challange at all for a Raiders Team wich knows what to do, is no fun at all.

If u do a asynchrone Multiplayer, u have to give the singel person a advantage over the 4, and no the NPCs are most of the time no help but just a Aleph provider for the raiders.

Just to save time:
 1. No I m not a complete noob and any post like "I win most of the time as antagonist" oder "you just have to get better" doesn t help and are not part of the topic.

2. Yeah, I had a related post, but not about the antagonist System itself, as antagonist.

3. Yes, I was pretty pis... when I was writing tzhis, so sry for what ever u read in this.

4. I m sure there are things u can exploid as antagonist and yes, I did this sometimes, but most of the time, NPCs, even the Boss of the map gives no speciall chance to go in and win. You attack one, they see u, you are dead, thats how it goes, especially on the small maps, whee u can see the whole map, all the time.

I was falling down a platform to my death, but while I was still falling the current objective was completet by my team mates.

This caused an inconsistant playerstate. I counted as dead but was alive, the animation got stuck and I could do anything anymore.

Gameplay Feedback / Story Mode
 on: October 14, 2020, 07:20:27 AM 
I m sure this topic came up before and will come up after me but:
Plz give us the possibilitie to play only coop in storymode, or what ever its called. Means, not possibilitie for an antagonist, maybe with less amount of rewards or what so ever motivation for ppl to play with the possibility of an antagonist.

The is a huge diffrents between having one agains u or not. mostly there are 2 scenarios. The Antagonist is pretty new or not that good and u nearly notice that he is therem, or the antagonist ist really good and chosses a hero with wich he has a huge advantage against the raides, but kill the fun anyway.

Better good NPC s and more, than an antagonist wich u not now what is coming.

Only Raiders = One of the best Coop Experiences
With Antagonist: Big upfck Experience.

I would rather grind a little more to get what I want than have ruined my Experience by anouther player.

Oh, and I m well awayre that the metagame is build around this balance of Raider and Antagonist, but at least in my group, we are mostly 100% oon Raider so I don t notice anything about the balancing profits in Exp.

I guess the anser will be, that this was discussed in the past and there is no way to chage it, but I just have to try after the last Round of .... what ever that was.

I really like the Story and the Cutscenes. Maybe it would be cool to have an Campain mode, so you could queue up to play with only raiders, but the full campain, maybe you can choose where to beginn, so you can play trough the story with one team.

yeah, nice idea with the mods. I would like if the mods don't improve a special propertie, but change it, like, one that makes the weapon fire shots with an AOE like the one from hans, and the other changes it to singeltarget, but expands the clip and frerate. So each weapon has its own character, and the mods could change the way the are used.

(Just added your idea to the top post and will copy it over to steam :) )

Just updated by one more point.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Founders pack price and skins
 on: October 14, 2017, 09:12:46 PM 
maybe they expand the free content with more campains, so maybe you get even more free Raiders with the realease of the other campains. That would be a possibilitie

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Too much time in menus and cut scenes
 on: October 14, 2017, 09:11:32 PM 
yes, if would be cool if there would be a Story mode, so you can chosse to play the story mode, with cutscenes and everything, and after you played the mission you can queue as just gameplay mode or so. Also in Story mode no antagonist can come in, so you can just experience the story, aber later when you play to only earn rewards, it is without the cutscenes and so on.
Cool idea but, this thing with no antogonist in story mode is not gona work. Antogonis have cutscenes too. And they different for im. Hell there is a storybites that you can understand only if you play as antogonist

Ah, I really forgott that ^^, hm, then maybe you can also as Antagonist choose if you wanna play story mode or not, so you only get in games with story mode or not. And in Story mode the game does not end, if the antagonist leaves, so you can always play trough in the story mode if you don't loose.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Too much time in menus and cut scenes
 on: October 14, 2017, 07:10:57 PM 
yes, if would be cool if there would be a Story mode, so you can chosse to play the story mode, with cutscenes and everything, and after you played the mission you can queue as just gameplay mode or so. Also in Story mode no antagonist can come in, so you can just experience the story, aber later when you play to only earn rewards, it is without the cutscenes and so on.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Devs and reward system
 on: October 14, 2017, 07:06:46 PM 
Ah cool ^^, so we meet again, I hope more ppl add ideas to our post from steam :)

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Devs and reward system
 on: October 14, 2017, 01:33:42 PM 

I started a few Threats in the steam forum about the most discussed topics. The 1st was about Antagonist and PvP in general , the 2nd was about the Reward System and Crafting. I just copyed all coullected ideas to a threat here, maybe you wanna pass by to add ideas or like already posted ideas :).
1. Let me hear your ideas about the Antagonist System and PvP in general
2. Let me hear yout ideas about the Reward System and Crafting


This is the second threat about the most discussed topics. For Rules look at "Let me hear your ideas about the Antagonist System (PvP in general)"

1. Constant loot + bonus choice [from Asriel Dreemurr]

Raiders get constant loot at the end (Faction-/Characterpoints and Gold) and in the end you can choose from what you want a bonus, or you can choose the blueprint if you found one, without luck, all can chosse it and get it.

(Macsi: The constan loot is much higher if you win the match and you get a high score in the end, than if you loose. The bonus loot wich you can choose in the end depends on the personal perfomance.
This would reward you for trying hard, even if you notice that your team isn't that good, so you maybe don't win, or at least wount get a really high score in the end, cause your team dies often and isn't that fast. Especially if you play as an veteran with new players it would motivate you to keep them alive and help them, istead of cursing the day they started playing the game, cause they cost you your loot. (yeah a little over the top formulated ^^) also it would be nice to get reward based on personal performance and not only on teambase.)


2. Addition to 1. about the Blueprint [from Macsi]

The blueprint could be a personal luck, so the induvidual players have a chance to get it, depending on team and personal performance, so: If Team and personal performance is super the propabilityto get one is the highest. If both performance are poor it is the lowest. If one is high and one low the propability is somwhere in between.

The Idea is that even new player hae a chance cause the veteran players rise the teamperformance, so the have a chance to get one.
The veteran Players are motivated to play well, even if the team is not that good, cause they raise there own chance to get a blueprint.
And players are motivated to build premade teams, cause they have the highsest chance if they play as a good team.
(And the Reward in general in the end is the highes with a good team)

3. Weapons as Character Progression [from Macsi]

Weapons are Character Specific, so why not let them be unlockable by Gold and Characterpoints instead of Antagonist Rank.

Every Character has one better weapon and one "Legendary". so why not make the first one unlockable with Charakterpoints and Gold and the 2nd with Fraction-, charakterpoints and Gold, so Gold would no be the most used one anymore and ppl would have more reason to choose this points at the end of a mission.

4.Weapon Mods [from Teehee]

It would be could to unlock weapons mods for Faction-/Character points as short term goals and to have more reason to collect this points instead of gold.
The Mods could just have small improvments of accuracy or so.

(Addition Maxi: I would like to see mods that change the way the weapons can be used. Like one mod makes it AOEbut small clip and firerate and the other makes it mode singeltarget or smaller AOE but bigger clip and Firerate or so)

You know the Idea, add your thoughts and ideas in the comments below :)

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Helping Allies
 on: October 14, 2017, 01:18:14 PM 
The Legendary Weapon from Hans can create DMG fields, with wich you can keep Enemies from getting a downed ally with Melee attacks.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Founders pack price and skins
 on: October 14, 2017, 01:16:37 PM 
It cost 40 Euro at my place, I think its ok because you get all the Campains, wich cost 40 Euro if you buy them alone and you get the additional Raiders, so the Founderspack is a long term investment where you save time to or money to unlock Raiders. So they give you diffrent ways to get the content. I bought the first campain for 10, and I may get the founderspack when the 2nd campain comes out, I first wanna see that the feedback is taken into the game.


I thought about making one Threat for each of the Systems wich are discussed the most in the community. I know that there are already a lot of Threats with lists of changes but the Idea is not to just say, "I don't like it" or "Do this devs" but to come up with your ideas and specify what you want to be diffrent. I will try to periodicly summon up the Ideas in this first post, together with the name of the person wich came up with the Idea, so you can check if I understood the Idea right.
By adding the Idea behind changes, other ppl may come up with additional ideas, we did not think about before.
And maybe even the devs add things we as the community can't know about there intentions behind the
diffrent systems.

All ideas do not take in account that they may need a lot of time to implement and what the devs already have
still on there plan, what we don't know yet.

If ppl like the idea I will also copy the threats to the official Forum.
This first Threat is about the Antagonist System. What do you like and what are your ideas
about Improvments.

1. Making the Antagonist a real alternativ to the Raider gameplay [from Macsi]

I watched the Dev Diarys yesterday, and one idea was, that not all Players like to play in a
Team, and want to play there style without depending on others. So one idea would be to make the Antagonist a full Part and not only a must have to craft weapons for your Raiders. Let the Antagonist have the same choice as the Raiders at the end of the round. The better he was, the better the Reward. And he also can choose between multible rewards.
(The Reward System will get its own Threat of this kind ;) ).

The Reward is an addition to the Stigmata, so the idea of an Antagonist League stays and at the end the Players get special Rewards, depending on the Rank they reached. This Reward could also be Points or Gold, or something exclusively for the Antagonist

The big idea is to make the Antagonist a real alternativ to the Raiders, so if someone only likes playing the Antagonist, he can do it all the Time, cause he also gets Charakterpoints, Gold and Factionpoints by doing so, so he is not forced to play raiders to improve his Raiders to get better as Antagonist. And no Raider is forced to play Antagonist to improve his Raider. And others like my self could play both, cause both help me progress in the Game.

2. Diffrences are Fun [from Macsi]

One Idea to differ the progression of the Antagonist from them of the Raider could be a own stack of cards.
Instead of Facitionpoints you get Antagonistpoints or so, to buy Antagonist cards. They have Affects like maybe:

 - NPCs around you have more Resistance
 - By Interacting with an NPC you can make him escort you
 - If you attack an enemy, all NPCs arund you chose the same target.
 - interact with an NPC to get Ammo
 - kill an NPC to get out of injury state
 - let certain NPCs (maybe the engineers?) "heal" the antagonist [from Necr0sys]
 - let antagonist command NPCs that have 1 or more aleph into kamikaze attacks (NPC
   explodes) [from Necr0sys]
 - Use Aleph to [from Asriel Dreemurr]
        - summon an Elite Unit/Beasts from last Mission of first Campain
        - buff nearby NPCs

All abilitys get boosted by Aleph.

The real advantage of the Antagonist are the NPCs, but atm he has no influence at all to adapt the behaviour of them
to the strategie of the Raiders. Thats maybe hard to balance, but it is just an idea after all.

3. Antagonist always gets some [from Asriel Dreemurr]

Till 20 Stigma, the Antagonist always gets some Stigma, even if he/she lost, just less in that case.
With 20 or more the current System takes aktion.

This would make playing the Antagonist less frustrating, cause you could get the Rank to craft weapons faster. But slower if you are not that good in PvP.

Also it would motivate new Players to try the Antagonist part.

( Macsi: Also it would motivate the Antagonist to stay in the game till the End. Even more if the Stigmata he gets would depend on his direct performance, so even if he/she notices, that there is no winning, he could kill and slow them down, to raise the reward in the end. So its a nice idea :). Also it would be much easier to implement, and because of that a good way to improve the system quickly, till they find a better solution maybe)
4. Use of Aleph for Map actions [from Asriel Dreemurr]

Like the Charging of the Monoliths, where the Raiders have to decide if they use Aleph to charge the Monolith or keep them to be more powerfull, there could possibilities for the Antagonist to use Aleph charges for diffrent Actions depending on the map.

( Macsi: Maybe summon a Ship with additional troops or open a door trough wich a Sniper or a Elite Unit enters the battlefield)
5. Raider change during map [from unknown provided by Asriel Dreemurr]

The Antagonist could change the Raider with each respawn. This would give him more possibilities to adapt to the diffrent objectives during one match.

( Macsi: I guess this would lower the importance to choose in the beginning a Raider to counter the ones of the Raiders, but the Idea could make him more dangerous, because each map has at least 2 diffrent Objectives and while the Raidrs can choose 4 Raiders to have good ones in each, the Antagonist is stuck with one, so he/she maybe chooses one wich counters them well in the forst part, but if he/she can't stop them there, the chance is muchlower in the next part of the match, cause there the chosen one could be much less usefull, so maybe the Antagonist could change the Raider between 2 Mission Objectives)
6. Pure PvP [from Nigerian Prince]

A PvP mode, Raiders against Raiders on randoms maps with random conditions on the maps without a Story Part.

7. Random Objectiv PvP without Story [from Macsi]

A PvP mode, Raiders against Antagonist. Random Objectives from the campain are chosen wich the Raiders have to fullfill and the Antagonist try to hinder them. The match is over when one Side won 3 Objectives (or hindert 3).
8. More aggresive NPCs [from Vinnc3nt]

NPC Soldierst seem to be much less effectiv when playing with an Atagonist in there Team. They should be much more aggressive and finish Raiders more often, than just ignoring them.
9.Respawn times [from Vinnc3nt]

The Respawn time is to high, if you got killed by the raiders while there shuttle is away the got to much time just by killing you once, while the shuttle comes much to fast again, espacially the first time. Also Evernt Timers, like the one at Kuzman, when he is threatening to kill Shea is much to high, the antagonist has nearly no chance to hinder them from deactivating the chamber.
10.Respawn points and Sound [from Vinnc3nt]

Some maps are so small, that it is impossible for the antagonist to spawn, without the Raiders noticing it. Like the Kuzmann map. so it would be cool if antagonist would have Spawnpoints the Raiders can't reach or see, this would also support the stealth Characters to sneak around.

(Macsi: One problem with places the Raiders can't see could be Harec. If he gets to a place not reachabele, he could use his ability endles, cause you could never finish him off. So there should be a timer, how long the antgonist has to get back to the normal battlefiled)

Sound: Even if the Raiders dont't see the antagonist spawn, they almost always hear him spawn, this also prevents a stealthy gameplay in small maps.
11.Prolog map as farmplace [from Vinnc3nt]

Manay antagonists farm the new players in the Prolog mission, because they have the best chances there to get stigma, and because of the crafting system, they are forced to win to get weapons. This causes the Problem, that many new player are scared of by veteran antagonists.

(Macsi: The Prolog Mission should only get an antagonist of higher Rank, if the players are veterans. new players should not get a high rank antagonist in the first mission. At the moment I don't play the game, because I had 2 days in a row only new players in my team, but a veteran antagonist and I hatet every second of the round. Often we still won the game, but it was just no fun at all, watching the new players just give the Aleph to him, and I was almost the only one even killing him. And you don't even have a chat to tell them, that the foremost should look out for the antagonist when he is alive. so PLZ do something about the balncing of Raiders and Antagonist. I now that the Playerbase is not that big atm, but still. better give new Players no antagonist than give them hell with an veteran.)

This are just the first raw ideas.
Let me hear what you think about them and what are your ideas.

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