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Spacelords Universe / Why do you deliberately ruin Catharsis?
 on: December 25, 2020, 11:58:56 PM 
In case anyone don't know, Cathasis is a weapon of Sooma.
It's a rare weapon, quite fun to use, but it has a fundamental flaw. You have to change shooting mode when you run out, then shoot at an enemy to reload, the shootings do no damage by the way.

My question is: What is the point of having a weapon which you have to shoot at an enemy to reload?

It's weak and very hard to use, I don't like it.

This one is slow and deals no damage. Unless it can explode near an enemy after 2 bounces.

Is it trash or I'm using it wrong?

Why do you separate score, reward, and exp so that we have to spend about 1 min after each game just to wait for each of those to show up?  First score, when a game ends, then rewards at the lobby,  and exp after the rewards.

Why don't you just combine these 3 into one table so that we can start a new game as quick as we can?

Thanks for listening.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Suggestions For Improvements and Feedback
 on: December 22, 2020, 04:19:05 PM 
Completely agree with what you said.
Those improvements will surely push the game forwards to another level.

Spacelords Universe / Idea: FPS mode
 on: December 21, 2020, 06:47:32 PM 
with FPS mode implemented, Spacelords will attract a lot of players. I'm sure of it. This game has interesting character designs, fun mechanics, good graphics.

It can be bigger than overwatch or similar games.

Thanks for listening.

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