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Suggestions / Community Events
 on: October 06, 2018, 04:34:45 AM 
Anyone that played ME3MP knows that one of the best parts of that game was the community events. Spacelords has a lot in common with ME3MP so it would make sense to have community events as well.

These could be as simple as a community challenge to kill Kuzman (In Shock & Upside Down) a specific number of times over a weekend, or themed events like #@€! You Schneider where we have to try and score as high as possible on In Media Res & Double Agent. There could even be special modifiers like vampire where you have to takedown an enemy every 30s or you health bleeds, or a slow but unkillable worm that follows players and OHKOs them if they remain stationary too long (these would be map specific of course). The goal is to make it fun but challenging so MSE could really mix things up. As for rewards, it really comes down to how well MSE can track in-game stats and reward the community for completing predetermined goals.

Another potential community event could be a weekly mission where MSE selects a specific mission and gives the community 4 raiders with preconfigured loadouts and lets them compete for the highest score. This would let players try out new characters and weapons and even some rare cards. This mission could also have a fixed MMR and no antag so MSE could control the difficulty as needed. This could also serve to collect data to better balance the game. Rewards would be given at the end of each week and would be based on your best score (although the mission would give high faction points and high gold like every other mission for each attempt).

Lastly, I'd like to propose monthly challenges for a special play list that guarantees an antag will be present. This play list would either be general (you only get to queue for it, no picking specific missions) or it could be split by campaign. You simply queue as an raider or antag and the game does the rest. The challenges track wins, player kills & assists, and anything else MSE can monitor. The rewards could be based on completing each challenge/milestone  (i.e. Kills I, II, III, IV, V) so the more you complete the more rewards you unlock. If you unlock all of them there could even be a special cosmetic or UI feature (name plate, rank icon, etc.) unlocked.

The goal is to get the community involved and grinding but to make it fun! Thoughts?

Suggestions / How to fix MMR
 on: September 23, 2018, 06:06:05 PM 
Right now having a high MMR has very little benefit (if any). So why not make MMR affect the base reward amount? This way even if you struggle through a high MMR match your reward amount is adjusted to be at least as high as if you breezed through a low MMR match. This would make maintaining a high MMR actually worth something as your potential reward would also be much higher.

Suggestions / Endless game modes
 on: September 01, 2018, 09:37:04 PM 
Would it be possible to rework the existing maps/game modes to offer an endless mode? This would add more content without requiring new campaigns. It would also give players a way to grind out objectives against increasingly difficult enemies.

Potentially, increasing rewards could be used but if you fail before completing the current objective you would lose everything. This would offer a high risk, high reward scenario.

Cycling maps/objectives and rewards could be used to keep things fresh and prevent grinding a specific combination. There are more specifics that would need to be worked out but this is the general idea. Let me know what you think.

Suggestions / Forge needs a rework
 on: August 30, 2018, 03:06:05 AM 
Increasing the level of your Forge should never hurt the player!

Build costs need to be fixed so that the player can build any weapon at Forge rank 0 for a nominal cost. Then if they want to upgrade that weapon the cost should increase to the next Forge level and continue until the weapon hits the maximum Forge level.

If you require the player to have a blueprint for each upgrade then you need to adjust how these drop. Think of it like a I, II, III, IV,... IX, X ugrade path. The player shouldn't have to wait to craft a new weapon, nor should they have to pay a huge amount just to try it and be penalized for it by wasting a blueprint before leveling the Forge.

Overall the Forge level system needs to be simplified/streamlined. It's confusing to new players and having the build cost increase as you level up your Forge makes it feel like you are being cheated, especially when upgrading requires a new blueprint.

But please don't make the player feel like leveling up the Forge is actually hurting them.

Suggestions / More monetization options
 on: August 29, 2018, 11:31:54 PM 
So far my friends and I are really enjoying Spacelords but currently there are very few options for us to support the game. As of now the only options we have are the character+blueprint bundles or we can buy premium currency, which is used for skins or buying gold.

Have you considered adding a way to unlock any character by using premium currency? So if a level 10 player wants to play as Mikah, then that player could pay premium currency and unlock her early. This would be entirely optional and would give newer players a way to quickly access later raiders.

Would you consider adding a premium booster that provides bonus gold, experience, and faction points for a duration? This would let players further accelerate their earnings when they have time to play. Of course the longer the booster's duration the bigger the discount it would receive. For example buying a 7-day booster would cost less per day than a 3-day one.

These are just basic suggestions but they make it easier for players to spend money on the game because not all of us want to spend $35 for a single character or buy premium currency just for skins/gold. Thanks.

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