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But I am getting slightly tired of doing everything while they get featured player and then them acting like they just carried the team. There is no team work anymore. Just kill hungry aleph hogs
A question. How do they act like they carried the team?
For all i know the group disbands after the game and there is no chat.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Demotivated to play.
 on: November 15, 2019, 01:07:04 PM 
Let me Help you, i will tell you how the devs want you to play the game.
Play one game.
Uninstall game.
Come back a year later.
Play for the chest and win
292.000 Exp
730.000 Gold
182.000 skill points.

Why would this demotivate anyone from playing the game ?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: People sabotaging the game
 on: November 15, 2019, 01:00:37 PM 
Hi! Mapachelunar
We understand this issue. We have measures to ban (for different time periods, depending on the situation) players who try to rig their MMR
It's important to mention that we consider these cases on individual bases; we don't have an automated system that fully bans people because there are plenty of factors that affect this issue.
What we usually suggest is: if you see another player engaging in unfair practices: such as surrender or suicide to lower their MMR, for example, please, please, report this to troubleshooting with their usernames so that we can look deeper into their case and take appropriate measures.
How about removing the incentives. Rework your monthly adventure.
Dont reward the Higest score. Reward the average score of all your games and also add rewards for doing it with High MMR
People are entering a mission and suicide just to lower their MMR

Gameplay Feedback / Players suicide as soon as the game starts.
 on: November 15, 2019, 12:43:35 PM 
I had this happen to me many times This time i took time to look at what the players were doing and Got their names.
The game happened at 13:15  people involved named
*** & ***
They just respawned and jumped down their deaths every time.

Most players quit your game when they run into situations like these. You lose a lot of players from people trying to manipulate your game mechanics to lower their MMR.

My connection is very good and i play with friends every day.
My friends tell me their latency when i host spacelords is 60-65 

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