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Some bugs
on: March 31, 2020, 06:22:43 PM
Hello Mercury steam :D , its me Archérus the new player !
Today I am sharing with you some bug I encountered in game
Shae’s gun :FOCUS KAA7
Sometime the first shot deals one damage and the second is very long to shoot, and the others are normal. . Plus , I cant target the mine with this gun , “the focus” don’t take them , and if I shoot at them I deal 1 damage point.
Doldren’s gun : Bloody Mary
After a death , the test of the first shot does not seem to happen , the crosshair’s arrow does not move.
Valeria’s: The Whip
When Thomas(the quantum projectile ) appears and I’m near the quantum glyph , Thomas is shootable for a good range , but when I made him appear away of me , I need to go very close to him to be able to shoot him.
Locals Cart : Urgency “after a kill your next reload  is 140% faster “(I use it on Harec with the AURA MORTIS weapon ) , the cart does not work properly , sometime it’s my second reload who is faster , sometime the third , sometime I miss 2 shot and the third reload is faster .
Mika: Sometime , when I cover up , the animation does not work properly , like other raiders, its very difficult to move along the cover, or to move at all  Mika rotate on the spot  , I’m kind of sticks to the wall .

Ayana Kwena : Her mines are triggered trough thin walls and barriers and deal damage and push too  , its especially  deadly on a bridge when an Ayana shoot mines on the outer side of the bridge , we just can’t do anything when that happen , it’s frustrating.

I know the COVID-19 have made the situation complicated to you , I know I will wait some time before getting an answer , strength to you , be safe , and have a nice day !
See you on the broken planet ! 😊


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Re: Some bugs
Reply #1 on: July 02, 2020, 03:18:25 PM
Hello, Archérus
Welcome to Spacelords.  We hope you enjoy your time in the Broken Planet!
You got some old and new bugs there. The Mikah one has been tracked and it's still on the path of being investigated.  I'd need a bit more info for Shae's FOCUS KAA7. For the others, I'm sending reports right away to see if they are bugs or features.
Thanks for taking the time to send us feedback!