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Some bugs
on: March 31, 2020, 06:22:43 PM
Hello Mercury steam :D , its me Archérus the new player !
Today I am sharing with you some bug I encountered in game
Shae’s gun :FOCUS KAA7
Sometime the first shot deals one damage and the second is very long to shoot, and the others are normal. . Plus , I cant target the mine with this gun , “the focus” don’t take them , and if I shoot at them I deal 1 damage point.
Doldren’s gun : Bloody Mary
After a death , the test of the first shot does not seem to happen , the crosshair’s arrow does not move.
Valeria’s: The Whip
When Thomas(the quantum projectile ) appears and I’m near the quantum glyph , Thomas is shootable for a good range , but when I made him appear away of me , I need to go very close to him to be able to shoot him.
Locals Cart : Urgency “after a kill your next reload  is 140% faster “(I use it on Harec with the AURA MORTIS weapon ) , the cart does not work properly , sometime it’s my second reload who is faster , sometime the third , sometime I miss 2 shot and the third reload is faster .
Mika: Sometime , when I cover up , the animation does not work properly , like other raiders, its very difficult to move along the cover, or to move at all  Mika rotate on the spot  , I’m kind of sticks to the wall .

Ayana Kwena : Her mines are triggered trough thin walls and barriers and deal damage and push too  , its especially  deadly on a bridge when an Ayana shoot mines on the outer side of the bridge , we just can’t do anything when that happen , it’s frustrating.

I know the COVID-19 have made the situation complicated to you , I know I will wait some time before getting an answer , strength to you , be safe , and have a nice day !
See you on the broken planet ! 😊