Author Topic: Can we get our previous exp rates back please?  (Read 2815 times)


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Can we get our previous exp rates back please?
on: July 17, 2019, 01:50:53 PM
It'll take me over 15 antag matches to get antag affinity for cards and idk if anyone else has noticed but I hate the antag system(shocking). I'm not good at pvp but I am forced to play this broken game mode where you need to play with the most try-hard builds to win. Previously you could play 2 friendly antag matches and that was more than enough exp for antag affinity. Now in the current build of the game you have to win and use a booster to get enough exp. I don't mind buying your shitty exp boosters but they don't work unless you win the match and I don't plan on using the sah duh, shepherd, shakura, tolchok, etc scum tactics just to stomp a tier 6 team.


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Re: Can we get our previous exp rates back please?
Reply #1 on: July 17, 2019, 03:33:40 PM
Unfortunately, we have to accept the current half-assed broken mess this game has become and it's highly unlikely that this will change in the near future (and of course not in the distant future too, because with MSE's stubbornness, this game won't have a far future), no matter how much we cry, beg and plead.

Now that MSE no longer make this game for the players and fans, but ONLY for themselves, they should probably play it themselves and be happy and proud of it, I'm definitely not playing it anymore.

RIP Spacelords


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Re: Can we get our previous exp rates back please?
Reply #2 on: July 18, 2019, 12:52:08 PM
Only thing that should be reverted to the way it was before is the exp gained and the exp requirement, the rest that came with the Prize galore just needs a few tweaks,

like making the 4 daily mission rewards be able to reset from 16 to 8 hours depending on tier like before, change the 4 missions rewards a bit and increase the gold and faction points from the fifth mission onward. Basically making the fifth mission onward kind of reward the same amount of gold and faction points like before and the 4 first missions become a nice bonus plus you can get more blueprints if you're active enough and not have to wait a whole day to get the next one, accumulated pot remains daily

This will actually make the prize galore update what it actually was intended for, to queue any missions and get the rewards. And not this nerf to rewards and exp, speaking of exp raising the equilibrium is a nightmare with limited exp.

anyone else have any other ideas