Author Topic: new bug ? or not...?  (Read 65 times)


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new bug ? or not...?
on: June 12, 2019, 07:19:28 PM
two time since yesterday, i run into bugged missions.
don't remember it happens before.
the first one, we was on spider kruzman.
 there was an antag.
the spider reclame the kruzman head (for the second time if i remember well) and... mission lost.

we still had plenty of lives, i can't see why we died.
i don't think the antag as a side mission to succeed to prevent us to win here.
and until now i never lost the mission, except by runnig out of live.
so is there a way to lose this mission i still don't know or was it some sort of bugs ?

the other one was yesterday, against the "tetsuo like boss" or the "big pinkish blob".
there was an antag again.
the blob run out of health, so we should go to the last part of the mission, where you have to put 10 aleph in the accumulator. but... nope. nothing happen.
we just keep putting aleph in it waiting to pass to the last part of the mission, until the antag finish us off little by little...

is the game used to this kind of bugs ?
are they bug or did i miss smthing about these 2 missions ?