Author Topic: Crash fixes and character lvls, weapons.  (Read 1181 times)


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Crash fixes and character lvls, weapons.
on: May 11, 2018, 11:28:32 AM
I went from a lvl 168 down to lvl 12.  My weapon upgrades are all -23 points.  If you are going to take us all back to some reset then you must compensate everyone who has paid for the blue coins.   You did on the first reset and now on the second you do not?????   So here is my question, are u going to reset everyone to lvl 0 and re-emburse the money/blue coins???  Again we are paying money for this game!!!!!!   Again, not trying to be rude or crass, however, you are hurting the ones that LOVE THE GAME!!!!   ME being one of them!! Please fix this problem for everyone.