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The old Spacelords aka Raiders of the Broken Planet? Yeah, that game is gone, pimp, and it ain't coming back. Between the civil war on Discord, the feeling of favoritism on both sides (Raider mains and Antag mains think the Devs favor the other), and the bad execution of certain concepts (like the die rolling of the Forge, the Antag Mode, etc), the game is kinda a mess right now. It's a shame, because the fans suffer on both sides. I recommend you take what joy you can from the game and keep it moving when you've had enough. I've learned to. Best of luck to ya.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Aneska Questions
 on: January 25, 2019, 11:48:13 PM 
So, can anyone explain WHY Aneska would join the Raiders? I mean, they are LITERALLY the reason why she's in the predicament she's in and why her boss (and probably lover) is now in a Kuzman status minus the mech body.  I mean, people could probably say that Harec approached her and told her about Shumash, but looking at it, I don't see how'd she care. If anything, I'd imagine she'd seek out Shumash as a way to get revenge on the people who ruined her life, instead of helping the Raiders save a planet that she doesn't live on. Her lore makes no sense and that's kinda what's keeping me from getting interested in her; the very reason she's on that team is absolutely ridiculous.

At best, she's probably neutral now; she has no dog in this fight, so taking up armaments in support of your enemies seems silly and leans pretty close to outright stupid, unless she's being forced to in some capacity. That idea I like; maybe they have the means to repair Krausher and she's helping out to save him or holding the rest of him ransom or something.  I just don't want it to be "I'm Harec, I ruined your life, but I talked to you so we're all good now".

Ship's Log / Re: State of the Game Address #1
 on: October 12, 2018, 05:50:03 AM 

Another suggestion; how about you make the Antagonist mode OPTIONAL? This way, players who actually just want to play the campaign and maybe, learn the game and the levels, can actually do so without having to worry about an antagonist mucking it up.  This would probably make it easier for vets to play with noobs.  As a level 153, I don't CARE about playing with noobs if I don't have anything to lose. You're reward system, and by that I mean BLUEPRINTS, is based on chance.  In order to increase the chance of me getting the Blueprint I want (assuming your random blueprint generator gives me the weapon I want, in the first place) I need to play with some players who know what they're doing in an Antagonist free zone.  As it stands now, I don't have time to play with noobs; they mess that up. And will all these "thousands of new players", the chances of me getting a set of vets gets even thinner.

You could also make the blueprints buyable; seriously.  You're reward system sounds nice, but this is supposed to be a grind game. WAAAAAY too much of the rewards is based on chance. I have to take the chance I get a good team, take the chance I get a bad antag or no antag, take a chance that the MMR doesn't make the game hard so we can breeze through it (because I need to beat the level fast for max points), take a chance that the blueprint I want is made available to me, and AFTER ALL THAT, take the CHANCE that I get it.  Oh, and if I don't get it, I have to wait another 8-12 hours and take a chance the randomizer will let me try again. I can not tell you how frustrating that is.

I don't know if you guys play the game you made, but you should try grinding up to level 50 or so; see how fun your reward system is, if you haven't.  I'm no game designer, but there's probably a reason why most other games let you buy weapons and the ensures that all the crap their players are going through is worth it.  With your current reward system it's a crap shoot, and from what I've seen from people who've played the game, it's shooting you guys in the foot.  I don't know what "positive" reviews you guys are getting, but I can tell you that your games current rating on the X Box live online store is 2.5 stars.; that's not a good review. At least I don't think it is.

I hope this review finds you well and I hope that you guys at least take a look at increasing the odds of the reward system or SOMETHING.  This is the second or 3rd release of "Raiders/Spacelords" and the reviews have only gotten worse.  Your next upgrade sounds nice, but I think you guys should focus a little bit more on player friendly things.  Try looking at games like Left 4 Dead; they had a sweet PVE and PVP system that worked great. Maybe take some ideas from that and make it your own, without copyright issues of course.  I hope you guys improve on the game; I really do.

Honestly, I only really quit when there's an antagonist and I don't feel like dealing with it.  I generally don't like that mode; I think it's counterproductive to getting people to stay and play.  If they had it as an option, it'd be better. Having a PVP and PVE option is probably something that would help this game...considering that everyone who leaves this game just brings Mercury one step closer to following Paragon (getting retired).

Overall the game play is ok for a few matches, even if they're just noobs.  Let's be honest people; the majority of players on this game are going to be noobs, so if you have an issue, I suggest you play something one would blame you. Honestly, tho, I'd try the noobs out; give them a chance, because we were all there. They have to start somewhere, and I doubt Mercury is going to fix the Antag game play issue; if they were, they would've done it before they repackaged this game as "Spacelords".  That's just my opinion, though; I could be wrong.

To all people who are finding themselves quitting more than they are playing, I recommend this:

Ask yourself is this game REALLY worth playing that much if you're quitting more than playing?

If the answer is yes, go on the Discord and get a team or play with the noobs and hope for the best.

If the answer is no, stop playing and go do something else.  Honestly, I'm just waiting until RE2 comes out, then I'll shelf this game, cause I don't think Mercury is going to make it any better, forum or not, and I'm not happy with the games current status. 

You say it's not okay yet you still went through with destroying these beginners that will probably quit playing this game because of your actions. Inb4 "i'm just playing as intended" gg.

As "mean" as that is, that is actually pretty common for an Antag nowadays.  Most of the people I see playing this are noobs with a few vets and, trust me, people like this guy aren't the reason newbies ultimately quit. They quit because the gameplay gets hella frustrating, for both noob and vet alike. As a rule of thumb, I think the antag should have some kind of scaling system and shouldn't be accessible to the "boss" stages.  An antag on that last mission is the LAST THING anyone needs; same thing for the Aneska mission.  Things like THAT will make a person quit before getting a bad hand antag on a simple mission will.

As a rule of thumb, I play antag only to get the points for a level change.  Since I get points as long as I get a single kill, I don't even spawn.  I just do some homework, jiggle the controller every once in a blue, and let them play.  In my opinion, THAT is a good antagonist in this game.  This way, I don't mess with a person's potential chance at getting a blueprint, I don't "discourage" noobs from playing the game, and I get my points. 

Everyone wins.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: A Word To The Wise
 on: October 05, 2018, 07:43:01 AM 
I absolutely agree.  I've spent the last few months trying to mentor players, and more times than not, the stuff blows up in my face,  This is ESPECIALLY true when I'm blueprint hunting.  Too much of this game is given to chance for me to invest in a bunch of noobs who don't know what they're doing.  I have to hope I get a blueprint on the shuffle, I have to hope it's on a reasonable stage, I have to hope an antagonist doesn't show, and if they do, that they suck, I have to hope the MMR is low enough that I can breeze through the mission to get a high score, and then I have to hope I get the blueprint.  On top of all that, you want me to play with noobs? I only do that, if I don't care about the stage; cause then, when they get on my nerves (and they mostly do), I just quit, wait 10-15 min, turn the game back on and do some homework while the counter waits me out. 

Playing with noobs has no real reward and it makes level grinding seem like a chore, and that's if you DON'T have anything riding on the mission.  This game will make you break your controller in frustration, be you vet or noob and that's no fun for anyone involved.  I just hope that they at least fix the antagonist issue; have 2 modes for Pete's sake, one where there is an antag and one where there isn't.  That way noobs can LEARN how to play before you send them into the fray with seasoned players.  If MSE doesn't that's fine; plenty of new games coming out in a few months... 

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