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Gameplay Feedback / Loved the Game once, CAN'T recommend it anymore!
 on: December 30, 2019, 10:42:36 PM 
I just wanted the Developers to know, as a fan I really loved this game about a year ago.
I put money into the game.
But since then they have made the game worse in every update.
Opening up the cards was good, but now they have a beligerent unlock card system that takes days to get the card I want.
What are you doing Devs?

They haven't adressed the problems with MMR and difficulty scaling in over a year. But they had time to add dances, music, poses and bullshit.
It's really disappointing that they have ZERO focus on fixing the problems with their CORE Game!
And they aren't learning from other Free 2 Play contemporaries so that tells me these developers are bad!

I don't understand how they still aren't addressing the imbalance either?
Do they think they can keep adding bad features?

I used to want to recommend this game to friends, and I used to have to explain away the bad parts of it a year ago.
But now?
I can't even recommend it!
It has so many problems that I can't explain away, I can't recommend the game to anyone in its current state!

Fix your Antag Mode!

I just had a game where the Ping was so bad for the first time ever, that people were teleporting, unshootable, unwinnable.
And even with good ping, the balance is so ruined I want the devs to play this game! Test it out!
Play Antag!
Show me how to win against cheating MMR players as Antag on all missions!

Why else is this mode playable if it's unwinnable against players who should be my level?
Your game is broken!

I gave the game a one-star review on Xbox.
That's how disappointed I am in a game that really was my favorite! 😂
It's insane to me what Mercury Steam is doing 😱

Gameplay Feedback / MMR system is still broken, everyone cheats!
 on: December 30, 2019, 08:10:57 PM 
With all the unbalanced Bs playing as Antag, now everyone cheats the MMR. So every game regardless of MMR and losses, I'm fighting high tier Raiders. Every game! No matter how low my MMR gets! 😡

And I can't beat them. Because they are on low MMR like cheaters and annihilate all Ads. GG dudes.
Maybe fix this before you do anything else?
It's only like, a core function of your game yeah 🙄

There was already terrible balancing for Antag vs Raiders.
Now, they can dodge when downed, they heal in 2-3 seconds.
You have to grapple them when they are downed because they can dodge, and if they have any ally close with half a brain, they can just strike you and interrupt your grapple, and now they are back to health.
And you get mauled by two players just spamming strikes.
What's the counter for this? Oh right!
There's none!

Couple this with certain mechanics timing being off, you already have plenty of bullshit moments each match where a mechanic doesn't work properly, like Alicia jumping off walls etc.
Suddenly a wall doesn't work to jump off of etc.

Or you time a grapple or strike and somehow they get their shit off before you can do anything.

Please remove players rolling when downed! For goodness sake 🙄
You don't need to balance the game against Antags more!

Also, Raiders can give up, but Antags get fucking penalized!?
Good luck having people play your game if you penalize them for not wanting to deal with your broken unbalanced game modes!

Why can't you guys just make a simple Card system?
You earn Faction points, and then use them to buy cards.
And then you own those cards, forever.
No build time, zero.
The End.
That's how it SHOULD be!

If you have too little points?
Buy Mercury Coins!
Boom, there's your monetization of the process.

What is the point with creating the mess of a system you have now?
I really want to know the motivation for WHY you guys added crafting and this card building system? Please, explain why it exists and why it's better than what I just propsed above??

I'm trying to figure out how to get a card I've wanted FOREVER
and I'm buying, destroying, building etc. etc
Game wants to log on for days just to build fucking CARDS?

Stop with these systems PLEASE!

I love this game, but everytime I try to get back to it... can you guys just stop adding these systems to replace the old ones?
God damn dudes.

Also, Devs!
Please consider this: if the system was just simple and straight forward like I suggested, no destroying cards, no build time, just BUY card, boom done! Buy the next one.
I personally would actually play the game A LOT more!
Right now I just stop playing because I hate these systems.
But if I could buy the cards I always wanted easy, just need to earn the faction points, then I would play and unlock for many characters!
Because that unlock system would be ENJOYABLE and not an irritation like what you have now. 
That system would incentivize players to come back and experiment with more Raiders cards! Even Raiders I don't usually play, just because such a system would make it easy for me to have fun experimenting with cards.
But if I have to wait several days to get the card before I can even play?
Then No. I'm out.
I want to play and enjoy the game.
Not sit with this 🙄 go figure.

I'm pretty sure this would be a better draw for many other players too, knowing they can get what they want straight up, not have to wait days to build CARDS! Before they can even build the card they ACTUALLY want!
Like... come on dudes...

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