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Gameplay Feedback / My Feedback (Xbox One)
 on: May 22, 2017, 11:56:22 AM 
I  had a chance to play the Beta on 20 and 21st of May on Xbox One.
These are some of the issues i encountered whilst playing or attempting to play.

The menu's in the game aren't clear on what you are supposed to be clicking.
I wanted to play Solo to get to know the game a little but i couldn't find a button or option to do that. (i discoverd solo mode through a helpful member of the Raider of the Broken Planet Beta Xbox Club, but that was last minute before the Beta ended, you have to click on the "matchmaking" button in the upper right corner of your screen). If i had known this before i would have been able to play a lot more hours of the game.
The other menu's besides "adventure" do not add much to the game.
The letters in the settings menu are hard to read from my couch, could those be a bit bigger?
I couldn't find a clear explanation for the different types of currency in the menu's i could be better to explain this a bit more.
One of the most annoying things i encountered was the lack of translation in some of the menu's, since i don't speak/read spanish.

The matchmaking takes way too long, i actually started to do some yardwork, while waiting for a game, so i rushed indoors when i heard i got into a game. And after playing a level, i started the matchmaking again, and yet again started doing yardwork. On the upside i finally cleaned up my backyard.
Due to these issues i couldn't play much of the game, and i didn't have the chance to play as Antagonist.
The game itself is really fun, although it takes some practice, as a beginner playing online coop was way too much of a challenge. After playing a few times i got a hang of it and didn't do bad. But without Solo mode (again not everybody knows how to play solo) and the matchmaking the way it is now, it's too much of a challenge to learn to game.
The weapons are okay, the fighting is basically just bashing X but the animations are cool, the grapple move is kinda overpowered and you can't defend against it, and some of the special moves seems useless. I didn't use the Walljump as a Walljump move but it was a great way to jump forward and move through the levels.
In general the movement of most characters seems kinda a bit slow, the game could be a bit more fast-paced.

Raiders of the Broken Planet could be a potentially great game.
It was fun to play when i was able to play it, but it needs some tweaking in gameplay and a better menu structure.

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