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Having read the "New BETA with improvements based on your feedback!" post.

I kinda wish it was more detailed on what exactly was changed on certain aspects specially parts like "We’ve balanced weapons with many improvements based on your feedback"

Having a list of which weapons and how they were changed would be pretty great to know in the future and any other major balance changes. I think it's important to inform testers about things like that so we can try those changes out without having to guess what weapons seem better or worse from memory of the past beta.

I finally won the prologue mission as raiders but after the ending score screen ( I didn't get to pick a reward ether ) It kicked me back into the main menu and asking me to rejoin the match, trying to do so just makes me disconnect from the server and then it asks me again to rejoin the match creating a loop there. Restarting the game doesn't change anything ether same message popping up.

Only thing I can do is play Solo but I can't invite my friend to a party anymore since the message blocks that.

Spacelords Universe / Are there dates for future Tests?
 on: May 16, 2017, 02:54:52 AM 
Hello everyone,

Having discovered this game with Totalbiscuit streaming it recently, I have to say I can't wait to get my hands on it since the game seems right up my alley.

So I was wondering is there any news on when beta invites are going out again? / When more testing is happening

In any case thanks for reading and hope to see you all in game in the future.

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