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Suggestions / Re: Hive's Wasp gun should get a buff.
 on: June 21, 2021, 05:36:45 AM 
Doesn't need this buff at all. In Patch Notes 21, Wasp got a revamp that made it easier to charge the weapon and it now deals adequate damage even before hitting it's maximum charge. The ammo pickup strategy was utilized to keep the maximum charge when it was more difficult to reach that state which is not needed anymore. The gun hits like a truck and works well for HIVE given that it limits her leech options in favor for solid damage output (which she lacks).

When ammo pickups were removed it removed a mechanic where you could pickup ammo from enemies to refill Wasp's magazine which in turn made it much more difficult to keep the damage buff which really is the Wasp's only means of dealing damage at higher MMR. It'd be nice if they could either add ammo pickups back specifically for Hive's Wasp gun or add a new mechanic for Wasp to refill her magazine instead of having to forfeit the damage buff whenever her magazine reaches 0.

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