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Alicia's Starting Weapon
on: December 12, 2018, 05:57:26 PM
I'd like to be constructive or positive about this...but this gun might be the worst weapon I've used in any shooter that I can think of going back to the original wolfenstein game.

I thought there might have been a trick to make it do damage, or maybe it has some hidden effect I'm missing, or makes getting in to melee easier with some way to stagger or stun.  It doesn't seem to do anything though. 

It is just ...terrible and a terrible starting experience.  I won't have any faction points until I can start playing Hive, which also means I'll have nothing saved up for her, and I'm not going to suffer Alicia to get cards to make her feel ok.

As someone who usually plays speedy shotgunners, I ended up switching to the role I usually avoid - snipers - and playing Harec, who I enjoy.  At first it was just because his gun could actually get something done, but then seeing how useful quick uses of stalking are is pretty great.  Alicia and jumping seems nearly useless for now. 

Its kind of a downer that the main type of up front gameplay I look for feels ineffective to the point of frustration.


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Re: Alicia's Starting Weapon
Reply #1 on: December 17, 2018, 06:37:09 AM
Generally every characters starting gun is underwhelming, that's part of the drive to either upgrade it as you become a higher level and get a blueprint for it or pursue the better guns by earning the blueprints. When played well Alicia and her wall jumping is incredibly useful when paired with some of her other guns. I don't know how much time you have put into the game yet but once you get your ass handed to you a few times from a good Alicia player you will likely realize she's worth using. The beauty of this game is that every characters when played correctly can be a beast to deal with. Their are alot of layers to each one with the different card effects you can equip to them and tactics you can use in the various stages. Give it some time, it's worth sticking with.