Author Topic: Hanging By A Thread  (Read 2157 times)


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Hanging By A Thread
on: December 12, 2018, 12:24:53 PM
Just played this level with Valeria.

No idea if it's intended or an oversight. During the last phase, when you automatically respawn & have to rush to the end, we were given just 40 seconds to escape.

Valeria is a slow runner & if I stop to shoot, or assist, or even if I get shot, just once, she can't escape as there is not enough time since she had spawned too far away at the start of the escape phase.

There's absolutely no allowance for her to do anything else but run, in order to escape, including getting hit or shot just once.

I'm sure that it won't just be Valeria that runs into this problem.

I think the timer needs to be extended slightly, she needs a little more speed, or she respawns at the place she was originally at before the cut scene & the automatic respawn.


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Re: Hanging By A Thread
Reply #1 on: December 12, 2018, 07:06:21 PM
Shit, you play it since the update? Now there is no respawn part before the last run to the extraction zone, it just goes right to it.

Now you can just hang out at the extraction zone and leave once the generators are done. That is a nice change. Sucks for Antagonists though, since they pretty much lose that last bit of final confrontation. No one likes Antagonists though, so I doubt many will care.

Having dropships unload right over the guns in the second phase is a silly idea, though. Dunno who came up with that but that combined with Captain elites..fuck. I mean, the gunships already shoot at you when you grab a turret. The dropship goons shit all over newbies and teaches them that standing by a gun emplacement is a bad call..then has a bunch of gun emplacements they are encouraged to use in the very next really makes no sense. Especially since in no other occasion are you punished for using a gun emplacement.

Also, the elevator comes so fast now after the part where you blow up the wall. If you like 5th Council then you should probably stand right next to it the whole time. You will not have enough time to make it back from the other side where the enemies drop in at. You get like 10 seconds to get inside after someone pushes the button.

From a lore perspective, the changes really makes no sense either. Why are they sending their Captains to die on a Hades transport that they themselves are assaulting with their own ship? I understand sending grunts because they are seen as less than human. But the Captains represent a significant investment of Aleph. Aleph is THE most important thing to the Wardogs. Seems like the last thing they would want to do is waste it trying to take a transport that might only have a small bit of Aleph in its engines.

They show up to take Loaht, a high-value target, and to get the Lyre Sphere, a high-value target. Should we be lead to believe they care enough about their Dogs to actually help them in a fight for what they must assume is just another raid on a Hades transport meandering through their territory? That is dumb.

And if they are so gung-ho, why don't they continue pursuing the Raiders once they make it to the reactor? I get that the grunts would probably give up without a Captain around and then start stealing whatever was easiest to grab. But now there are Captains there to lead them, for whatever reason. At least there would be some Aleph in it for them. But they just mysteriously give up. Not a very Wardog thing to do.