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on: August 31, 2016, 04:28:16 PM
Here is a recent questions and answers session that was conducted via our social media channels #developerQA:

  • Will there be a race of wise tortoises with laser guns on their shells?
  • Is this a game that we can still enjoy while playing solo?
    Yes, you can play the entire story solo.
  • Hey guys, where can I check for job openings at your place?
    We publish our jobs opportunities on our twitter account and also at follow us for the latest. Alternatively send your CV to
  • How much does each episode cost? If it is too expensive, I prefer to wait for a future edition with all of them
    We are not ready to announce the cost but we can say it will be extremely cheap for each episode.
  • How long has Raiders been in the works?
    We started to work on Raiders when we finished Castlevania LOS2 in 2014.
  • What made you decide to self-publish Raiders?
    Because we want to be independent and hold our own IP.
  • Is there one life only pvp modes?
  • The guy from the first Raiders images who was riding a starship (first concept art) Is he Lycus Dion?
    Oh no that isn’t Lycus!
  • Story related, if I may, was Lycus born with those teeth or did he punch a shark for them?
    Some people say that himself did it for have a better bite of his enemies. Who knows?  Lycus’s past is steeped in mystery. What we know is he hates dance music.
  • He what...knobbed the shark for'em...or rather maybe a dry 'andy?
    Oooer missus.
  • I heard that this was going too be a Metroid type game ? But it's just an average cover shooter :(
    You heard wrong. Raiders is a 4vs1 online asymmetric adventure and its cover system is far from average :)
  • Mode offline solo?
    Of course!
  • When can I start playing?! Take my money already.
    Join the beta! it will be open soon ;)
  • Hola Mercury Steam! how soon might we see some gameplay clip from your gamescon 2016 build ? (with someone knowing how to actually play the game)
    There is some footage here, enjoy!

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