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Minor Annoyances
on: November 17, 2018, 02:49:16 AM
So, thought I'd start us of with a few minor annoyances that could use a revamp, tweek, removal or something else. Feel free to add to the list, if you think that changing something would make playing this game much better.
As a relatively new player, here's what i'd like to see changed.

Matchmaking.... mostly one person cancels, especially on mentor matches, or fails to accept a match. The 3 people left waiting then have to start their search again.

Why can't you just remove the person that cancelled, or failed to accept, and replace them with somebody else, instead of making everybody else start over again?

Cut scenes... 3 people (in the same room) press skip, 1 person, outside the group, chooses to watch. We all have to endure the same scenes we've watched several hundred times already. 3 votes overrules 1 vote, why do we still have to watch?

Either use a vote system, or just have us press and hold a button to skip, where the majority overrules again.

Rewards... We know what rewards we're getting already, we've already seen them. Why do we have to waste 2 minutes being shown them again, and then having to accept them on top of that?

Show us the rewards, all at once & allow us to move on with one single button press & no time wasted. Some of us don't have long left, in this world, you know. Game time is precious to us.

Disconnects.... Some players are taking advantage of this. I've seen people disconnect several times, and sometimes just once, only to appear again at the end & claim the rewards that the rest of us worked hard for, a man, 2 or even 3 down, which has actually happened to me.

If they're not back in 2 minutes, don't let them back & certainly don't reward them for doing absolutely nothing. It's bad enough our score suffered & we had to work even harder, without having to see leechers getting the same reward for logging back in at the last second, sometimes. The game doesn't get easier when we suffer a desertion, and it doesn't give us extra for all the hard work we put in when someone leaves at the start & returns at the end!

Griefers. Punish them, all of them. 3 of us were happily playing with a 4th random & an antagonist in short fused, when it was taking a while to complete the random wanted to surrender. The rest of us wanted to continue fighting. The random logged out, several times, & came back, several times. We were still doing well, despite the loss of a player, and then he returns to continually & deliberately head for the cliff edge & promptly commits suicide over & over, at every respawn. We still managed to hold our own against the antagonist & overcome 2 survival rounds, before the inevitable defeat due to the griefer killing themselves repeatedly.

All 3 of us reported the player, but our experience was ruined & tempers ran as short as the levels fuse.

I think that deliberate suicide runners should be removed after a handful of deaths, i'm sure there's a way to determine if someone is getting killed, by any means, purposely.

Blueprints... need to be clearly labelled. When searching for a level to play, they're either blue or gold & seem to be normal & rare, yet the weapons screen shows blue basic & blue advanced as well as gold basic and gold advanced. That's 4 types of blueprint on the weapons menu but only 2 on the level select.

How are we supposed to know which character to send in, for the blueprint they need, if there's 4 to use but only 2 that ever get displayed?

Just label them up more clearly so we don't have to waste time, effort & hair loss through stress, finding out that the character we sent in doesn't need the blueprint type the game has rewarded us with at the end.

That's my tuppence worth, & i'm sure that those changes alone would vastly improve everyone's experience within the game.


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Re: Minor Annoyances
Reply #1 on: November 19, 2018, 12:02:55 PM
Hi Jester278!

Thank you very much for taking the time to make some suggestions in order to improve the experience. I'm passing on this to the design team so they can investigate the possibilities to include these changes in the game.

Regarding the player who disconnected and came back to get the reward, the best option is contacting us on including the player's username and the platform he/she was playing in (the most helpful thing would be including screenshots/videos as a proof).

Thank you again!