Author Topic: Super Short: Marmalade's Agony  (Read 2462 times)


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Super Short: Marmalade's Agony
on: November 07, 2018, 05:35:49 PM
When I was rewatching the ending cutscene of "The Beast's Lair", I thought that the visualization of General Marmalade getting Sodomized with a pineapple by a gang of little imps in Hell was a bit hilarious. Upon viewing Loaht's imagination of Marmalade a second time I told my self, "Wait a minute. That doesn't sound quite right." Remembering the designs and descriptions of Hell that were revealed in a horror game called Agony, I decided to rewrite that portion of the cutscene to replace the imps with the demons of Agony tormenting Marmalade in front of the Red Goddess and her new consort. Here's the link to the story as a part of my Super Shorts series: