Author Topic: Making the game more fun and more better!  (Read 4455 times)


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Making the game more fun and more better!
on: April 24, 2022, 03:33:56 AM
I been playing the game for 2 days now already at lvl 14 and the game is extremely hard which i don't like #1 the enemy do so much damage for no reason it's not even like they're skilled they just do so much it's unfair needs to get changed or nerfed #2 health pool is a problem 60 is to low every chacter should have atleast 150 hp needs to be changed !! #3 the controls are dog shit sprint needs to be fixed ECT ... #4 to much time to wait on building weapons and w.e it needs a fix and the cost to complete the build is way to much #5 the weapon parts are lack lusterd you get a lil of weapons parts but lots of gs? Their need be a weapons part store where you can buy with GS & the map difficult needs to be toned down a lil #6 matchmaking is poor needs improvements #7 falling of to much blockades on locations where u could fall off , my initial rate for the is a 4.2 needs work