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State of the game 2022*
on: November 25, 2021, 07:16:01 PM
Hey guys it's me (again),

You see I'm here (again) a brat asking the same questions more "veteran" players always bring you about.

First of all just a reminder, I do like this game and I still find what you guys created amazing and very rich. That said, it's been a while since this feeling turned just into nostalgia.

This game was a huge promise and the most addictive gameplay I ever felt in an action shooter, also the combat ... THE CQC was brilliant. BRILLANT. This game was the MOST FUN I ever had.

But where is it heading now?

I mean ... when are you guys going to talk about the quality of life changes for the game? When is the plot moving forward? When will you be reviewing the rewards system? When will thematic events impact the game, the lore, or the gameplay?

We are going towards 2022 and the game changed a lot but only on the surface, right? Isn't it time to approach these issues? Or even dealt with.

It is your game, I get it. I'm not trying to offend anyone but it does feel like a lost opportunity to head where the game is heading (at least how it looks like its heading),... as a consumer of the game I kind of feel offended that the only updates we have are in-game lore content (who has been here for ages) being shared on the web site. Like, not even new content or new lore. Nothing that would move the plot or the game forward.

I don't know what you guys have in your hands and I don't want to be unfair to you, but maybe some transparency as "Yes. We will not be continuing the game forward, this is the game and how it will be" would be a fitting position and a good way to end a relationship with players, like me, who still have so much expectation from this game.

Not to upset anyone but we got to talk about how RIOT has been doing shit. They started with a game, then they did world build and them THE WORLD become the product who became others games, books, animations, and TV series. Look at what you guys did when you launched this game. The world and the characters you created could be doing just the same, could have been GIGANTIC.

I really wish this game is still moving forward and aware of what makes it good, great, and bad so as to better polish itself and deliver more. You could have a massive player base by now.

Trust me guys, I'm a designer (this is supposed to be a meme) but please consider reading this.

Think about how to improve the missions and reward system so that replayability has more value.

Think how the CQC made this game so authentic even if it meant harder

Think how the game since it was launched as Riders of the broken planet game didn't move the plot forward and how strong of action this would mean for ANYONE who played or play the game

Think about new character and  not just new weapons, or be more consistent with new launches

Think about seriously improving the game interface out of the gameplay but the menus and such, especially the after game screen

Think about how thematic events could alter the gameplay while they are online like changing faction places, random encounters, especial enemies, environment changes, or even gameplay changes as if gravity gets lighter or something. Be creative about it, like special game modes but temporary and involved in some lore.

I don't know .... just ...wake up to the potential your game holds and what an amazing game the team created, initially cause now it doesn't seem like it is going anywhere.

Wish you well and have a nice 2022


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Re: State of the game 2022*
Reply #1 on: December 06, 2021, 11:25:21 AM
As I see it there's a few things that hold this game back and it's mostly balancing issues.
CQC was changed so that new players don't find it so frustrating when they get killed time and time again by an antagonist. They decided to get rid of the insta-kill, but that was the wrong decission.
The problem with antagonists was not the insta-kill, it was the balancing. Allow matchmaking to pair a rank 1 antagonist against 3 new players, and a bot just should not happen. This can be fixed by scaling the power level of the antagonist to that of the raiders, and also the other way around, a low rank antagonist should get a power boost when facing veteran raiders. That will make the experience better for everyone, more challenging. Also it would balance things out to design antagonist loadouts based on the stage, and give those as only options in each specific stage, so that the experience is balanced for raiders and also give new antagonists a chance to fend off well equipped raiders. That also will solve the otherwise impossible to solve issue of adjusting difficulty when pairing certain stages and antagonist gear, resulting sometimes in plain unbeatable stages.
Another controversial topic is the forced PVP aspect, making it optional and give incentives to those who choose to play PVP is the way to go. But to be honest, applying the solutions I proposed will make the PVP experience so balanced that players will forgive the forced aspect of it.

Also, the CQC is inconsistent, many times the punch will not counter a grab, so the promise of the rock, paper, scissors system goes down the drain. Same goes for dodge and punch, you can mash the dodge button while your opponents lands each and every punch without fail.

Also, the complaints of whinny players about characters and weapons being OP where adressed in a similar manner, nerfing those characters and weapons into the ground instead of seeking balance. As a result, veteran players who invested time and money in the game were left to rot, and new players will find that when leveling up they do not get good rewards for their hard work.

But of course none of that is going to be fixed, and we will not get new content anymore. This is a ghost ship drifting away and I fear nobody will take the helm. Shame because the game concept and design is amazing, but the glaring issues that make having fun with this game a coin toss will never be addressed.