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Character Idea: Jarrah (WIP)
on: January 20, 2021, 03:59:21 AM
I've been trying to polish this idea for some time but the need to share is bigger.

Profile: Tribal Hunter Enthusiasm

So "Jarrah" concept revolves around the idea of tribal/hunt/athletic.  Jarrah is a young boy raised by animals, he enjoys the hunt and the challenge, as it is his weapon of choice is sort of a boomerang. Think of a Tarzan / Enkidu origin.

Faction: Wardogs or Locals

If "Jarrah" was a Local, he would be a tribal kid who learned to live and hunt in the jungle with the animals.

Now if "Jarrah" was a Wardog, he would be a tribal kid who lived his earlier years in the jungle, surviving with the animal, and was found out by RAK in one of his expeditions. The Wardogs would enjoy the feral spirit and survival instincts of the kid and take him, turning him into a genius instinctive soldier with an animal instinct for the hunt.

Weapon: Nullah the Boomerang

The gimmick is the closer the target, the faster the weapon comes and goes, so the faster "he shoots". While at medium range the weapon has a push effect to it (and other gimmicks from other weapon options).

Melo would be a character who selects his target and follows his weapon after launch, passing by any obstacle and getting his prey. He would make use of CQC (that's because I enjoy CQC a lot).

Skill: Adapted for the hunt, his eyes are well trained, and when activated "Jarrah" can see everything on the map and chose one or a few targets for its weapon to deliver a massive blow. When this ability is not active, pressing the button will order the boomerang to come back earlier (in case the target is out of reach or some other priority). Marking an enemy / antag / rider , throwing the weapon and repositioning, then coming back for the killing blow would be some o the possible plays.

Design and appearance:
"Jarrah" would have an athletic runner body, his's skin is close to red with a few paintings on his face and hands and dark eyes (or gray as the local armors, while his armor and hair are white-colored). He has one large braid in his hair that ends in a hair bun, while he's sides are buzzed. He has a shoulder pad over or the side he throws and catches the boomerang while the other and part of his backs are covered in fur. He wears a leash that gets all of his necks with some spikes and a cloth and tong on his waist adorned with feathers and an animal skull. He walks on foot as most wardogs tend to.

He is optimistic, some kind of inocent, competitive and lives for the hunt.

Well, that's mostly it.

Other ideas revolve around a boomerang whose impact hitting its target would do a mini area explosion hitting the other targets around it or the ability to hit and heal allies, mixing its skill to lock on to them and sent the boomerang when they need urgent help.

He would look cool on a skin with Bison hat with horns or War bonnet.

I started thinking about a mogli/Tarzan character with a boomerang and CQC while reading Vagabond and seeing the lost and talented Musashi and ended with indigenous and tribal ideas. Wish I had done any kind of concept (with I did sketch a few but they are hard to understand and are just a mess of ink)

*btw if by ANY CHANCE this seens interesting PLEASE take my idea and make it playable. It would be a dream. Sorry if my idea sounds  ofensive to anyone.
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Re: Character Idea: Jarrah (WIP)
Reply #1 on: January 27, 2021, 05:04:27 AM
Sayid Jarrah Personality Statistics Sayid Jarrah is a character from LOST. ... If you take one persons opinion of what a character is like and compare it to the opinion of another person about what that character is like, they could be very different sims relationship codes "here".