Author Topic: Sound the War Horn! (Enemy Concept)  (Read 5317 times)


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Sound the War Horn! (Enemy Concept)
on: January 19, 2021, 12:44:27 PM
Hi, I wanted to share this enemy concept and read some thoughts.

I nicknamed him "the Houndmaster". This enemy would be a stronger and tactical elite who would only spawn in missions without an antagonist.

Once in the mission, he will summon his "dogs", and these dogs will start hunting concentrated aleph, so they will hunt for people's carry aleph. Yes, that would be you and your group, but also any other division elite with who he is not aligned with.

The Houndmaster is an in-game event, it is not sure when or where he will appear.

Now I imagine there could be two directions with this character;
  • One, he would be a Local faction enemy. This would be great for expanding the lore of the game and would explain why he hunts everyone with aleph, not just the raiders.
  • Two, each faction will have its own version of the Houndmaster. The houndmaster in this scenario will only hunt aleph from players and other factions who happen to be in the fight like hanging by a thread (we have hades and wardgos). Each would have its own version of the animals. I tough about it a little so Hades would have some kind of wolf. Wardogs would have a kind of mass of flesh piranha mouth (like skags / borderlands). Fifth council would have some Ginebra like pumas (her skin tells us they had a lot of them) and the locals I actually don't know. Maybe some insect kind of animal.

That's mostly it :)

Each dog would also be faster, sneaky, and stronger depending on the faction. When he bites you he will down you, so you need to be aware of the sound they make when chasing and getting close and ask for help for your team. When downed you will be in pain.

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