Author Topic: When are we going back to when Spacelord was a Solid experience to have everyday  (Read 8604 times)


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I'm talking about the Spacelords when rewards used to be every 8hour/12 hour depending on your level to where the only problem was the missions the rewards land to, which is now more preferable to deal with because now you're limited to 4 missions daily (not to mention the super poor amount of gold and exp you get after it) which a lot of people voiced their opinion of this change but nothing was done other than a poor change to include gold and exp after the 4th mission

I'm talking about the Spacelords when aleph used to be gained from every elites that you kill with your CQC

I'm talking about the Spacelords where ammunition used to be something to keep in track of to where you had to use CQC on enemies (which was a solid mechanic)

I'm talking about THE SPACELORDS where everything that was coming in the future was something to look forward to, you know something that would make the game better, more brighter, more enjoyable... but now the only thing that is there to look forward to is the campaign to where you fight Shamash cause the solid core mechanics of this game has been overally F$#KED to where no amount of new guns, new characters, new skins would make any of the old vet players that remembers how it used to be compared to now, make them redownload this game.

Seriously make this game great again, remove the bad apples that was brought upon the casket that actually did had some good apples in there (like the faction point system rework)

I wanna play this game again (redownloaded it like 4 times) but I just can't, it feels like s#@t now compared to before, and I'm so happy that I experienced what I played before cause damm... it was so good


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The old Spacelords aka Raiders of the Broken Planet? Yeah, that game is gone, pimp, and it ain't coming back. Between the civil war on Discord, the feeling of favoritism on both sides (Raider mains and Antag mains think the Devs favor the other), and the bad execution of certain concepts (like the die rolling of the Forge, the Antag Mode, etc), the game is kinda a mess right now. It's a shame, because the fans suffer on both sides. I recommend you take what joy you can from the game and keep it moving when you've had enough. I've learned to. Best of luck to ya.


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Came to agree with what you are saying. In the few posts I went to, most say the same "go back with a few of your choices, the game was solid. Go back and start expanding again from there.". Can't say I disagree.

I don't blame the devs for trying things they believe in after all is their game, but I do think it's unhealthy not to pay attention to what your game community is asking or addressing such things.

We cant change if that is the direction they want to go, is up to us to voice our opinions and also accept defeat. Now I do think its a shame, the game was solid and authentic, really hooked me with its challenge.

There is no shame in going back a few steps, they would regain much from the player base doing so and also by talking to us about their directions so we could understand.

A game can only grow if there are people to support it, right? People who want to play or even pay and the game only exists as long as there is a passionate and dedicated team working on it.

That said again, I do miss the old space lords and their creativity. Would enjoy more story, characters, and such but I wouldn't change quantity over quality.

Stay strong riders