Author Topic: Ideas to improve CQC  (Read 7506 times)


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Ideas to improve CQC
on: October 16, 2020, 03:56:22 PM
DISCLAIMER: Ok i know i can be a bit harsh on you Devs sometimes, but i love you and i love the game, i wish for it to grow and evolve into something this small community can be proud of <3

That being said, i must address some issues with one of my favorite mechanic in the game, CQC.

CQC has been in the back seat for the last couple of updates, getting ruined over and over again.
1. You removed the need for ammo, less reason to use my fist introduced aleph bombs, a very spammable and toxic way to end a fight with 0 effort
3. You removed insta kill grabs, and replaced it with a grab throw that have been pretty underwhelming

I am going to suggest new ideas for CQC without killing off any of these features that you've put in the game

Fight chance> all characters receive 5% reduced damage from shots when engaging in CQC, this is a miniature Kevlar that should help people who like to fight close but can't because everyone's shoot8ng

Aleph bombing issue> throwable aleph explodes ONLY when you aim throw it, this to prevent people from spamming the aleph button while sprinting or sliding which poses no threat, no effort and guarantees a win everytime

Grab meter> you can introduce a grab meter that exhausts after multiple grabs in a short time, which limits the rate of grabs you can do per second, at max meter, the grab insta kills like old times, also grabs damage increases by 50%

Please improve melee, introduce more brawler CQC characters and weapons, constantly update it, it's one of the core features in the game


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Re: Ideas to improve CQC
Reply #1 on: October 17, 2020, 12:41:41 PM
I agree what CQC is become obsolete while guns are dominate.
Overall CQC is just high risk-low reward , you are only forced to get in melee to get aleph or buffs from certain cards.
Aleph bombs are biggest problem right now and something must done , your idea is nice.
What also can be done: add cooldown to aleph nades so people cant spam it or reduce damage.
The main problem of CQC is what its pure 1vs1 thing and not viable in fight with multiple opponents.
Your "fight chance" idea is actually would be good for Wardogs , they are weakest faction in PvP , constant regen is useless and not effective in current state and their always stressed status give enemy HUGE advantage while you dont have anything good to compensate it.


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Re: Ideas to improve CQC
Reply #2 on: January 15, 2021, 12:31:30 PM
I'm the guy who ends up always shouting "go back to the way things were before guys, please".

But honestly, the things you said are not bad at all. It would MAYBE bring more balance to it. After all, the CQC WAS a core mechanic on how to play this game and it got badly demoted.

I liked what you said here.