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Story Mode
on: October 14, 2020, 07:20:27 AM
I m sure this topic came up before and will come up after me but:
Plz give us the possibilitie to play only coop in storymode, or what ever its called. Means, not possibilitie for an antagonist, maybe with less amount of rewards or what so ever motivation for ppl to play with the possibility of an antagonist.

The is a huge diffrents between having one agains u or not. mostly there are 2 scenarios. The Antagonist is pretty new or not that good and u nearly notice that he is therem, or the antagonist ist really good and chosses a hero with wich he has a huge advantage against the raides, but kill the fun anyway.

Better good NPC s and more, than an antagonist wich u not now what is coming.

Only Raiders = One of the best Coop Experiences
With Antagonist: Big upfck Experience.

I would rather grind a little more to get what I want than have ruined my Experience by anouther player.

Oh, and I m well awayre that the metagame is build around this balance of Raider and Antagonist, but at least in my group, we are mostly 100% oon Raider so I don t notice anything about the balancing profits in Exp.

I guess the anser will be, that this was discussed in the past and there is no way to chage it, but I just have to try after the last Round of .... what ever that was.

I really like the Story and the Cutscenes. Maybe it would be cool to have an Campain mode, so you could queue up to play with only raiders, but the full campain, maybe you can choose where to beginn, so you can play trough the story with one team.
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