Author Topic: I worked on this for a while...  (Read 7622 times)

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I worked on this for a while...
on: August 30, 2020, 07:04:40 PM
So, I played Spacelords for quite a while and I enjoyed it. It seems that the Antags are not wanted in the game. Neither by Raiders nor by the developers. Almost every system, every map, and every update has been against the Antag and if intended that is fine. However, if it is not intended then we have a problem. I made a video about the whole game. Looking at maps and systems if you guys want to know all my thoughts on it. I already disagree on some things but generally speaking, these are my thoughts on Spacelords.

Furthermore, I know that the game is pretty much on life support. It is a niche game but when the peak player number on PC is 50 player that is not the is pretty much a sign that the game is on life support. Would be cool to get an official statement from Mercury about their studio, how they are doing, and what game they are working on next. There are still two updates coming but since pretty much every update has been a disappointment to me, especially the Mastermind or Master of Puppets I am not expecting much.

Will still be playing the game. Suffering as Antag. Have some good games while it lasts.