Author Topic: It's not too late to revert these awful changes!  (Read 93 times)


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It's not too late to revert these awful changes!
on: July 29, 2020, 12:30:55 PM
Aleph bombs, infinite ammo, grab throw, killpoints

I'll discuss each of these recent additions and give a reason as to why they're awful decisions.

Aleph bombs: basically makes CQC absolete, lazy players just slide while pooping aleph, no braincells were used, it is by far the worst of the worst

Infinite ammo: again makes CQC absolete, everyone shoots now, now tactical ammo management, no using your wit and CQC mindgames to conserve ammo economy

Grab throw: ONCE AGAIN makes CQC absolete, absolutely demolished antagonists and removed what little feel of risk and good PTSD i felt when hearing an elite running at me

Killpoints: made every player hungry for kills, people would rather stay in the mission and farm kills than finish the objective, it goes against anything a co op game should be

Again, it's not too late to revert these changes, as i feel like Spacelords is making its last sighs
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