Author Topic: Lycus Dion Arsenal need a buff.  (Read 799 times)


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Lycus Dion Arsenal need a buff.
on: March 26, 2020, 12:39:33 PM
Hello there.

I found that son-of-a-thousand-dingos' arsenal a bit lackluster nowadays, in particular, Shit Happens and Spinning Coin.

Shit Happens[/b] used to boast some serious damage (even further amped by the crit multiplier) at the solid range. With the addition of alt-fire mode and subsequent updates, at least 75% of the shotgun damage is now forgone without any reasonable payoff. The aggravating firing gimmick is still there, shifting around those minuscule damage numbers in either mode. There's also a substantial lack of fire rate and reload speed too. Fireball fire mode needs some serious tweaks to projectile velocity and damage thereof. I cannot imagine a worse functioning weapon for a frontline fighter at the moment.

Spinning Coin[/b] is a much better weapon in comparison to Shit Happens, although not without a fault: the lack of range (especially in vertical alignment) should've been compensated with a beefy damage boost, as this weapon is extremely situational, difficult to use and only properly effective in mano-o-mano encounters, but in a crowd of three or more it dreadfully lacks in damage and fire rate, with reload speed to follow.

Other weapons for Lycus work relatively fine, but these two need to be addressed sooner or later, but much rather ASAP.