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on: January 28, 2020, 04:26:01 PM
I just had a game of "the lair of the beast" with half of my team doing for the first time (both rank 5 a Hans and a Rak) and the last one trying Ginebra for the first time (otherwise I don't explain  bringing the ase weapon in this situation). Seing this at the character select I'm force to pick a long rage, Shae. The first section goes meh, with me forced to defend the generator until Hans understand e has to fill it. In the end Ginebra trigger the countdown on the bridge while the rest of team is at the other side of the map. we lost three lives this way. In the actual boss battle, I quickly undesrtand that no one know where the hitbox of the boss are, and for how comunication works in this game I can't tell them how it works. I pass the first half of the boss clearing ads, elite and doing damage at the same time, then they pick up how it works, and we manage ot do it. It isn't fast, we finish our first 16 lives in the process, but we did it.
  The problem is the last part, the one when you have charge the pig in orther to win. I charge it, nobody follow, looters stole it all while I try to get more aleph. For the time the rest of the team understand what must be done, the arena swarm with elites, ads and lotters. For some reason the spawn rate increase as time go one, until four melee elite in one go. We run out of lives and lose.
   This is the main problem  for accessibility right now, and situations like this happened to me three months ago, six month ago, and even when raiders of the broken planet became spacelords. None of the recenet additions and changes adress this, if anithing it made it worse because now it take way more time to kill a single elite. I couldn't pick loath that would let me clear by myself, because in charcater selection I couldn't tell te rest of the team that we need more long range, I couldn't tell Ginebra to wait us, I couldn't explain explain how the boss battle works. Even in the weel of commads, clear ads and kill elites aren't default, nor that I could have used them since I wasn't the leader.  Yet the game punished the team to not bring enough long range, it punishes me to bring a native when no one is clearing, and it punishes noobs for tring to learn the game. How's that accessible?