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Epic Forge/State of game Feedback
on: January 22, 2020, 10:21:55 PM
Hey there! After spending some time with the newest update, I’d like to share my thoughts on the current state and suggestions for the future.

Let’s start with Kill Points:
They’re relatively easy to come by, I average about 600-1000 per match. But they’re not without their issues. The biggest thing being the increased competition among your teammates(which can actually be kind of fun sometimes 😝) is causing even more players to disregard objectives and bosses and just go for kills the entire match. And in a lot of cases, they won’t even pick something that can damage the bosses. This has been an issue since the introduction of personal score, and has worsen with killpoints added.
The solution would to simply reward players for objectives and boss damage.

We absolutely need the game to track boss damage delt by the player. When the boss is KO’d, each player should be awarded killpoints for the % of dnage done to the boss. And a personal score parameter needs to be added to the mission reward screen. People who pick the boss killer character and take on the role always sacrifice their own mission score and rewards to ensure a successful completion of the mission.

Same things need to happen for objectives.
Say for example you run the bomb on short fused, your team mates get all the kills and the rewards. Players need to be awarded score and KP for objectives completed, aleph deposited, healing done, etc.

These two things will help encourage teamwork and compensate every player in the match, regardless of the role they choose.

Weapon mods and advanced features:
Overall, I like the new crafting system. Although, it can be a little intimidating and confusing at first. I’d suggest making a tutorial video on how the system works. Explaining what the different symbols are, how to use the random copy spaces, how to use a negative multiplier, etc. make the video play in game when a player first opens the mod menu.

As for the advanced features and weapon balancing, damage for pvp feels a lot more balanced and in check. Aside from one pretty big thing.... You guessed it, Toxin! After being on both ends of max toxin guns it feels very over tuned. Many times, my hits of toxin damage will do more damage than the gun did in the first place, which to me this feels like it should be flipped with Echo. Echo should be one big hit of damage when I stopped firing, Toxin should be multiple smaller hits of damage.
Most mods feel good(echo feels pretty weak) but there’s no reason to use them when toxin is so good. I don’t know if the damage stacks too high or is multiplied too high or what but it really needs to get in check.

Speaking of PVP, let’s talk about that for second. With the removal of passives and the smaller impact of forge level on your guns pvp feels more balanced (aside from toxin 🤢)
But we still have some kinks to work out.
Matchmaking for antagonist above 50% mmr: it’s darn near impossible to find a match once you’re above 50%. And when you do, you nerf the raiders difficulty so much they get a cakewalk of a mission. I do recall earlier in 2019 when you guys opened up matchmaking at 50% to match with anything higher. Is it possible that when this change was made, that players above 50% only match 50% and higher? This would explain the 3-8 hour queue times at 50% because the average player seems to be around 30-40% nowadays. Maybe lower the gate to 40% to fix this issue.

Another recently emerging issue is raiders holding an antagonist hostage for killpoints on maps like hanging by a thread in the second phase. They’ll refuse to complete the mission objective to farm kill points off the antagonist and grunts. It’s possible you may need to add time limits to these sections to discourage this hurtful behavior. Or maybe the longer a match goes, the more powerful an antagonist becomes with passives or spawn times? The downside is this hurts the honest players who may genuinely stall in these sections as they may sometimes be tough.

Last thing I’d like to talk about is monthly rewards/milestones.
Kill points, and talent points really need to be added to monthly rewards. Either every single month, or rotate the 4 currencies every month or so. Most players I know have more gold than they know what to do with, but talent points are still a struggle. And kill points are a little too new to judge, but would definitely help to get a large sum of KP along with your blueprints at the end of the month.
Also, personal scoring needs to be adjusted(ties in with the points made earlier way up there somewhere👆) to benefit the players to play boss damage or objectives. If you’re the one guy who always ends up playing the boss killer or objectives, it’s really hard to get your monthly score up. Also if your mmr is too high, you can’t get antagonist matches to get your antag scores. I’ll see players throwing matches to lower mmr (who are good players that shouldn’t be at low mmr) just so they can get antagonist matches and get their scores every month.

Anyways, this about sums up everything I have to say right now. Sorry it’s a novel. But thank you MSE for taking the time to read this and I hope this feedback helps shape a better spacelords for all.


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Re: Epic Forge/State of game Feedback
Reply #1 on: January 30, 2020, 01:14:11 AM
Agreed. When you have a Raider team that is really on point and playing the objective efficiently as possible you soon notice that you don't get that many KP. Adding them along with Talent points to the monthly and Level up drops would be greatly appreciated. Or even make it where we can use the Status (Purple) points for something else.