Author Topic: The epic forge update broke my heart  (Read 242 times)


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The epic forge update broke my heart
on: January 21, 2020, 08:27:00 AM
"When we designed the Epic Properties, we gave them the enough amount of power so they could be the true protagonists of this Epic Forge update. This means we have to cut off some of the damage budget from the old forge properties."

You lowered all basic stats, reduced them to rubble so you can increase the potency and effectiveness of advanced features

The result is no one uses basic features anymore
Caliber is clearly carbage
And critical stats aren't that strong or frequent anymore
Along with other stats like arsenal

The sad truth is i can put 15 points in toxin on a weapon and nothing else and still get an absurdly powerful weapon

Epic forge was supposed to bring balance between basic and advanced features...allowing players to think outside the box and spec their weapons stats differently and creatively

I thought epic forge was going to finally put an end to bland one way builds

But it got even worse where you really only need one stat...toxin

The future? Well i highly expect a toxin nerf and then weapons will feel garbage again...and we'll fall onto this spiral of never ending nerfs and broken updates until the game finally meets it's coffin

This is the beginning of the end of spacelords
Don't say i didn't warn ya


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Re: The epic forge update broke my heart
Reply #1 on: February 17, 2020, 06:16:36 AM
I just hate the mod Tetris minigame and how we have to rely once again on RNG. I would just like to build a weapon and use it to play the game like it used to be. Now I cannot use the weapon I want, I have to roll mod parts over and over again in hoped to get rare mods and then figure out some elaborate puzzle game just to make the weapon passable let alone good. And you have to do this for EVERY weapon now.


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Re: The epic forge update broke my heart
Reply #2 on: February 17, 2020, 03:16:06 PM
Hello guys!
Sorry to hear that you are struggling with the epic forge.
Segaslash and Hihsasuke made really cool mod tutorial, one in Spanish and the other one in English. Really hope it helps: