Author Topic: Most powerful enemy in the game is .....the turret guns in a Fistful of Sand.  (Read 242 times)


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So in a way that makes the Engineer's the most powerful enemy in the game, but at least you can homicide them. Can't even damage the turret guns tho, maybe something should be done about that.  I mean for real, why are they the only thing in the game that can attack & kill us, but we can not attack them back? Turret guns on that map are pretty much instant death, the 1st barrage wounds us so bad that even H.I.V.E. can't overheal beyond it, then as we roll or limp away to the edge of the laser light perimeter trying to get free, that damn faceless monster of a turret gun kills us dead. Then when the camera flips around to show us what killed us, I think that inanimate turret gun cracked a smirk at me.  Oh, the HORROR, the horror....I'm going back in-game right now just to shoot at inactive turret guns in a Fistful of Sand, not doing any mission objective to kill troops, the old man can go to hell, I want them turret guns!
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Hi there, Trickyha.
I´m sorry to hear you had a bad time playing "Fist full of Sand". As you know, you can't shoot a the turrets and destroy them. What you can do is to eliminate the engineers that control them.
As a tip, Mikah is a quite useful character to switch from one place to another and forget about the turrets' fire!
Hope you find it useful to trick some of those smirking turrets :-)