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The State of the Game
on: November 23, 2019, 07:21:32 PM
So, allow me to virtue signal in a brief preamble.  I have played this game for some time.  I have invested a good deal of money into it.  I love it.  It's a wonderful game, and that's why I keep coming back to it. 

Now, that that is very clear, let me highlight some issues that the player base is facing, and causing no small amount of consternation in the process. 

The MMR system.  The Dev  team says that "It is not broke."  We will have to disagree on this.  Ever since there have been scaling minions, there have been some amount of unbalance to the game.  Likely due to expected forge balances. 

-Suggested Solution-  Set a minimum difficulty (could be invisible to the MMR rating) which applies to people of a certain account level.   So, for instance, Tier 1 Purples, people who have hit level 250 ought to be able to play the game at 40 MMR.  So, using this as a hard minimum could shore up MMR abuse. 

Yes, Yes, we have heard that MMR abuse doesn't happen, but the facts on the ground is, it does. If you've ever antagged for a day, you run into group after group with shitty MMR, and the compensation system only makes it that much more difficult.  MOST players cannot win an antag match with the MMR skewed.   

MMR should be the goal, it -is- Endgame content.  All players should -ideally- end up in high mmr.  This is where the game needs to be playable.   If the match takes twice as long to complete, the players should be awarded twice the rewards.  SINCE the "Prizes Galore Update" we only really get large quantities of rewards on the first five matches of the day, so, have steeper scaling prizes.  This will incentivize doing your best, as opposed, to doing your medium. 

Weapon Balancing is weapon balancing, nothing stands out as ruining the game for any player, with the exception of the Tolchock still invalidating most of the cast as an antag pick. 

I am excited to see the Advanced Features in "Epic Forge."  However, MMR is busted, and it is making a large portion of the dedicated player  base feel terrible and unheard.  I really hope you can acknowledge that this is the case, and take some sort of steps (need not be my suggestions, of course) to fix it. 

Acknowledgement would go a long way, I think. 

Antagonists are what make this game feel special and unique.  So, please, put some effort in to making sure it's a viable play mode, which players can't abuse.  In the current state of the game, Antagonists make the game easier to win.  It should not be the game.  Yes, the Raiders should be slightly favored, but the Antagonist should not be straight up neglected. 

Thank you for your considerations.  I hope it gets better.


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Re: The State of the Game
Reply #1 on: November 25, 2019, 01:16:02 AM
I just made a post similar to this Haha. Either they have to buff the Antagonist to be able to fight 4 v 1 (you know actually make you feel like a mini boss if not a straight up boss) or my idea in my post is too base weapon damage to grunts based on weapon level and account level (your idea of making purple tier and similar 40 MMR is actually good though)