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Patch Notes 18.2
on: November 21, 2019, 11:09:09 AM
Hello Raiders! This update is mainly about weapon balancing and character pricing, but we're also shipping a small change to how MMR impacts the damage formula. With the next big update we'll heavily reduce the impact of MMR, for now this is just a difficulty formula adjustment that's better off being released and tested on its own.


Mission difficulty impacts many things in-game; AI speed and intelligence, mission configuration and the damage formula as well. With this new patch, when not playing against an Antagonist, the damage formula being used will depend on your MMR and not the mission difficulty (which in the case of games without an Antagonist, is just the average Raider MMR).

With this change we hope to stabilize your experience through different matches at least when it comes to the feeling when shooting at enemies. Sometimes you're matched above your MMR and sometimes you're matched below, but enemy health and damage should feel more stable now that matchmaking doesn't influence the damage formula.


For a long time we've been softening the economy to include choices and alternatives where there weren't any. Time-based crafting and character trial are a couple examples. Many gold costs have been going down but character prices haven't, so we're taking the opportunity to tune them down in this minor patch before we introduce new economy systems in the next update.

- Decreased the price to recruit "group 2" Spacelords (Mikah, Ginebra, Doldren and Rak) from 90000 to 50000 gold
 - Decreased the price to recruit "group 3" Spacelords (Ayana, Loath, Iune and Schneider) from 180000 to 75000 gold

- Decreased the price to recruit "non-grouped" Spacelords (Valeria, Aneska and Sööma) from 180000 to 100000 gold



- PATIENT BOY's mines no longer damages Doldren.


- Increased SA-DHU's non-chaged shots damage (+15%)


- Increased BLINK's damage (+10%)


- Decreased HYPERBEL's damage (-15%)


- Decreased O.SHTORM BV's damage (-10%)

- Increqased HORNET HH3's damage (+15%)


- Decreased LITTLE GIRL's bullet damage (-15%)


- Increased LEGACY's damage (+10%)

- Decreased MAKILIUM's damage (-15%)

- Decreased VERSATILE's damgage (-15%)


- Increased K&K N90's damage (+10%)

- Decreased GRANNY's damage (-15%)


- Shae's AMPLE CHAMBER card only works when the player is the host of the game.