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Basic Weapon Features
on: November 16, 2019, 11:07:42 PM
I'm not a fan of the basic weapon features Exterminator and Hero Killer: if a player plays solely as an antagonist, then they don't need to invest any points in the Exterminator feature, because they won't be fighting against minions (unless you count Iunes ability). But for players who frequently play as a raider, factors like whether an antagonist will show up or what mission they will play most often can impact how many forge skill points they invest in each one.

This can especially be an issue for players that play as both an antagonist and a raider: when players are on quickplay for both raider and antagonist missions, they have to use their loadout slots wisely, because each character can have only three loadouts slots. So players have to commit their loadout slots toward playing on a specifc mission, with a specific playstyle for either antagonist or a raider.

Solution: Drop Exterminator and Hero Killer altogether and replace them with basic features that both raiders and antagonists can find useful; replace Hero Killer with the caliber weapon feature.