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Respawn points
on: November 16, 2019, 10:28:56 PM
I think some of the respawn points should have their locations adjusted: On some missions where there are evacuation points, like the fatty aleph convoy, when the evacuation timer activates, raiders respawn at the evacuation zone, but for other missions like the sargon mines, the mission for rescuing Lycus and the mission for rescuing the first protector, raiders don't respawn at the evacuation zones; and on the general Marmalade mission, raiders respawn to the evacuation point if their in the right location

This issue was mildly annoying, because when the evacutation timer had only a few seconds left on the clock and I just respawned, I died for no reason.

Furthermore, dying meant that my team would have to go on without me, which can create more issues:

1) If I played a fifth council character that wasn't Ginebra and the rest of the team was already far ahead, it would take a while to catch up, which could leave me open for attack and perpetuate the cycle of dying and respawning again and again
2) If my absence meant my fellow raiders couldn't effectively progress through the mission, then they could also die, I would have to wait for them to respawn and I could left me open for attacks, perpetuating the cycle of dying and respawning again and again.

In conclusion, I think raiders should respawn at evacuation zones so a perpetual cycle of unfair, unnecessary team deaths does not occur.